Thursday, August 18, 2022

Hilaire Congratulates Carnival Queen & Other Contestants, Hails ‘Great Show’

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Creative Industries and Culture Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire, declaring that the 2022 Carnival Queen show was a ‘great’, has congratulated the newly crowned Queen and other contestants.

“Indeed, it was a great show,” Hilaire, the MP for Castries South whose Ministerial responsibilities include Tourism, Investment, and Information, wrote on Facebook.

“It feels good to wake up to the news that the 2022 National Carnival Queen is from Castries South! Congratulations to Miss Xenia Douglas – who was crowned last night as our new Carnival Queen,” the Minister stated.

” I also would like to congratulate the other beautiful contestants who graced the stage with confidence and elegance,” Hilaire wrote.

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A Carnival Planning & Management Committee (CPMC) release on the Queen Show described Xenia Douglas, Miss BOSL Wise, as having put on a ‘consistent display of poise, confidence, and elegance’ throughout the Competition.

The results for the 2022 National Carnival Queen Pageant are as follows:

  • Miss Photogenic – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • Miss Congeniality – Miss WASCO, Nyambi Jn. Baptiste
  • Best In Swimwear – Miss BOSL Wise, Xenia Douglas
  • Most Outstanding Talent – Miss WASCO, Nyambi Jn. Baptiste
  • Best In Costume – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • Best Evening Wear – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • Best Interview – Miss Massy Stores, Kejean Smith

The order of winners is as follows:

  • 3rd Runner Up – Miss Windjammer Landing, Kurnisha Augustus
  • 2nd Runner Up – Miss Massy Stores, Kejean Smith
  • 1st Runner Up – Miss Chestertons, Shaniah Richards
  • 2022 National Carnival Queen – Miss BOSL Wise, Xenia Douglas

According to the CPMC, after being crowned National Carnival Queen, Xenia Douglas said the pageant had been very fulfilling.

 I enjoyed my time on stage and meeting my fellow contestants. During my reign I hope to spread the message of holistic health and wellness, physically, emotionally, and mentally,” Douglas expressed.

She will receive a 4-year scholarship from the Embassy of Morocco.

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  1. back canal minister more concerned with back canal than the country’s high cemetery count from high crime and high covid deaths… the saying goes. An bas la terre pas knee play zee! Drink, wine your bum bum and have a screw fest while you still young cuz when you ‘re gone you’re GONE!

  2. In the land of the blind , green fig eating , creole learning society .. the one 👁 eye man is King … backward people

    • OK jackals just because you think that you are better than them by eating KFC and McDonald’s does not make you smarter than any of them

  3. Mr. Hilaire, Marigot people are mad over the representation they are getting from you. Up to now Rayneau have not done anything to the road. Other representative doing potholing but nothing from you. Remember 5 years is not forever. The people are planning to plant coconut plants in the road for you.

  4. Is this what Hilaire was elected to do, care more for carnival than what’s going on in the Country? victims are being shot left right and center, a modern hospital is put on halt, unemployment going up, I could go on, but all I see is Hilaire going to Dubai along with R.F. having a good time and St. Lucia suffering; Carnival and a lot of noise and you call that progress. The darkness economically is soon approaching. Instead of jumping up: PRAY.


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