Thursday, August 18, 2022

Hilaire Announces Plans For Early Carnival Review

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Creative Industries and Culture Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire announced plans for an early review of the Saint Lucia Carnival as the event entered its last lap on Tuesday.

“Already my thoughts are on preparing for next year, God Willing. We must start reflecting on so many issues. The review will start early, and plans set into motion immediately,” Hilaire wrote on Facebook.

The Minister, whose responsibilities include Tourism, Investment, and Information, disclosed that he could sit back and watch carnival bands parade for the first time in many years.

” I had never seen Xuvo, Fuzion, or Legends on the road as I did yesterday. It also allowed me to see the Carnival Parade from another perspective,” the Castries South MP stated.

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” I am hoping that by early October, we can make some announcements. I would love to see Junior Panorama and Junior Kaiso in February next year. We need training in songwriting, vocal lessons, costume design and building, and so many other facets of Carnival. There is a lot of exciting work ahead,” Hilaire observed.

And noting that Tuesday ushered in the last lap of Carnival activities, the Deputy Prime Minister called on citizens to be safe.

“Today is the last lap. More than ever, I appeal to everyone to be safe and be responsible. It is your duty to do so,” Hilaire declared.

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  1. People have no money to make ends meet and hear what he talking about, carnival. If you think these people care about whether you live or die. Next election vote all these greedy, racist, heartless people out. Vote for people who understand the plight of St. Lucians

  2. I ask the question as to why the minister pushed carnival as if someone held a gun to his head, all that money must be slipping somewhere.

  3. From what I’ve read here, its pure Hedonism a Godless society and that brings on Lawlessness. For those who do not believe in God, do not practice what is written in the Ten commandments, to produce a cleaner and prosperous way of life, for your children first and the Nation: you sow the wind, you reap the wild wind. Your doing is scandalous and ungodly.

  4. Females are embarrassment to their gender. The music are pure crass and from people with no talent. Imagine that these are the type music that appeal to females nowadays. Why dance and encourage music that disparages me. Plus, some say that this is our culture. Culture as I know it means the way of life of a people. Is the the behaviour we are selling to the world? Are you telling me that this is our way of life? And a government is encouraging and endorsing this by spending 6 million dollars on this garbage. If this is the case, someone help me I must be dreaming and must change my citizenship.

    • yes uh that six million dollars could have done so many things like allocate instruments to the hospitals and other stuff. it have two years no carnival you would think they would take that money that was not spent and use it for more important things

  5. I just saw a video of a woman in a thong costume all her behind out and she was dancing on a young boy I would say no more than 12 years old, I could be wrong of the age but everyone could see that he was a child and later on you seeing that same boy sleeping on him by verve after two in the morning. But if it was a big man winning on a female that age or less than 16 everyone would say something about it. That woman should be arrested and charged lets stop being biased in this society

  6. all of you who think carnival will be better each year in terms of how women dress keep on dreaming, for the amount of women i saw in thongs and g string with their entire backsides out and not to mention their vaginas just shows the level of respect saint Lucian women have for them selves and most times they are the ones with reputable jobs and sometimes positions and those are the same women that want respect from guys and will say fellas aint Sh**. and wonder why they cant get or keep a man. When the Jamaican artists calling them all sorts of derogatory names certain people want to take a stand but no one takes a stand when its carnival. When this Trinidad artist came and called a certain individual an old stove endless of people took offense but when they dress and portray the kind of behavior linked with the certain names they call them by in songs its not a problem. Now with all of this being said that does not give it the OK to go and disrespect people because of the way they dress but if you dress like that you as a female you should expect no more. and here comes the saviors of them to justify their actions to make it seem “OK”

  7. Dr. Hilaire, you want an early review of this bacchanal, the Marigot people are begging you for a review as to how soon Rayneau will block those craters on the Marigot Road. You are ignoring us, I know very close to the end of the 5 years you will be in a rush to do things, it will be too late.
    NOTE WELL: You Dr. Hilaire have not done anything for Marigot for your first year in office. Your grade is 0/5. 0 is for the first year and 5 is for the 5 years.

    • Troy he do something well he help the lady on top of the hill turn the bus stop into her personal shop i think you guys should be saying something about this which is unfair. the woman dont want no body to come and shelter in the bus shelter until now she barricade everything. awa man thats not fare

  8. When you try to be deceitful karma deals with you. Red International with all their advantage was de worst band out this year. Look coshoni costumes wee…..seems is de 2020 rations from trinidad they pass on to de revellers. But de boys eh care, pockets fat fat fat

  9. To our mothers female educators, mentors why have we stoop so low, why do you have to walk the streets naked in the name of culture. Where was culture when covid knocked us out, where was culture when you were job less. We can always choose to be a better people, a better nation. I am very ashame of this culture of ours.

  10. This year was horrible. No creativity in the costume designs. Lack of colors and designs on costumes were very few and cheap. As always costumes focus to show as little as possible on the women. Designers need more training. Carnival nowadays is only to have fun, mate’ and misbehave on. Not much to showcase other than how to misbehave. Alot of improvement is needed. Hope next year will be 10x better.


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