Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hilaire: Peter Chiquot Should Be Fired Immediately

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After explaining to reporters last week that the Comptroller of Customs agreed to drop charges in the Land Rover importation saga and return the vehicle to him, Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire called for the immediate firing of former Comptroller Peter Chiquot from the pubic service.

Asked by a reporter whether Chiquot should be fired from the public service, Hilaire’s response was:

“He should be fired immediately. Immediately, because we cannot allow those things to happen in Saint Lucia. I mean this was not a mistake by a public officer, this was not incompetence by a public officer, this was willful, calculated, a public officer using his authority to go after a political opponent. I mean, we cannot allow that to happen in the country.”

Customs Officers detained Hilaire’s Land Rover in 2020 amid claims of irregularities regarding its importation because he failed to submit relevant documents while serving as Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

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Currently Saint Lucia’s Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Hiaire has accused Chiquot and then Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of misconduct in public office.

“Allen Chastanet abused his office as Prime Minister to go after a political opponent to discredit him – destroy his character locally, regionally and internationally and he used public office to do so. Peter Chiquot participated in that knowing what he was doing was wrong. Two Comptrollers before him did not agree and now a new Comptroller agreed that it was totally unnecessary and is wrong,” the Minister asserted.

Hilaire declared that he did nothing wrong and was glad that ‘this chapter is over.’

However, he said: “We still have to deal with what Allen Chastanet and Peter Chiquot did. They must not be allowed to escape with that kind of conduct.”

He said the case against Chiquot and Chastanet was more important than getting back the Land Rover.

“The vehicle is just a vehicle. I have not had it for one year. It hasn’t changed my life. But the fact that they said those things, made people believe you are a thief, that’s more important and that’s the principle,” he stated.

Chastanet, for his part, described the outcome of Hilaire’s case as ‘bewildering’ and told St Lucia Times that the MP and the Comptroller of Customs ought to explain what happened to the public.

“We have the evidence which was substantiated by Ernest Hilaire himself in his own interviews that the vehicle was registered in the name of the High Commission and what is not being answered is who gave Ernest Hilaire permission to purchase it in the name of the High Commission and more importantly, against the Financial Act who gave Ernest Hilaire permission to put the car back in his name? It is bewildering,” Chastanet toldSt Lucia Times.

“The fact is that over the last five years Ernest Hilaire has not been able to provide to anyone, the public, the Comptroller of Customs, information substantiating that he legitimately owns the car. One doesn’t have to question whether he paid for the car, but the question is why was it put in the name of the High Commission and once it was there how did it get out?”

In addition, the former Prime Minister took to Facebook with ‘A Summary Of the Ernest Hilaire Range Rover Scandal.’

(Story updated)


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  1. @HUNGRY, you made me have a good laugh tonight. I was wondering why myself
    You thought maybe he had girl parts. I doubt very much but I know he takes the same things that girls take just in a different hole.

  2. LH you’ve been trolled

    The I’s (eyes) have it.

    Evil never wins in the court of truth and light.

    He liar He-liar your tongue will catch on fire. One should always be careful the pit they dig for others because it might be them to fall in.


  3. Helaire many have not forgotten when you went to Dominica and what you uttered on a regional political platform about St Lucia.. You place St Lucia in a dark light by what you said, now you want to talk about they have destroyed your character. You should have not gone up for election. Now many know why you insist on going up— to get power and abuse it. You have broken laws. Remember the black lives matter protest on Constiturion park — you and PJP should have been arrested. But you know how it goes in St Lucia. The laws only applies for the small man and once there are big men, the law will not be applied. I believe you feel that your actions was too petty for Mr Chiquot to take note of but I believe Mr Chiquot went by the law. Whether it was a small matter & should be overlooked but the man was doing his job. If anything you should step down as you have too many baggage and is too tainted to be in leadership.

  4. From the beginning I noticed and I called it for this present group newly elected: THE UNHOLY TRINITY; only for the three of them, not the others. From the time Jufalli was elected five years ago – and the very manna used, to win that first election – it did not surprise me, I knew he was up to his tricks. Now then, cam the ‘Land Rover’ he beat tricky Dick at his game; the ex-Diplomat began to ‘Cry Wolf’ could you believe, a little bruised Ego, cry baby, damn it man, grow some balls; If you were my son it would be two callots on the head. When I think of my own life the things I’ve lost due to robbery, deception by Lawyers, inheritance, a home, jobs, contracts, robberies, I can go on, BUT I had my faith in the Almighty, today I can glory, I’ve been regained 10 fold and counting.(wont be long, only that trinity will crumble ) sadly PjP a good guy, much too soft to handle the likes of R.F., the queen is as corrupt.

