Hilaire Disturbed Over Offensive Comments About Ciceron After Residents Confront Cops

Castries South MP Doctor Ernest Hilaire has described Ciceron as one of the most peaceful and law abiding communities in the Castries basin.

He made the comments Thursday at a news conference during which he said he was disturbed by the offensive comments made about Ciceron and its residents.

Hilaire spoke in reference to an incident on Sunday in which there was a confrontation between some residents and the police as the law enforcers executed an arrest warrant on two wanted men.

It occurred during a carnival activity in the community and a video recording of the incident went viral after it was posted on social media.

Screen grab from video

According to Hilaire, the carnival activity was in its second year.

“The organising committee worked with all the proper entities to ensure that all the necessary permissions were sought and permissions given – including that of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force,” the Castries South MP told reporters.

He disclosed that the officers involved in the incident were all contracted to work with the parade to ensure a safe event.

“During the parade, the officers arrested two individuals for which they had warrants,” the MP explained.

Hilaire said the action by the police brought an outcry among the revelers and onlookers as it was felt that the situation could have been better handled.

He noted that this led to a confrontation between the officers and the crowd, resulting in the police putting an end to the festivities.

Hilaire made it clear that the Ciceron Activities Committee had no issues with the police carrying out their responsibilities.

But he asserted that the manner in which everything transpired has now painted a negative image of the community of Ciceron.

Hilaire said that since 2016 a lot of effort and resources have been expended to reverse the stigma and negative perception of the area.

“The committee has always engaged the police in every activity, as we want every event to be safe and in incident free,” he declared.

“There has never been – never been any incident at any activity organised in the community,” Hilaire asserted.

After asserting that Ciceron is one of the most peaceful and law abiding communities in the Castries basin, the opposition MP dared anyone to prove otherwise.

“This is not to say that there are not challenges and social issues; but Ciceron is a safe community,” he stated.

He asked whether there were similar offensive comments made at the National Cultural Centre on the same Sunday.

It was an obvious reference  to reports of an incident at the Groovy and Power Soca event when smoke grenades were released during a performance, creating what organisers described as  a sense of panic and a resulting stampede from the building.

“Did you hear comments to ban all events at the Cultural Centre? Was it Ciceron residents who caused the incident? Why should Ciceron be painted as if Ciceron residents are just bad people?”

Hilaire observed that incidents do happen.

“We must all learn and correct mistakes to avoid them happening again,” he stated.

According to Hilaire, the community will continue working with the police as residents believe that Sunday’s incident could have been handled better.





  1. I thought CONway and Graveyard were the most peaceful locations. Gimme a break Hilaire. See why we need a third party. Idiots like this guy know full well those places produced criminal after criminal and add nothing to the GDP of the country. In fact they are burdensome on the rest of us. Yet he spouts this rubbish to manipulate their egos.

  2. Sometimes those politicians who are hungry for power will say anything for their own benefit… Hilaire I live the long before you come for the VOTES… Go and do your homework and SPEAK THE TRUTH….DONT JUST SAY WHAT YOU THINK THE HACKS WANT TO HEAR.

    • Says the HACK “SPEAK THE TRUTH….DONT JUST SAY WHAT YOU THINK THE HACKS WANT TO HEAR.” I suppose you are speaking to yourself.

  3. I thought this piece would have been interesting. I ended up having no idea what you are saying. It would have been better off just saying that the people of Ciceron are very peaceful. Kenny once said VFort people are peaceful. I think he was correct only if he was referring to VFort before his time. The young men in VFort who grew up during Kenny reign as PM are and will be the ones committing all these violence in VFort. Just starting to materialize.

  4. Oh shut up..Ceceron and ghe whole of Marchand is a rat basin..Fidgusting people..Ceciron have never been good not thdn not now..Hilaire..Hehe all i saw in ghat video id wooligans,thiefs snd criminals..What they call ghetto rats..Yuck…Shut up You,Kenny PIP Shaun all youll are just like these people in the video..Stop us from saying ig..You bad john loooooool..Come spank us..

    • what about your fouk , is it not a rat basin too. YA’LL people are ridiculous, your words cannot stain this community

      • Actually, your thieving ways already did. Ciceron was a beautiful peaceful area until they transferred the scum from Conway there. That infestation of vermin forced most of the good people out.

