Friday, September 20, 2019

Hilaire Says Castries Mayor Is A ‘Loose Cannon’

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Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire has hit back at Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, in a war of words over money management at the Castries Constituency Council (CCC).

Hilaire fired the first salvo recently when he raised questions about $6 million that were in the CCC’s coffers and said the organisation had to sell its shares in the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC).

But at a news conference this week, the Mayor explained that only a small fraction, 0.83 percent, of the council’s 16.30 shares in the power company had been sold.

Francis told reporters that the CCC did not sell the shares because it was in a financial bind, but because of a government policy decision.

He disclosed that Hilaire has been sent written invitations every month to attend statutory meetings of the CCC and sent minutes of the meetings, but has not attended or even acknowledged receipt of the invitations.

Hilaire responded Tuesday by expressing the view that the Castries Mayor is a  real loose cannon.

The opposition MP declared that as a parliamentarian, he is not required to attend meetings of the CCC.

“If the Mayor goes through the law, as a parliamentary rep I have a rep on council. He attends the meetings. I have a right as parliamentary rep to ask to attend a meeting and I have attended a meeting; but I am not required to attend a meeting,” Hilaire stated.

He disclosed that before every CCC meeting he sits with his representative, goes through the agenda and when things come up, questions the representative on matters that arise in the minutes.

“That is why I can say so much about the Castries City Council – it’s because the rep and I speak very often,” Hilaire explained.

He asserted that the Mayor has not had a meeting for almost four months, with the result that decisions are being taken and things are happening ‘in the usual style’ of no consultation with the CCC.

Hilaire, in response to a CCC statement that he was spreading lies about the CCC, promised to prepare folders for members of the media next week.

“I am going to sit down with you all and we will go through the information,” he declared.

According to Hilaire, he will reveal things that have not been made public about the CCC.

“And I have not even spoken about the sexual harassment charges at the CCC yet and I will give you all all the documents that were submitted – all the complaints and ask him what has he done about it,” he told reporters.



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  1. It appears that you are the loose cannon. From money which you apparently have no proof of, to sexual harassment. You have been invited to a financial meeting. Why don’t you go and shut up until you have the evident.

    • The great “Defender” huh COMRADE ??? they all have pristine yellow jackets with wings on their backs with a halo hovering. Mr. Hilaire your public awaits you expect to be vilified in this Volkischer Beobachter.

  2. It nvr ceases to amaze me how they always have files and info about somebody else but nvr their own selves or their colleagues. Anyways bring out all the files I mean all and all mayors, and parliamentarians. Plz

  3. Why don’t you all shut you’ll dirty mouths alll what he is saying is fact all the proof is there. Things just start at ccc a bobolise and a vol Eire he is

  4. that’s why we need fresh youthful blood in politics. always a back and forth.
    I fedup of them old HAGS…FAGS…and DRAGS…the time should be now for a youthful leadership and politicians….FEDUP of them

  5. Talk about sexual harassment! ask Hi Liar how many harrassment charges have been levelled at him! this guy is a forking joke! but no surprises here He Lie!!

  6. Relax Ernest…Sleepy will not win your seat. There is no need for this petty politicking. Save the strategizing for removing Pip from the leadership while holding Alva at Bay and keeping Kennny in his semi coma state👍

  7. The Mayor is indeed a loose cannon this guy has been using his mayorship as a political campaign from the beginning. Remember they replace him with Sarah last minute because he just left the SLP party. So he been using the CCC money like a madman to increase his popularity for 2020. Looks like it has worked because Sarah is non-existent and “i’m the mayor” stickers are on certain people cars. It was obvious from the beginning just like with Mary Isaac

  8. All ill labour rights shut up…ill just jealous of the mayor good works and all his compliments..mayor u are doing a good job .

  9. I’m awaiting for the files to be made public. I guess it was just another bluff. You all labors boys never cease to amaze me.

  10. Hilliare if you want to win your election, take it easy you already turning off your own supporters.Take a back seat my friend.


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