Thursday, February 27, 2020

Hilaire Mulls Appeal To Privy Council In Defamation Case

Castries South MP, Doctor Ernest Hilaire, is mulling a Privy Council appeal in a defamation case involving Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet.

Hilaire made the announcement Wednesday on his official Facebook page under the caption ‘My Thoughts on the Judgement’.

HisĀ  Facebook comments are reproduced below:

Since the delivery of the Judgment of Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal in Hilaire v Chastanet and particularly after last night’s news, I have received quite a few communications to explain what does it mean for my Defamation case against Allen Chastanet. So I will try to explain, what is turning out to be a very complex legal matter in the simplest manner.

Basically I sued Allen Chastanet in defamation for accusing me of actions which I found to be malicious and lies which cause me considerable harm.

In his defence he cited English Defamation Law to justify his right to say what he said and I cited Saint Lucian Defamation Law which is part of our Civil Code.

During the preliminary hearing, the High Court was asked to determine which law is applicable.

Law as interpreted in Saint Lucia, has three sources – first, our Constitution then laws as enacted in our Parliament before and after Independence and finally, the English Common Law as authorized by Parliament in specified subjects.

The High Court Judge ruled that Saint Lucian law is applicable. Allen Chastanet appealed saying that English law supersedes our Civil code laws as it relates to Contracts, quasi contracts and Tort. The Appeal Court agreed with him.

In its simplest explanation, it is claimed that our old colonial constitution had a provision for English law to be imported into our laws. That when we became independent, we did not state in our new constitution that this is no longer allowed. Therefore, English law can still be imported even if we now pass our own laws.

The case is now to be returned to the High Court to determine the case on its merit using English Law and not Saint Lucian Law.

I have no difficulty with the case going ahead. That’s what I want. Let us proceed! Let Allen prove what he said! But it is proving to be a lot more complicated than that.

It appears that if this decision is not appealed to the British based Privy Council, our highest Court, this will become the precedent to determine all matters of contract, quasi-contract and Tort in the future. It also means that all the cases which were decided since Independence may have been wrongly decided.

Let me give you an example. If tomorrow, a visitor on a cruise ship visits a duty free shop and God forbid gets electrocuted. His lawyers can argue that it is the UK Public Liability Insurance Act that applies and not our local laws. In short, the Judges have said that it does not matter whether we have local laws or not, English law can be used instead of our laws.

So my dilemma is clear. I want the case to start and for Allen Chastanet to prove what he said, or face the consequences! But I am being advised that this issue is beyond me, it is bigger than me and goes to the fundamental principles that laws have to be certain and predictable. It goes to the core of how we determine Civil cases in Saint Lucia.

Should I care about whether cases were rightfully determined and how they are decided in the future? Or should I just care for my case to commence?

I must say that I have been strongly advised by my legal team led by Anthony Astaphan S.C and Peter Foster QC along with Renee St. Rose and Thaddeus M. Antoine Esq. that this matter is of great public importance and needs to be reviewed by the Privy Council to establish the certainty of the law in Saint Lucia.

Presently, if this decision stands it means that Saint Lucians really do not know what is provided for in law as it relates to contract, quasi-contract and Tort as it is English law which applies, according to the Appeal Court.

This issue of great public importance must be clarified and settled by of highest Court. It would be remiss of me and indeed irresponsible of me as a Parliamentarian of an independent Saint Lucia, to continue to seat in parliament to participate in the passing of laws, and not being sure if it is futile or indeed achieving the desired result that we would want for a Saint Lucia governed by laws adopted by Saint Lucians.

In the circumstances, my legal team has advised me that I have a responsibility for the greater good of Saint Lucia, to appeal the matter to the Privy Council and that is what I am considering.



    • Didn’t you read the article. This is bigger than the case. If he does not appeal that would mean that we are no longer independent. The laws that are passed in the UK would overwrite our laws. To be extreme, if in the UK they decide that black people are chattel and not human and pass laws in their country to enforce that then guess what. You automatically, in saint lucia, full of black people become no longer human. Back to slavery for you. automatically.

    • I guess u read but cannot comprehend what was said in the article. No wonder we are in such state of affairs. Dummy keep quiet.

  1. hypocrite! Chastanet right! he has evidence of all the lies perpetuated against innocent people by Hi Liar! After he darn do all the things he do already. Let him send it to privy Council.the liar forget the havoc and bobol he do already

  2. Two jackases commented. Don’t u all understand what was said in the article or I guess u 2 are part of the 43% of asses who voted for uwp. The wider implication is about the laws in St Lucia not about hilaire and chass.

  3. I’m not sure what the great decision is here Dr. Hillaire. The best thing to do is to appeal. I’m surprised this is only coming up now. Surely, with all the lawyers we have in St. Lucia, somebody should have picked this up before now.

  4. Intresting its not about our PM or Hilaire,its about our laws To fix this mess,we need to work hard,and get the smart brains to dig in,all these leagal issues .,who will pay.

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