Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hilaire: Stephenson King Would Make Better PM Than Allen Chastanet

Castries South MP, Ernest Hilaire  has declared that Saint Labour Party (SLP) leader, Philip J. Pierre should be the best person to lead this country right now.

Hilaire made the comments in an interview with Radio Caribbean International (RCI) on Friday.

But when asked  during the interview who among the current ruling United Workers Party (UWP) MPs would best do the job, he made specific mention of Stephenson King and Edmund Estephane.

King, the MP for Castries North, is also a former Prime Minister.

“I am sure Honourable Stephenson King would probably be – would be a better prime minister than Allen Chastanet. I am sure Estephane would be a better prime minister,”  Hilaire stated after initially appearing reticent.

The Castries South MP spoke ahead of the  opposition no confidence motion in the Prime Minister which the leader of the opposition announced last week would be debated on Tuesday.

Hilaire told RCI that  if on Tuesday Allen Chastanet continues to  be PM after the debate, the members on the government  side will be saying to  people of Saint Lucia that despite all the opposition has said, they believe Chastanet is the best among them and the best for Saint Lucia.

“They will now have made a loud and clear statement that: ‘We agree with what Allen Chastanet is doing,’ ” Hilaire  said.

The current configuration of the house of assembly is 11-6 in favour of the government.



  1. I don’t believe that motion will pass those guys in that Government will not display their dirty linen in Public,as I heard there is a lot of dirty linen hanging out in their back for then alone to see

  2. Shameless Jufali. Would he be a better party leader than ,Pip. Let him languish in oblivion…that’s where him and his bunch of “opposing everythingers” belong.

  3. But A A Mr. Hilaire i thought that you would make a better prime minister. Now is the time to say you can.

    You SLP guys are just unrelenting. Recognizing that the ruling government is doing all the things that you SLPs could not have done and is modernizing St. Lucia – dem things really burning you’all eyes. Now you are attempting to put one against the in the UWP camp so as to ignite infighting camp.

    Mr. Hilaire you are so Hilarious. Don’t you realize that these petty psychology approaches just don’t work.
    You cannot fool St. Lucians with dem things.
    Not anymore.b Why don’t you go do some research work, do some lecture or something.

  4. All the negative things you, Kenny and Pip had to say about Stephenson King in his time as Prime Minster….. and ohh not forgetting your utter disgust with Richard Frederick, now you blowing sweet tunes like you actually “care” . The more you speak the more it shows how hungry, desperate and foolish you are for power. Take a moment to use all that energy and actually do work for the country. #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords #NiceTry #Failures

  5. King has done nothing for the people of St Lucia and the fools who have voted for him over 20 years most people work for security companies for 4:25 cents working 12 hour shifts with one day off

  6. Remember what was said after the UWP won the election..their will be unrest in this country. Where you think the unrest begins. It’s still going on full throttle these guys never admit up to now that they lost. They will try every tricks.bowl every go glee.Pierre could move motion of no confidence in Kenny he couldn’t challenge him for the leadership.just because he doesn’t like Alan he don’t want him to be his leader.shame Pierre shame..idiot

  7. I honestly believe that estaphane will be a good pm for uwp an Alva would be a good pm for labour I don’t discrimate I say it how I see it why don’t u Lucian’s give them a chance

    • Alva was another failure in charge of the Ministry he was given. always hop a plane was his motto, not missing any free ride. why dont you look at people’s work record before spouting sheet online? Talking nonsense is not a qualification for Pm by the way.

  8. Hilaire not Prime Minister material. It is a well known fact in his party. So please take several seats. King already had is turn and everyone had a turn on King. But King does not steal and have bobolis tendencies.. what a disgrace! someone needs to kick the doctoral moron out of that party once and for all . afterall his comrades know he useless.

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