Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hilaire: Government Will Step Up To Deliver Despite Limited Resources

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Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has stated that the government will continue to step up efforts to deliver on important priorities despite limited resources.

“We will continue to step up our efforts to keep delivering on important priorities, like the housing repair program, support for small enterprises, help for farmers and fishers, and preparing for the upcoming budget,” Hilaire said.

He made the remarks on his official Facebook page while recounting his schedule for the past week.

In this regard, the Castries South MP noted that parliament returned on Tuesday.

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“We all expected a seamless extension of the barrel concession to help support thousands of Saint Lucians. Instead, we were faced with Allan Chastenet and his UWP, as they continued with more of the same negative and divisive politics,” Hilaire observed.

“It must be frustrating for most Saint Lucians that after over five years of what has been described as the most reckless and corrupt government in our history, they try to find fault with our efforts to put you the people first. But like the Senior Minister said, there is more plan and pan to come,” he asserted.

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  1. @Enough. Hush up. SLP people were calling people phone 247 telling them to go out there and protest, sending them them scripts for platforms and talk shows, telling them to call the radio stations, giving them scripts to post on Facebook and turn around and call them tainted. The people are right to feel betrayed but it only proves that SLP is more nasty and corrupt than the UWP. All the transparency and accountability they are touting is lacking in their internal party affairs and they can never project what they don’t have within the party, in government. They fooled many who thought they had changed only to realise that it was merely weeks after that the inner circle cabal raised its greedy ugly head.

  2. To the people coming under almost every post claiming to have supported the party and gotten left behind and now they’re bitter. You are just like the politicians you are complaining about. You should have supported the party that you thought would be best to bring this country forward. Instead, you supported a party because you expected personal gain, now you crying. Again, you are just like the politicians. They’re expected to serve country but all they serve are themselves and their friends. Next time vote for country and not for your own personal gain.

  3. I am very worried as to what is going to happen in Marigot with Dr Hilaire and his teams plans, seems its all to make money, pushing all the locals out. Cant even fix the road, but we know you have the money to do so, Hypocrite.

  4. @100smph I hear you……But some just love to bitch whenever anything has to do with benefiting poor people ANYTHING they don’t be like to see it, they don’t like to hear it, they are of the belief of the continuation of Chastanet failed trickled down Economics 101 borrow, borrow, borrow, what we may NEVER repay and sell St Lucian’s this false narrative of Dubai prosperity for all perception. Let’s hope that Peeking duck Chiney Man never returned, so much damage was done in the South, the torn down of the meat processing plant, the white elephant race track, the displacement of famers and cattle ground, the destruction of mangroves, all in the name of building for “some” and the citizens will get the crumbs. Look what’s happening with the Cruise industry today struggling, they running and hide from debtors, Federal Marchals sizing them, as for CABOT we will wait and see the horse is out of the barn.

  5. People like you who used people; made false promises to get in power only to walk over those who went above and beyond by kicking them aside to place your buddies and those of the clack clack lazy man in positions, never thought about the limited resources then? Now it is to do for the ordinary man or die hards there is limited resources. Limited resources but clack clack wife can get her diplomacy post. Limited resources but rumbally can wake-up from her sleep like sleeping beauty to claim her diplomatic post. Limited resources but severing who never set foot in one protest can sit pretty in London. Limited resources but disgruntled mungal needed appeasing with a post in Canada. Limited resources but red boys flying to Dubai. Limited resources but little compy happy in her national trust job. Limited resources but flambeaus eating more that SLP soldiers. Boy sit dong and stop your bs. 5 years eh nuttin… same way I campaigned to get you all in I putting extra effort to get you all out!

