Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hilaire: Discussion On ‘Vaxxed Mas’ Will Continue

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Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, has disclosed on his official Facebook page  that the discussion regarding Saint Lucia’s Vaxxed Mas will continue.

The Castries South MP’s remarks came Sunday while reporting on some of his official activities during the past week.

He said Friday’s big issue was discussing how Vaxxed Mas would unfold.

“The discussions will continue and all stakeholders will now be further engaged to finalise preparations. Critical will be engaging the public health authorities to establish the parameters for its execution,” Hilaire explained.

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In December last year, the government first announced plans for the Vaxxed Carnival event explaining that the decision for the event came after several stakeholder consultations.

“The name suggests everyone participating in Carnival 2022, including, revellers, patrons, support staff and service providers must be fully vaccinated. The aim is to create a bubble to ensure the safety of the general public and all carnival patrons,” a media release at the time stated.

The release also noted that the hosting of Carnival 2022 is subject to the full approval of the Ministry of Health, according to established health protocols.

Saint Lucia is currently grappling with a fifth COVID-19 wave which has brought a new surge in infections.

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  1. Continue hiding comments on this PIG!!! cant stand him! lies and videotape! investigate the fool, starting with his days in london. he have a whole red pig carnival company and he willing to get st lucians killed in crowd gathering just for profit??? you dont see both mate and the SLP are gone as in MAD!!! what the heck??

  2. But with what people playing mass….so many lost jobs, curfew in place so many businesses closing early on weekends cause loss of income, tourists can’t visit craft markets etc etc…..with pwell they playing mass.

  3. @Rachel Louisy the only way you can know if the ppl that’s dying are fully vaxx or not,is if the CMO and the other authorities be honest and say who actually died with covid,vaxx or unvaxx…I do not know why but for some reason they are withholding this information.

  4. guy is nuts putting his people in harm’s way so he and his friends can benefit financially…lucians think about y’all family…health…future…we need to stop this madness or else wave #6 gonna be knocking on our door #my country needs help

  5. The Maas you guys dying for hope it will not be literal. enjoy after joy comes sorrow so the saying goes. Maybe Omicron would have vaccinated most of the population by then to prevent a spike in cases, morbidity and death.

  6. @Just Saying, it is true that the vaccine does not stop one from contracting covid but it substantially reduces chances of serious hospitalization and death. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. The majority of those seriously ill, in hospitals or dying are unvaccinated. I reiterate, we need to take personal responsibility for our safety and that of others and learn to safely co-exist with covid. Life needs to go on.

  7. I’m so fed up of these politicians. You mean to say by now you don’t think most people know that the vaxxed can still get and spread covid. When you create your so called bubble will you hold them in a bubble for at least 24 or so days and test them before you let them out into the public. If you don’t this bubble talk is pure crap. Wont they be going to their homes and everywhere public throughout the carnival season and after? If they have covid how will you prevent thats from spreading. Stop all your BULLSHIT Hilaire!

  8. Rachel many intelligent recognised that a long time ago. Those same intelligent people recognised there was no logic and science to what those politicians were doing. Many people went along just to try to live a normal life. Now more are coming to realise they were foolish and were conned. Vaxxine don’t stop you from getting or given. Vaxxine don’t stop you from dying from the rona. This is about dividing common people. This has been about control.

  9. T&T will host a modified version of carnival. Life needs to go on. We need to do what it takes to safely co-exist with this virus.

  10. Was that what the SLP was voted into power for? one man’s little toy to have fun with? he is still not grown up, an educated fool. go ahead have your fun.

  11. Every time this man speaks the flood gates of negative comments open up. Is the prime minister paying attention. This is clearly a sign that people do not want him, they don’t trust him, they are tired of his lies. We are tired of his nepotism and conflict of interest and putting his boys and girls first, ahead of loyal fighters and soldiers. We are tired of this lying man.

  12. This is to ensure that his red boys and the one who claims she has entertainment businesses, along with himself who has vested interests in all of the above make a big money. Mate willing to risk the health of a whole country just to enrich himself and his FF. Where is our weak prime minister. This man is about his own fff ….after he ensure he put his people in top positions, he place his people in key position so he can become deputy leader, then become pm, now he wants to ensure his boys and girls get a big money. This boy doing like is he and his people alone must eat. People that stuck their necks out for your sorry butt have been deliberately sidelined by you wicked boy. User! This government is worst than the last regime sorry to say. At least the supporters and die hard of the UWP were not forgotten. This boy and the pit bull from central has already taken this government to the pits. I regret voting for this bs! Time to get these leeches out.

  13. This guy couldn’t wait any longer to have his face on public media; such narcissism and greed and lust for power. amazing how politics is used for self

  14. This what Helair wanted–power to do as he pleases and has gotten it. I guess when carnival arrives all restrictions will be dropped. Until then he is telling the people I can’t hear. Just do as I say.

  15. He lye…We have enough spikes. You all will kill our students. They have miss soooo much. We cannot entertain a few and stifle many. And yes the poor..the malaway children will suffer more ..those homes will never see a collage degree. NEVER!

  16. watcher I totally forgot this guy is involved in that band. Makes sense he will want to push carnival irrespective off the risk. He wants to profit consequences be damned.

  17. It’s the vaxxers that are spreading these variants… u will see an incredible spike 2 weeks after carnival…just like elections smph smph and Christmas smph and now watch and see! Carnival vaxxers spike! Wasco Wasco Wasco PHoCking WASCO!

  18. Hilaire, Pierre and co. We will remember this discrimination. Don’t forget who put you there. Biggest idiocracy in the world.

  19. Dr Hilaire, can you tell me why tourists are not informed of curfew hours, why the police are turning a blind eye to beach parties held after curfew hours attended by tourists?
    Yet us Lucians – and yes I am fully vaccinated, are not allowed to do this? – such hypocrisy.

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