  5. Chicot should not let mate get away with that. make the SLP government pay the biggest ever settlement in history. the lawyers will win this. mate have endless skeletons in his closet. this victimisation is part of a pattern. Ruin them! this is an easy case to win. make your lawyers take that beyond st lucian courts. embarass them. mate track record is enough to tank him.

  6. The problem here is that the top ranks do not respect the law and many in high positions use their power to secure their jobs. Many consider things petty to take action but for some the law is the law and applies to everyone. Hilare says that the former two comptroller says “It was not necessary” not against the law but not necessary to go that far. So for people with a functioning brain what does that tell you. For the two formers they constantly were giving people leeway and were not taking such actions seriously. They were in a position to give mabe their friends leeway.

  7. I am not a diplomat, get that straight.

    Public can view information held.
    Maybe if some of you did that you would be strong in challenging wrong doing by the people you put in power.

    Instead you make up noise and then it all goes quiet. How can things change if you don’t challenge misbehave by any political party.

    And before you come again, I do not support any party….none

  8. Oh my goodness, where have I said to be a diplomate anywhere in my comments. All this information is in the public domain for all to see. It’s in UK and anyone can access how exemption is given and to whom. It’s in the public interest.

    Please read before you jump down anyone’s throat.
    Public whether in UK, Canada, St Lucia etc…..can view and have a right to view information held on any government business.

    Go check before you come at me.

    This is about privilege and how people in public life, behave. I did not make up the rules.

  9. @Shock, horror you all need another shock and aww and the likes of you will get it when the dust settles in Court. It’s not about the “vehicle” it’s more about the vindictive character assassination by Allen Chastanet and Guy Joseph. I am predicting victory will prevail 12/06/2021 for the Doc AGAIN and it will be a pie in the face for clowns like you….I can’t wait to laugh.

  10. @Shock, Horror, you claim to be a diplomat in London. You don’t come online and divulge sensitive information even under a pseudonym. This is shock and horror to me. But people get the governments and the representatives they deserve. No class, lack of knowledge, unable to function, self interest over national interest ect… ect..This is the result of putting friends, acquaintances and kiss-arsses in positions rather than professionals.

  11. Next time I see any one of you trying to make way through traffic in your highly tinted, private vehicles I not pulling on a side!!

  12. I thought there was a process in government for terminating an employee. Why is this man in the media, a minister at that openly showing his nepotic and vindictive behavior? A leopard really cannot cannot change its spots. This man’s selfish, corrupt behavior has impacted many and he’s still taking casualties.
    There are more people, innocent people by the way, who were victimised, vilified, harassed and tormented by the ex PM and his police goons, too. Just saying. But that’s for another show.

  13. Hilarious has simply returned to his vicious roots. Chicot and his lawyers should not play with him and the SLP government. Get those millions from the government and sue them. Hilarious has a well documented history of victimising public servants. Chicot u go win that fight. Those he will rope in to help him against you will fly out several ways! This is a promise. Allow Hilarious to self-destruct.

  14. Agreed, He only got the Job for the sole purpose of taking the man’s vehicle. The previous two Comptrollers were transferred because their professional integrity wouldn’t allowed them to do it. Even though they were party supporters.

  15. Its a gamble when you take sides in politics and you are in the public service be careful guys every five years is a surprise.

  16. As a diplomate in the UK, as far as I am aware you are only entitled to VAT exemption on 1 vehicle.

    June 2015 an attempt was made by Williams to the high commission to purchase a Land Rover Discovery Sport. The UK refused as he was not entitled to VAT exemption. A letter was sent, explanation given it was in error and the vehicle was actually meant for official embassy fleet vehicle and not for Mr Williams.

    Nov 2015 a Land Rover was purchased in the name of St Lucia high commissioner with a VAT exemption claimed and was granted by the UK government, on the basis that the Land Rover was part of the St Lucian Government fleet of vehicles.

    On arrival in St Lucia the Land Rover was registered in Dr Hilaire name. When these issues were discovered it raised concerns….hence Allen C explanation.

    The UK is not interested in what you do in St Lucia, handle your own business…. but they will recognise fraud or other excuses to defraud using ones privilege. Happens all the time, some people get away with it. Is it fair….no it’s not fair at all.

    I don’t think it’s fair to call for someone to get fired over this. You got what you wanted, your Land Rover, let it go. There are more important things to be getting on with in St Lucia.

    Violence against women and children
    Crime levels
    Land issues
    Trespassing without permission from the owner
    Stealing what does not belong to you
    Breaking and entering
    All the above are against the law

    Affordable housing
    Youth unemployment
    High prevalence of diabetes is unacceptable for such a small Island
    Healthcare services, improvement needed
    All the above and many more to start the ball rolling….better outcomes for all.

  17. You were listening to me Doc. Excellent, excellent, once again Chastanet and company will suffer humiliation and the agony of defeat in court. We look forward to this and we will turn out in numbers to support you in this victory.

