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Hilaire Says Next Elections Will Be ‘Nastiest’ In Saint Lucia’s History

Castries South MP, Doctor Ernest Hilaire, believes the next general elections in Saint Lucia will be the ‘nastiest’ in the country’s history.

“I am convinced of that,” he asserted.

“Our politics is entering a new low – real low and it is being led by the prime minister,” Hilaire stated.

However he expressed the view that a few decent persons will not be part of that, although Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is setting the tone.

“It will be all about character assassination,” Hilaire told reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

He accused Chastanet of being grossly insensitive to the people of Saint Lucia.

“From calling them barking dogs, to the forty three percent to single mothers, and now the stammering,” Hilaire told reporters.

The Saint Lucia PM at a ruling party meeting on Sunday made fun of the way opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre stutters when he speaks.

Hilaire explained that there was a time in the world when people could be made fun of  in terms of their gender, sexuality and religion.

“These days you just don’t do that. You have to be more sensitive and more understanding of people,” he declared.

According to the opposition MP, perhaps the Saint Lucia PM found it ‘cool’ to make fun of the way the leader of the opposition speaks.

“I mean, attack a man on what he is saying – the substance of what he is saying; but not on whether or not he is stammering,” Hilaire stated.

When a reporter interjected by saying ‘Donald Trump’, the Castries South MP’s response was that birds of a feather flock together.

Hilaire asserted that Chastanet is no different.

“It tells you about bullies and people who lack substance, because I will stand up in the house and I want to attack the content of what is being presented. I am not the best public speaker – I make many mistakes. There are many words I cannot pronounce properly,” he explained.

According to the opposition MP, that’s part of being human.

“But argue with me on the content of what is before us and not on whether a man stammers,” he declared.

“And the prime minister of all people? But it shows – he is what he is.”

According to Hilaire, what was more disturbing and disappointing was that the PM was the one making fun of the leader of the opposition, setting the tone for the rest of the ruling party.








  1. Wow u’re damn right just ask Kenny he will agree he started it and you will continue it sad to say what a shame

    • Jack you took the words right out of my mouth. Dr. Anthony has been one of the worse things to happen to St. Lucian politics. He has created directly or indirectly many of the monsters that we see in current Lucian politics, including Allen Chastanet. That Hillaire predicts a “nasty” election to me, suggests that his own party has already decided to not just continue the nasty character assasination that they have been know for (Ask Frederick, D’Vengene, Stephenson King, morella Joseph, Timothy Poleon and many others who have been maligned by or with KDA’s blessings), and to take it to a few levels deeper. And before anyone begins to play the party card, the UWP cannot claim clean has on this charge either.

  2. Boy u have heart. Uall forgot all wat uall said bout guy uall even made the elections about race. If u have nun good to say jus shut up.

  3. There is a political leader of another island country who called people hogs, and when a citizen asked him while he was the PM, what plans he had to bring down the national debt, he told the citizen I will sell you. After a rash of fire in that nation that included a fire that severely damged building belonging to an Opposition member, the PM of that same country said burn dem down. And as mentioned before the mocking of a handicap reporter by a US Presidential candidate, who said that he can shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan and not lose any votes. He also called his opponents names like Little, Lying, Crooked and low Energy. I won’t even mention where he said that he grabbed women. But despite all of that, the presidential candidate won, and the PM was elected four times. The Motto in today’s politics seems to be When they Go Low, You Go Lower; unlike what Michelle Obama recommended-When They Go Low, We Go High.

  4. You are all politicians, and this has been happening for a long time; remember the bousquets? , well deal with it, because when we vote you all in, we are been treated with, arrogance and mépris, so that is not new!however, it is a shame for the leadership rank!

  5. Nothing new..politics has always been nasty …now it’s worst with Unitedpac Cochon, CAP, Assbray etc etc

  6. SMH. Hilaire. SMBH. Hilaire. SMFH. Hilaire. Just ashame. When we are looking for someone different u show yourself to be one of the monsters KDA has created in Lucia. Ever since in 97 when all PSs were asked to resign the we divided St. Lucia and started vindictive politics. the we introduced universal education and started the decline of the youths. They leave school unemployable cause they can’t learn how to become a DR. In 97 we could hv built technical and sports schools, instead we Chastanent and UWP trying at this late stage. U are different. C BUNCH CLASS PPL WHO BELIEVE THEY OWN LUCIA AND THE REST OF WE ARE NUTTIN. Just so u wanna incite nastiness. Well Ubald is no longer let’s c what u all will come up with next.

  7. I thought Hilaire was the PhD chosen by
    Kenny Anthony to really succeed him.Pierre and Hillaire are failures so sad.

  8. Lets all come together and do what is right for the good of the country. Politics is a full contact sport for being in power but the issues facing the country should be front and center at all times. We as an island, The Helen Of The West is better than this.

  9. The attitude of the people towards each other clearly shows what this coming election will be like. We disrespect each other in the name if politics. What Hilaire says is the attitude of us as a divided nation put into words.

  10. That is what Hilaire is about nastiness and lies about anything and anyone. But I have got news for him. the electorate has already moved beyond Hilaire maypwee and lies about everything. No one takes him seriously. the man is deluded! i think they still have space in Golden Hope, put him there before things get too much for him to take. abnormal as a bloody ahse ole that in need of treatment ASAP!

  11. I believe that the UWP will lose the next general election as they seem to be very unpopular with the poor working class and blue collar workers as they have never implement a minimum wage rate so that private sector workers can enjoy a better standard of living for themselves and families

  12. Now am going to comment on what’s going on in saint Lucia the old folks says a thift never like to see another thift Carry big bags Allan had to win the last election because the same opposition members said so many bad things about the Man called him all kinds of dirty names all the SLP gooroos were having fun (bamm ) Allan win the first one to resign was Kenny leave it for Pierre and still then they after the Man like a diaper in a babies back side it is really true that shame makes you do things uncontrollably and this is what the oppositions are doing so much name calling Guy puddle. Allan white boy. No respect for office they knows it all . remember all those who cretisizing the government only have one vote we will compare all the negatives and the possitives in the ballot box come next election some of them who boost so much about SLP winning the election some of them don’t last long .

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