Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hilaire Expresses Shock At Police Presence Outside Parliament

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Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, told reporters Tuesday that he was ‘totally shocked’ by the police presence he saw outside parliament.

“I can’t believe this nonsense,” Hilaire declared.

“What’s this all about? Are we expecting a riot here in Saint Lucia? Why all the SSU, all the cordoning off of areas – for what?” He exclaimed.

Police begin taking up positions outside parliament before session began on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The labour MP spoke as parliament prepared to consider a five month extension of Saint Lucia’s current state of emergency.

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“If the government is implementing a state of emergency and extending it, what is it they are afraid of?” Hilaire asked.

When a reporter observed that there has been a police presence before outside parliament, Hilaire’s response was: “Never like this!”

“They’ve had it before, but the amount of caution tape and SSU on standby yonder, for what?”

Police had on Monday warned against unlawful gatherings outside parliament.

And they said in a statement that they were aware of plans for a protest.

However, Hilaire told reporters that the only threat the people of Saint Lucia face is the current government.

“The only threat we have is the Prime Minister who travels andĀ  comesĀ  back and does not go into quarantine – that’s the threat the people of Saint Lucia face,” he declared.

Hilaire asserted that the people of this country are suffering.

And in regard to the move to extend the current state of emergency, Hilaire’s view was that the government is trying to stifle democratic expression.

In addition, he said the government is afraid to call elections while intimidating Saint Lucians.

“The presence of SSU and the cordons is to intimidate Saint Lucians,” Hilaire declared.

Headline photo caption: Dr. Ernest Hilaire (File image)


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