  6. The Raffles project was in receivership for 10 years. Why didn’t you and your rich Cap Estate buddies come together and buy it from the bank? Only US$10 milion for 380 acres. The price of 10 houses in cap. Why didn’t the millionaire owner of a politically favoured construction company buy those 380 acres? Why didn’t the SLP buy the property when they were in power 2011-2016? You allowed the Canadians to buy this incomplete golf course through your lackadaisical attitude towards this ecological gem. You are to blame as it is private land and you didn’t want to buy it. Stop with the nonsense and misinformation about it being crown lands. Repeating a falsehood does not make it true. Why didn’t you protest Raffles? If you had bought it then you wouldn’t have to spend your Sunday mornings by your swimming pool with your martini listening to those inferior beings working their backsides off breaking rocks. Why when the Carib settlement was found at Cas En Bas didn’t you protest to stop vehicles rolling over it and stop those constant blockos on the excavation. Why do you make your servants walk in the hot cap sun after they finish work. Cap attitudes. This Cabot situation is everybodies fault.

  7. Limited resources but you made sure you put your friends and their family in prime positions to boost up their already big salaries, and to travel and live extravagant lifestyles on the public purse and tax payers dollars. You are bent on having vaxxed mass to further boost their pockets again at poor people expense. In a time when people aren’t working and things are slow you want to encourage them to spend money on over priced carnival costumes to benefit your red boys, instead of telling them to prioritize their spend because yall are not in a position to help, because yall do not have a plan. You show us that you’re a selfish user and will do anything to further yourself and your friends’ interests and will walk over anyone to do so. Go away. Wasted my vote!

  8. Omg!…he promise the ppl some more empty pans…smh!
    ..dat makoom have more hot air than action…SLP hacks are too naive to acknowledge.

  9. Limited resources but you want to have your vaxx mass that’s the important priority for you and your friends…beat all your pan empty vessels make the most noise..all rope have a end enjoy your five year’s…

  10. Why is this man always in our faces? Has he not realized that we do not believe a word that comes from his dishonest mouth? This man has really put SLP in a bad light…corrupt to the core and very wicked and selfish. This man is for himself and his friends and used good people in his dirty deeds and turned his back on them. He believes himself to be better than some people but I will tell you, you shelaire are a pathetic, corrupt, petty sissy who is jealous of anyone who is brighter that you. For all your so-called educational accolades you can’t write properly neither are you able to articulate simple words properly. You can never be nothing more than a wannabe relevant…seeking validation from people whose clique you will never belong to.

  11. Seamless passage it would have been if you and your party members were not so childish and spoke the truth. I really want to know when in the history of the barrel concession that it only benefitted one set of people in St Lucia. That was the narrative that you, Pierre, Bay Bay, Shawn and that cartoon police brutalizer from Micoud North insinuated. What a shame it was for Kenny to be seated there and hearing that his governments barrel concessions favoured only a few, likewise King. SLP fools like you have always cut off your nose to spite your face, so you will destroy Kenny’s legacy if in the process you can hurt Chastenet.

  12. People over horses, please focus on wasco bc of cabot crap.. ……Cabot this morning 2/6/22 7:00 am Sunday morning on top of casenbas beach had 2 two JACKHAMMeRS Going! 2 heavy machinery going Sunday morning 7AM sMPH affecting all of Cap Estate and CasEN Bas people. Please obtain a cease and desist order, to not start heavy machinery before 9am on weekends. bc this is treacherous, treasonous behaviors and actions on Cabot’s part bc they are pissed bc WE Took Rightfully BACK Queens CHAIN back and hopefully that includes full foot access to secret and donkey beach24-7. After UWP so hatefully,scandalously, stole it and sold it recklessly and carelessly to a next bunch of ungratefUL Canadians who are paying Lucian men 6$ and hour for back breaking work smh! Where’s the PHoCking justice wit Cabot, bc they delivered some footballs and uniforms and prolific amuteee limb support! Please This is ST. Lucia! Please check Cabot new strutcture house by cap lookout point, to see if it’s being built properly and with in code and order!,bc these things are going up with speed! Housing and developing board!…..DCA…. Please Focus on Wasco. Thank you again for giving us back casenbas beach and the saving the Ancient trees.

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