Hilaire Meets Carnival Bands, CMO To Discuss VAXX MAS’

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Minister for Culture Dr. Ernest Hilaire held meetings last week with the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George to discuss Saint Lucia’s VAXX MAS’.

All participants in the 2022 Carnival will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

On his official Facebook page, Hilaire disclosed that he met the CBA on Tuesday and the CMO on Thursday to discuss hosting the event in July this year.

“As usual, there is no mas without bacchanal,” he stated.

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“Hosting carnival will not be easy and we will need the best in our operational and organisational skills, but everyone involved is determined to make it happen,” the Castries South MP, also responsible for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, and Information stated

“We all acknowledge that hosting the festival is a huge undertaking and high risk. However, carnival is our biggest festival, brings the most visitors by event and thus a huge economic impact. Further, it is at the forefront in helping to sustain our creative and artistic expressions and works. It has been two years since we have had carnival,” the Deputy Prime Minister observed.

“We need to establish a way forward that will open up the events, arts, music and festival sectors as we look forward to Emancipation Day, Kweyol Heritage Month, St Cecilia’s Day, Festival of Lights, ARC and possibly hosting Jazz and Arts Festival in 2023. We need to move on and find safe ways to move on with our lives,” Hilaire expressed.

In December last year, the government first announced plans for the Vaxx Carnival, explaining that the decision for the event came after several stakeholder consultations.

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  1. Of all the things we have going on currently, I just don’t understand how carnival is a priority at this time. Carnival? Smh. There is something really wrong with this.

  2. This move right there has discredit Mrs.Belmar in my books…she’s not really for the well-being of the ppl but for pushing the covid agenda and her fat paycheque..ask for Hilaire he’s just an opportunist

  3. I don’t know why they’re still pushing to make this nonsense happen this year. It’s just not safe, nor is it necessary to do so at this time. There’s no way you can effectively execute caution, nor complete safety in such a massive, physical event, ( especially given that we know how the virus spreads ). Just scrap it for 2022, and perhaps look to the possibly of next year, depending on the circumstances. Best to safe than sorry.

  4. Carnival? Bacchanal? Mr Minister, do you not know that we have already entered the 7 year tribulation before Jesus returns? Things are only going to get progressively worse, not better. Repentance is what’s expected from the nations of this earth, big or small. Are you planning to lead a rebellion against Christ’s return? Isn’t that supposed to be the role of Satan and his Antichrist?
    “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV).
    You see Mr Minister, repentance and prayer blesses a nation, not bacchanal.

  5. They will always agree to having carnival. It will be the breeding ground to up their number of covid cases and deaths so they can get more money per case and death. The slogan “VAXX MASS”, wow. Divide the people. Divided we fall.

  6. Is this at all necessary at a time such as this? while Mr. Narcissus is planning of having a good time with his friends, people are shooting Policemen to death in Coolie Town, shooting in Gros Islet, Police shot one in Dennery, Stabbing in Castries, the Country is unsafe, unstable and dangerous but Mr. Deputy is busy planning Carnaval; I can think of bunch of things he can do as Deputy, Narcissism is not one of them. Poor tax payers, may the good Lord take pity and help out someday

  7. Francis you m*ron. Getting vaccinated doesn’t stop you from catching or giving covid. Of the people who got covid on 0.8% ended up in hospital. Let that sink in. 0.8%. The world economy destroyed for that. Lcokdowns had no effect on stopping spread or death.

  8. A lot of countries are resuming carnival this year….. everyone looking to boost their in economy, life goes on but I think we should at least wait another one year, but then in again things can happen between now and July so why bitch now about it, war in Europe, Covid numbers could creep back up sky high, another variant, so I am not making much into it things can change .

  9. Life needs to go on. Get vaccinated , boosted, wear your mask and take personal responsibility. We need to get our economy.

  10. HOW will “All participants in the 2022 Carnival will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19” when so many of us got sick with covid after a bunch of lucians got sick at the vaxxed parties?
    You all making a breeding ground for these fools to get the rest of us sick…..AGAIN!!

  11. Let’s watch and see de out come of this, and CMO is on board,SMFH hope it doesn’t pose a burden on the health system, is their a plan for if there is a number of rising cases Merle Clarke are you in on this is this a way of testing the fully vaccinated in a mass crowd SMFH

    • Why didn’t you meet with both the CBA and CMO at the same time…this man gets me sick putting people in harm’s way haven’t you learn from the prime minister and the opposition leader they are fully vaxx and boosted and still got the virus…lucians get up and fight for your country this slp administration will have us suffering we turn down chas offer of free health care for $1500 we will never get so please don’t fall sick in this country.

  12. This boy will do what he wants regardless of what the people who actually voted and put the government in power, says. This is what he does. Any organization where he is in charge it is his way or the highway. Any organization he leads is always shrouded in conflict, drama or controversy and when it all fails he blames the staff and makes it look like he had nothing to do with it. Vaxxed mass is the last thing we need now but he is so concerned with his red boys’ and miss press secretary’s bands making money plus satisfying his own interests that he is willing to risk the health of a whole nation to see this happen. This boy is about putting friends first

  13. WATCHER I couldn’t agree more. Plus from what I am am hearing, there are now persons paying for vaccination documentation without getting the vaccine. With such high risk plus this aforementioned possibility I don’t see why the minister is pushing for this. Is it because he and his friends have are
    expecting some financial gain from this event? Mass Vaxx and yet bus drivers are restricted in the number of passengers they can transport, schools can not be fully open, curfews continue etc. Are they really for the people or for them as a people? Think Lucians

  14. If you’re openly acknowledging and admitting that the activity will be a high risk as far as covid infections are concerned, then why do it????

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