Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hilaire: ‘Saint Lucia’s Tourism Industry Is Flourishing’

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Saint Lucia’s Tourism Minister, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, told a Zoom press briefing with international media that this country’s important tourism industry is flourishing.

“A few months ago, the world wondered how the tourism industry would survive the COVID pandemic. Today I assure you that Saint Lucia’s tourism industry is flourishing,” Hilaire told the press briefing on Tuesday.

He disclosed that in 2021, Saint Lucia welcomed 52% more visitors than in 2020, with the U.S. alone contributing 76 percent of arrivals.

The Island recorded 199,347 stay-over arrivals in 2021 – 76.4 percent from the United States and 16.4 percent from the U.K.

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The Caribbean contributed 2.8 percent, and Canada contributed 2.5 percent of visitor arrivals, while the remaining 2 percent came from emerging and other markets.

Hilaire told the press briefing that December recorded the most significant number of arrivals for the year, 29,737.

He noted the great economic impact of the arrivals.

“When there are more visitors, visitor spend picks up, and that helps our communities to benefit from the financial recovery from the pandemic,” the Castries South MP explained.

Hilaire revealed that as of January 2022, more than 90 percent of arriving visitors were vaccinated, providing additional safety to visitors and residents.

And he said more than 90 percent of hotel and villa staff across the island are vaccinated – with some hotels reporting 100 percent vaccination rates for employees.

Looking to the future, the Tourism Minister revealed that several international brands have committed to Saint Lucia.

They include Cabot Saint Lucia which is well underway on Point Hardy in the north and a Courtyard Marriott Hotel due for completion in 2023 at Pointe Seraphine in Castries, adjacent to the Duty-Free shopping complex.

In addition, Hilaire said Hyatt Corporation will build a 345-room luxury Grand Hyatt, due to open in Choiseul among other developments.



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  1. Its flourishing not because of you or any sucker ass politician. St lucia is just naturally beautiful and tourists are attracted by the natural scenery, the beautiful ppl and quality food and fun that the island has to offer. This is all inspite of any bitch ass politician or corrupt muhfucker in govt. So i would appreciate if these clowns in suits would stop comin out and publiclt score points on something they never conteibuted to. U lousy S.O.B

  2. It is shameful that The minister is being attacked for his pronouncement on tourism. The incumbent always benefit from what started under the previous administration. Elections have consequences. I applaud the minister for his public relations. I am tired of the negativity. Tourism is our saving grace.

  3. Let’s hope and pray war don’t break out in Europe; if it happens, you might as well dispose of this Ministry of Tourism. Vacation travelling on a whole will shut down, unfortunately. Alternate means of livelihood will hove to created; but to be positive, lets hope it does not come to that. Lord Jesus help us.

  4. This man’s many iniquities are now plain for all to see. Even using tax payer funds for his toy boy to tour the world and giving him big government position. that young boy let mate corrupt him. She-liar you make it! The only thing is people are seeing thru u, the scales have fallen from their eyes long time. take your little she-man with you and retire. just buy lots of diapers to line the mansion. note; its not for babies. immoral acts lead to leakage, shame and surgery.

  5. As a beach vendor I can tell you that it is not flourishing for us small fry, yes for the big fish but not for us!

  6. Imagine Hilaire trying to take credit for the improvements in tourism. The tourism industry stated looking up from last year. In addition there is a very bitter winter up north which has helped. Does Hilaire expect us to believe that any administration or Minister can turn a tourism industry around in 6 to 8 months? Does he really believe that people are that stupid to believe that? When will Hilaire understand that it is this can of behaviour that cause people more and more to believe that he is dishonest and not trust him?

  7. This Minister genuinely do not have no shame, but however he brings disgrace to the table. How can such a corrupted person be at the helm of this island, Deputy and Minister for tourism. Question to be ask how many pay check this one individual is collecting monthly? Also it seems like a disease in Governance in this island, when one goes with questionable character another replace the same people on the other side. Its just a shame and disgrace generally.

  8. This tourism bonanza is courtesy of the previous administration. Get rid of the mandatory Covid testing for arrivals. Proof of vaccination should be good enough!

  9. Is that the same Helaire less than 2 years ago was calling for the closure of the boarders? Is that the same Helaire who said that tourism would never rise to the level it was pre pandemic? What has he done in his 6 months as Minister, other than travel with his concubine partner Thaddeus, spending tax payers money for them to practice their immoral acts. Today he wants to talk like he is responsible for the growth and revival of the industry. We would have been florishing even more if Covid never came and that would have nothing to do with you. I don’t really know where his figures came from but I know we are not where we were pre pandemic in terms of airlift. Neither are we in terms of hotel occupancy and the taxi drivers will tell back me up and say they are not working everyday but on rotation still. I’m not a prophet of doom and gloom cause I want my country to be way up again not being mamaguy.

  10. Awa wi. So this man will actually pretend that this is his achievement? Typical. For a man who likes to deny people a fair chance, fight them down he can never achieve anything on his own merit. This is a man who would will carry tales on people give them a bad report but all his jobs has never been on his own merit. Tanto tanto

  11. That boy has no shame! Seriously that is how he gets by in life…all his life. This boy has always had things handed to him on a platter or claim other people’s hard work as his. He has never single handedly achieved anything on his own hence the reason he hates on other people and does his best to bring good people down. I hope he knows dimming other people’s light does not make his shine any brighter. Karma has a way.

  12. Hilaire shut your trap! I came on a Jet Blue flight on Wednesday with only about 30 people. I had an entire row to myself from 8A to 8F …..and so were many others. And I’m told that’s the way it has been….so come again full those that don’t travel. Plus the cruise ships come in and only one set benefits.

  13. The Tourism Industry Flourishing for the All inclusive Hotels .Cox and Company .Forsters inc.The Catamaran .and Other Tour Companies Making all the Money .Taxi Drivers at Point Seraphine and La.Place Carrinage Cannot earn Monies to pay their Loans .Maintain their Family. and Maintain their Vehicle’s. No one from the Ministry of Tourism have address the Plight of the Taxi Drivers.At La.PlaceCarrinage the Non Registered Drivers and Mini Bus Drivers Compete with the Taxi Drivers at the Main Entrance of La.Place Carrinage.The Manager of La.Place Carrinage and The Port Police Refuse to put an end to that Nonsense .This have been Reported to the Ministry of Tourism and Chief of Port Authority to no avail.They cut the prices None of them are Covid Certified.Its out of Hand on Cruise ship days at La .Place Carrinage.

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