Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hilaire Responds To Reports Of GIS Employee Dismissals

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Information Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has accused opposition leader Allen Chastanet and his ‘surrogates’ of being ‘disingenuous and blatantly dishonest’ for claiming that the government fired three employees of the Government Information Service (GIS).

On Friday, an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) release identified the three media practitioners as Lissa Joseph, Primus Hutchinson, and Herma Demacque.

According to the release, they had received their ‘marching orders.

But on Monday, Dr. Ernest Hilaire told reporters that there had been no dismissal of any employee at the GIS.

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” As far as I was informed there were three persons employed as consultants by the last government. Their consulting contract comes to an end in March this year and we are not renewing them as consultants,” the Castries South MP explained.

Hilaire expressed that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration has been very accommodating and could not be accused of firing people, being vindictive, or malicious.

“All Ambassadors were allowed to serve out their term of duty. There are many persons throughout this public service who are serving as consultants – we have not gotten rid of them. There are many persons throughout this country that have been employed and they are serving as consultants and we’ve allowed them to end their contract,” he asserted.

Hilaire spoke on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet.

“I think we have been compassionate very accommodating. We could have moved to terminate them from July last year or August last year but we did not do that,” he declared regarding the three GIS employees.

“So when the opposition wants to accuse this government of being vindictive, that is not the case. We were very clear that we were not sending any of the consultants home. They were Saint Lucians, they were working. We don’t have need for their particular services but we still allow them to run out their contracts which end at the end of March,” Hilaire stated.

“We have not dismissed anybody at GIS and if they were dismissed I invite them to go to court where those matters are settled and settle the matter,” he said.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Persons who work as consultants are usually experts in their field. As a result, they are able to negotiate lucrative contracts, above the normal rates. The downside to this is that, their jobs are not guaranteed, but this is a known aspect of being a consultant. The previous government had need for their consultancy services, this government doesn’t. This is the nature of business. I hope the 3 individuals can get employment soon. From what I’ve read, they seem to be good at their jobs.

  2. Smh. These people victimise the very people who supported them and put them in. Don’t for a minute think that this is happening to UWP only. This is about the cabal getting rich. They have removed their own from positions too, those they consider to be nobodies and little people, just to put in FRIENDS and Dark Money Financiers. Some of these financiers are turncoat UWP opportunists who had some dollars to throw behind the cabal that wanted power at any cost. It wasn’t for free….now they are making demands for their investment so many of their own have been sacrificed in the process. The biggest casualties in this election has been their very own. So much for putting you first.

  3. You should be the last to talk. From early o’clock you showed what you have always been known for and that is nepotism and conflict of interest. You victimised your own supporters who helped your party win. You made sure to put all your friends and their family in TOP positions. Even before getting in office you decided who the candidate for Choisuel should have been and that is your friend’s aunt and that resulted in a big fat loss in Choisuel. You continue to decide who should get what positions like you are some God. Even now you and your executive are appointing people on friends basis, not on merit, or experience and you even put those who lied and supported you in underhandedness in position as reward. Tell us about the guy who tried to buy the vehicle in his name for you and the position you put him in London. You are no different to the ex PM. Everything is to benefit friends…experience and qualification do not mean a thing….nepotism, cliquism is rife in your party and that will be the downfall. Many supporters have already bailed on this SLP cabal because they gave their all for a party that has now rejected them. Stop using committed people to win so your FFF can benefit.

  4. You are a certified liar, so why anyone should believe you. We all know better, you vindictive reptilian slim.

  5. SMH. The great Kenny ensured that vindictiveness’ was polished, Most if not all persons being employed by govt is on contract after his ruling in 2004. If u genuinely get a job under UWP without hvn any political affiliation your contract is not being renewed. It’s a smart way of firing ppl. and then they try to bring in their Party Supporters. The way our ppl are being fooled so easily is ashame. In the meantime many young persons will be out a job come April 1st because they Mother or Father are not Party Hacks. SAD

    • @wow exactly. These fools do not know this man’s modus operandi. His victimisation has a very long history. In fact he was known as a PEEG by those who worked with him right there in St. Lucia. this is what they said about him… this man is a PEEG! I can recall not having the best bosses before my retirement but calling someone by that name says a lot about his/her character in my experience. not the other way round. Simply, this fella is a no good. Trust me, he will be replacing those that he got rid of with party hacks. herein lies the problem.

  6. If it is contract I get it but many will use ‘it is a contract’ to get rid of once it comes to an end. But in a time like this when jobs are extremely scarce why would a government who swears o putting people first get rid of you so quickly. If it was before Covid fine, but at a time like this. This administration is no better the opposition.

    • @No Kidding those employees were put under contract by UWPees and they were given the chance to serve out their contracts even when they could have it cancelled by the SLP. This would be the norm of the UWPees, nepotism and cronyism the hallmarks of their raine of terror .

  7. Why not renew their contracts, Hilaire? Wickedness to the fullest. Everyone deserve a chance to work, no matter what party is in power. Yet we wonder why crime aint stopping. Its time for a change of attitude, too much vindictiveness.

  8. They were consultants and not civil servants. They signed the contract knowing that government had no obligation to extend or renew their contract.

    • Well said! Quite a few places have employees on contract. Airport at one point hotels to name a few the employees are made aware of that before they sign the contract.

  9. All NICE workers were dismissed by the Chastanet administration and yet those clowns speak about dismissals.

  10. Doc we know already them for been malicious, repugnant, and dutty ; it’s engrained in their Yellow Motto and Code of Conduct so I for one is not the least bit surprise. You saw what happen WHEN THEY CAME TO POWER all projects were halted. The municipal building in VF halted, Soufriere Waterfront Development halted, so many were laid off by them, Oh Lord the Grand Daddy of them all St Jude’s which The CLOWNS COULD NOT FINISH…….they are nothing but a flock of Yellow Johncrows wrapped in dutty bungle.

  11. This St Lucia times is only allowing comments supporting this PIG!! This is not the way to do proper journalism! offcourse they were victimised! this man’s modus operandi is well known through out the public service! victimisation! you want people to take you to court?? don’t worry you have cases in there that will be revised at some point. people are just waiting to strike you! And you will be brought down when all is said and done!

  12. The St. Lucian people have realized all along that Allen Chastanet is a pathological liar. He lacks the credibility and gravitas to be taken seriously. Chastanet often accuses others of misdeeds that he is guilty of; recall his sputtering response to Earnest Hilaire calling him disingenuous: ” Earnest Hilaire has no integrity and should be ashamed of himself.” Can we imagine Chastanet saying someone has no integrity?
    What we have is a UWP with Chastanet at its head, committed to nothing but his insatiable ego.

  13. loool what a great way to polish it up mr Hilaire. So technically he is right but why cant their contracts be renewed? But then again what happened to this guy that a reporter and filmed him and he gave the reporter his business? i think he works at GIS

    • All these old ass dutty slp hacks here talking crap that’s why crime will never stop… people losing their jobs and y’all happy about it because y’all eating. So now if you working for government you must be slp well man eating or taking y’all food same speed who die die iymc.

  14. Dr. Hilaire I am extremely happy you gave an update on the lies Uwp have said. The head of the uwp has been nominated for a Nobel prize for being the biggest Liar in the Eastern Caribbean.
    On the other hand when are you going to repair the Marigot Road? Remember 5 years is not eternity.

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