Hilaire Denounces ‘Vindictive’ Action Of A ‘Desperate’ Prime Minister

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Castries South MP, Ernest Hilaire, has accused Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of embarking on malicious and vindictive action against him.

The accusation was made in a post Friday on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

The post is reproduced below:

It is well known that I sued the Prime Minister for falsely, persistently, deliberately and maliciously accusing me of selling diplomatic passports. The matter is now before the Courts. Soon after, in Parliament, the Prime Minister announced that he had ordered an investigation of me.

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In any democratic society governed by the Rule of Law, this would be seen as an abuse of power. How can the Prime Minister use public funds and state resources to carry out an investigation of someone for his private court matter? State power should never be used to victimize or persecute citizens of the country of which you are the Prime Minister.

Last week, Allen Chastanet filed an affidavit in the High Court which has nothing to do with the said case. He claims he has evidence that I had defrauded the UK Government and engaged in money laundering in the purchase of my vehicle. Nothing could be further from the truth and we all know that Allen Chastanet is a stranger to the truth, as confirmed by no less than the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.

So there I am suing Allen Chastanet to defend my reputation and family name for his blatant lies and he comes up with even more made up lies. He abuses his power to obtain private and confidential documents and these are placed in the public domain, while constantly omitting those documents that do not suit his narrative, as he tries to justify his blatant and malicious lies. He concocts a false story using untruths and innuendo. It is clear that his intention is to use the Court to help shield him from another lawsuit for Defamation, but his lawyers should have told him that it would not help him.

No other documents have been made public. But this one was first sent to some media persons, then private individuals and now via WhatsApp.Why only this one? Clearly, Allen Chastanet is going for broke. He is desperate. He has to get me. He has to tarnish my reputation. He has to discredit me.

Think about it. It is the same vehicle for which he has vowed to seize and arrest me. At least he should try to muster an iota of credibility in his story.

At first, he said I used money from Juffali to purchase my vehicle. But when his investigations showed that Juffali’s support for Saint Lucia was placed in an account being audited by the Government, he dropped that story. Then he said I stole the vehicle, but again the Director of Finance said there is no record of the state buying or owning the vehicle. Next he said I did not pay the VAT when the vehicle got to Saint Lucia but the Ministry of External Affairs had to remind him that returning diplomats do not pay taxes. Thereafter, he said I defrauded the UK Government and sent police investigators to London, who came back and told him no crime was committed. Lately, his claim is that I registered the vehicle improperly and engaged in money laundering. I just cannot keep up with the ever shifting goal post of the pathological liar.

I am aware that two Comptrollers of Customs have been changed because they refused to act on orders to seize my vehicle, as all of their investigations together with that of the Police could not find evidence of wrong doing. Now the Prime Minister is bringing in another Comptroller of customs, who he is hoping to be his puppet and carry out his abusive and unlawful directives to help vindicate his litany of lies about me.

If this does not reek of desperation and obsession, I do not know what is.

I have met with my team of lawyers, who will be handling the matter from hereon. No stone will be left unturned in defending my reputation from a vindictive, malicious, pathological and compulsive Liar. The Prime Minister will be ‘de-manté’.

Chastanet Must Go!

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