  5. To all of u speaking NEGATIVE about Ciceron, do u leave there, do u now what is going on, S,FH ,Ciceron IS peaceful , just like everywhere else, things happen sometime, so yall need to sit aside, and shut it. YALL not no bed of roses either

    • Who was speaking negative about Ciceron? Everywhere has negative people and Ciceron is no different. If your people act foolishly be prepared to get stick for it. Same way if things happen is Marchand or Conway they get stick for it. Take your stick and next time do a better job. Stop defending stupidness it will only make you look silly. The Rep is only talking to place himself in the public limelight and gain some sympathy from some members.

  6. There is Violence and Accidents in most Events of that Nature I would suggest that the Government put a hold on Most of those community Activities when there is a main island Activity. Let us Have one General Activity all those little community Activities breed violence. Most of us Black people have not evolved we still have that savage instinct in our blood and its going to be hard to get rid of it.

  7. It’s a s*** hole. You can tell by the trash that seems to be always present on their Street side. For as long as i can remember there has been a pile of garbage on a certain corner there. An obvious reflection of the people that live there. Low grade human filth.

  8. To all those talking nonsense about ciceron I’ll excuse you’ll ignorance, you’ll always quick to jump on politics. If we were such a bad community police would be frequently in the community so shut it up, and again the MP was jus trying to set things straight with that piece of video cuz the way the video was recorded it paints a bad picture of the community if you’ll were there you’ll would hav a different view. So as the phrase goes if u can’t say something good jus shut it.

    • What way was the video recorded? I get it that the video did not show the people acting nice towards the cops and we now have a problem with the video. The video was probably “fake.”

  9. When you are part of something it’s hard to till what is. I have nothing against Hilaire, never met the man, but he has always come across to be an aggressive person to me. He come across to be very demanding with “it’s my way or the highway” spirit and a bully. I truly do not know why he chose to be a politician. Thank goodness he is not a prime minister. We would be in trouble.

  10. If the police were to give criminals a heads-up as to when and where they are going to apprehend them, people will be castigating the police. The element of surprise is an essential component to effective law enforcement. When there are fungus among us, capturing them by any means necessary is Paramount. Massive Big Up to St. Lucia Finest.

  11. Politics 101…make your people believe it’s us against them and you’re the only one fighting in their corner. Great job.
    you will definitely widen your margin of victory this time around😉

    • With the performance of Mary Isaac you are very much correct. Although The Mayor is eyeing Mary’s seat for 2021

      • Peterson (despite his foot in mouth issues) is a more than decent. mayor. However , not sure if that translates into a winning a seat (especially one that has serious labour tendencies since 97)


    Not sure the reasons for the ‘…Wild Ranting,’ but reading this news story it was that the Police had made a serious ‘…Operational Error,’ that could have provoked a chaotic situation, leading to a riot.

    To execute a Warrant of Arrest,’ on a crowded street where people were reveling and having fun, seemed ‘…Sheer Stupidity.’

    How would anyone react to a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with the festivities.’

    A person in his right senses could never have expected the revelers to ‘…genuflect; …make the sign of the Cross and kneel.’ No Sah!

    From professional training and experience dealing with festive events, matters not of a grave nature or related to the particular event are best addressed after the event.

    Though he may not publicly condemn the action of his men, (as Commissioner Gary Griffith had done in the Buju Banton fiasco- Trinidad and Tobago: Loop: April 20, 2019), not even Commissioner of Police Severin Monchery could support action bordering ‘…stupidity or recklessness,’ particularly when serious ‘…consequences are foreseeable.’

    The Commissioner knows that if there was a riotous situation, resulting in;

    (i) ‘…Buildings being set on fire;

    (ii) …Business places attacked and looted;

    (iii) …Serious injuries or fatalities to revelers-man, woman and child;’

    he would be the one standing before a ‘…Commission of Inquiry, ‘ to answer to something, he probably ‘…did not even know; authorise or sanction.”

    These are among the dangers associated with commanding and controlling a Police Service, with personnel that appeared;

    (a) …starved of professional training;

    (b) …lacked a good sense of purpose and direction; and

    (c) …a good sense of judgement and restraint.’

    Even as public safety and public order dictated an abrupt end to the reveling, it was in the best interest of the ‘…Ciceron Community and the police,’ that it was so ended.

    When not enforcing law, police officers shall be taught that law-abiding citizens whose only desire was just to enjoy themselves, only the police could create that enabling environment in which they may do so and conduct themselves properly within the realm of law.

    There is a lot of training to be done Commissioner Monchery.

    All is well that ends well.

    (A resident of Antigua and Barbuda, but have subscribed to, and follow your news with great interest).

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