  18. You would do anything for that Land Rover and would sell out even your close friend for it. Just hungry to get richer to pay off the Jeep future insurances and using SLP to stay above other ministers and throw dirt at who accuses you of wrong

  19. There are people from that London office with all the files. The story will burst wide open soon. Don’t worry.. .. those who were all part of the scam will be exposed. Patience

  20. melissa u the only one that makes sense in all these comments……they fail to realize they saying things but is public tthat put hilaire in power

  21. @129. ACTIONS AGAINST OFFICERS, I don’t really believe in posting and I just read comments but thanks for reminding us of that. However, I want all public servants who might want to agree with Mr. Hilaire that today is Mr. Chicot but tomorrow can be you. All of us are prone to doing wrong but really doing the wrong thing. We would not like to be in such a position and for a PM, Deputy PM or minister, who appoint the Public Service Commission to be publicly asking for us to be fired.
    And yes, I had not voted in two previous elections but in the last thought that Mr. Guy Joseph and Mr. Chastanet has to be taught a hard lesson. Not only did I vote but I encouraged others to do the same. Some body who posted earlier called himself/herself Regretful Voter, well partner that makes two of us. I can now proclaim loud and clear, “never again!!!!”.

  22. Here he comes with his arrogant and pompous attitude. You were a bad representative in London bringing shame and embarassment to our country but now you want to pretend that you’re better than someone? You even want to decide who gets what like you were so great when the biggest scandal at any overseas mission happened under your watch. Both joofali and the range rover fiasco will be notable events in our diplomatic history but here you are playing high and mighty. Man look in the mirror

  23. Arsewhole Hilaire should just count his blessings and just shut his stupid arse but no!…he wants to go ahead and sue the EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY coffer….shaking my head st.lucia.

  24. And the victimization continues with no end in sight. Helaire you will have your day cause what goes around comes around.

  25. I don’t care who is vex but I say again that Hilaire is bad for the party and the government. This man is very dangerous. @Allan you are so correct. He had three lawyers in the case and all of them now have big positions:
    1. Thaddeus Antoine – Head of Tourism Authority,
    2. Leslie Mondesir – Attorney General
    3. Lorne Theophilus – Chairman of CIP.
    His entire legal team and their friends in big positions.
    He gets rid of the Comptroller of Customs so that the case can be withdrawn. If he was so confident, of his case, he could have allowed it to go on and not plot for a withdrawal of charges.
    Why is a Deputy Party Leader especial one of the SLP (and I really don’t care about UWP because they are bad for St. Lucia) going after a civil servant? You are Deputy PM, so we know the power and influence you have. Sadly, there are those who will support you on that but in all good conscience I cannot. I cannot because I would not like it for any relative of mine.
    The way I see it, curse me if you want, but this guy is bad for the party and the government. I foresee he will be the guy joseph of the SLP.

  26. This Dude Hilaire always had this “thing” about him like really with you Ernest!! Your wife was Director of the VH then she screwed up where is she now…and now you are asking for the firing of a man who had balls to take on your dishonesty not just from his post but from the public service. I wonder what your supporters think of you now… the labor party was one of my biggest mistakes as this is not what i expected from this administration sad and unfortunate. yall are all a bunch of sad liars thieves and dishonest ….!!


    An action, suit or other proceedings shall not be brought or instituted personally against any officer in respect of any act done by him or her under any power granted to or duty imposed on him or her by a customs enactment.

    Peter Chiquot did his job! You wanted him to be corrupt. Can you imagine?

  28. This man has no conscience and shame. Everyone knows of his scandalous behavior as high commissioner and the embrassment which followed but here he is putting his friends and their children in high positions and turning his nose down at others because he believes he is better than them and he has power now. This bunch of users have already forgotten who put them where they are and rewarding undeserving friends who were never in the fight. Let see what the one in whose name the vehicle was purchased get.

  29. Shitting in your face and calling it choclate pudding…As if he didn’t use public office to get his y’all are so dumb the man is actually treating y’all like stupid dummies right in y’all faces.

  30. @Allan……so true. And next to be rewarded would be his friend TW in London for his part in ordering the vehicle in his name.

  31. Alva should have fired you for the juffali scandal and the shame you brought to st lucia. Now you want to push him out backstabber and decide who gets what post when you should not have been in government in the first place. You even want to play like you’re better than anyone else in choosing who should be appointed to where. Man get lost with your shameless self.

  32. Hilaire has no shame. The first person he appointed as Attorney General was his friend Leslie Mondesir. Leslie represented him in the Land Rover case. Also, upon assuming office he caused the Comptroller of Customs to be demoted. That is not how the common man gets justice. That kind of justice is for white collar politicians. Hilaire cause his SLP supporter to be appointed Customs Comptroller in order for the case to turn on its head. What a travesty of justice

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