Hilaire Says UWP Neglected Castries South To Hurt His Election Chances, But Failed

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Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has ended a tour of his constituency with the Castries Constituency Council, asserting that efforts by the United Workers Party (UWP) to hurt his election chances by neglecting the community failed.

‘Truth is, Castries South has been totally neglected since 2016 when the UWP under Allen Chastanet won the elections. It was done to spite the constituency and try to hurt my chances at the elections. The strategy failed miserably. The constituents spoke loudly, very loudly. I continue to be in tune with the people and the community, to right the wrongs and ills of the past five years,” Hilaire wrote on his official Facebook page on Sunday.

The Tourism Minister explained that his constituency tour came at the end of a very engrossing week.

“After the regular Cabinet Meeting on Monday, we spent four days in Cabinet Policy Sessions. Basically, it was a chance for Ministries and Departments to present on the high priority projects and policy issues with which they are engaged. It was an invaluable opportunity to get a holistic view of the work of the Government of Saint Lucia and the issues which are before us for resolution,” he stated.

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“This broad understanding is necessary as a significant majority of Saint Lucians elected to place their faith in a group of caring men and women, led by the Hon. Phillip J. Pierre, who are committed to putting Saint Lucians first. We will continue to learn of your needs and provide as best as we can to put you first. I take this responsibility personally,” Hilaire asserted.

And he assured the people of Castries South in particular, and Saint Lucians in general, that they are at the heart of his efforts to help build a better future for all, including keeping communities safe and building an economy that works for everyone.

“I am inspired by the progress we have made in just a few months and what lies ahead, like continuing the fight against COVID-19, providing support for small and medium size businesses, continuing to fix and provide for our healthcare systems, Education for all, investing in sustainable tourism and an environment that benefits all communities, and so much more,” Hilaire said.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister expressed that the upcoming Budget will be exciting.
“Everyday my mind races with the things that we must do to transform the country and my constituency, which is only limited by our finances. I cannot wait for the Estimates and Budget Presentations,” he said.

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  1. He’s an arse…if UWP hurt your constituence,shouldn’t that be a merit for you to win?…talking phockery about they thought their neglect of your constituency would cause you to lose….man get over your idiot self!

  2. Boy surely someone needs to step in and tell this petty boy child to stop talking…….but then again who can. The PM is weak and still suffering from the shock of being PM and the ravaging wolves he has surrounded himself with are more concerned about filling their pockets with tax payers dollars. We are doomed!

  3. Well said Doc I like this week how yu’ll rubbing salt in the wound, we must never forget The yellow Plauge that was upon us, always remind the people of that genocide…and we are not going back to any of it. The failed miserably and they will fail again.

  4. This boy is a petty, vindictive narcissist. He has a God complex believing himself to be better than everyone else. For a PHD holder he speaks like an uneducated person leaving one to wonder whether he actually worked for the qualification he claims to have. This man has breadfast when everyone else is having breakfast, his travels in Sectember when everyone travels in September, he spends touzans when others spend thousands, he weighs 200 pongs when others weigh 200 pounds…this is the language of a pretty hopeless dummy not a PHD

  5. Stop blaming UWP for everything. You and your weak leader make me sick. You both are paying for your wicked treatment of your soldiers and die hard supporters. You believe that certain positions only have certain people name on it…some people can return to their old positions but others are treated like they aren’t worthy.
    Well when you treat people bad you can never see good. Karma will deal with you and your weak leader. Get lost she lair I can’t wait to campaign against you and vote you and your cabal out! I wasted my vote.

  6. what a joke. a PHD and no wisdom.
    Lansiquot would have been a better candidate. lol.. hahahaha….
    people like you should be in the back ground, maybe in policy making..then again you lack wisdom

  7. Those who think that Ernest Hilaire will stop showing his face on media, or stop complaining or blaming Chas or UWP, you are mistaken. The little fellow is a narcissist, he is in love with her/himself, smiling with its biddy eyes and baby face; when will you grow up, you little sissy.( God forbid, to have a son like you. You wanted to be Deputy, well you got it, what else are you crying for now? somebody give him a Bottle) Lord have mercy on St. Lucia.

  8. You had to tour your constituency to realize that UWP neglected it for the past five years. Shame on you. Let’s see how you will not hurt your own chances in the next five years, cause you will neglect them the same. You have spent the last five months putting all your friends in high places and just one day you tour the constituency to fool people. Helaire you are a fraud.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but I would imagine that if your constituency was deliberately neglected by the then incumbent UWP administration then that could only be to their detriment and to your advantage. Such an undertaking on their part would have been asinine and politically suicidal. The resulting disgruntlement from such an action would have been targeted at the Government not you. Your assertion and diagnosis is not logical Doctor.

  10. Mr Hilaire, I have one request of you, as a family man please put some resources towards stopping the gun war that is going on in your constituency. It is scaring away the tourists.

  11. all they good for is borrowing millions in the name of government so that they get to steal millions. yes the bank accounts in and out of st lucia dont lie. better check him and guy. mem bet mem pwel. now to keep those fellas in stealing mode; we must pay high tax on food and fuel and whatver else so that our debt can be paid to the people they borrow from in other countries. but nobody knows what they do with all the millions they borrow. all we know is we paying for it, when everything you use the cost going up. where u think that extra profit going? it is to pay the debts that they owe for the millions they steal in their bank accounts.

  12. To the commentors … please forgive Mr Hilaire, for he is still in campaign mode. The novelty of him winning his seat does not seem to have hit him as yet.

    Word to Mr Hilaire – please wise up and give jack his jacket. Please state what your intentions are for your constituency because that is what they want to hear. They voted for you, have comfort in that. Let the bygones go, and look to the right blight of the future, which you claim is upon them.

    I can’t believe this man is so petty!! He really should take the initials U.W.P. out of his vocabulary, and concentrate on what he was voted to do.

  13. Ha you get what you vote for! Fools,you actually thought this guy is capable of makig “change”. He’s only there for him self. At.Lucians who voted SLP are the ignorant sufferers and racists and they will be the ones to suffer the most!

  14. Good grief! Boy shut the hell up; you’re so damn petty. Stop behaving like a girl…although some women I know have bigger balls than you. Grow up and do the work you were elected to do. Behave like a man with the degrees you claim to have. I am so tired of this UWP blame game – get to work already. No wonder your supporters, who know better, have decided to distance themselves from you and your cabal… what a disappointment you guys are turning out to be. Smh I can’t believe I voted for this crap.

  15. That Hilaire guy is unbelievable. With all the problems we are facing like high priced goods at the stores/ supermarket, students and teachers low attendance at school, high unemployment rate and the low occupancy at hotels etc, you coming on your facebook page still gloating about your win against Chastanet & the UWP. Man you are so juvenile. You are too full of yourself and feel like you are the superstar of the show.

  16. Shut up already!! It’s about time both parties stop pointing fingers at each other. Everyone is getting sick with Covid-19, some medications are not even readily available. Both political parties should work together as a team for the betterment of our country and our people. I am so disappointed and tired of some of you who are supposed to be role models. All you care about is making yourself look good. My children are watching. May God have mercy!

  17. Hilaire please shut the hell up.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess you have failed to realize that you actually won the seat. Shut the f..k up and get to work.

  18. Why are you becoming the Guy Joseph and Richard Fredrick of your party? The party mentality should have ended the day you took the oath of office. You primary focus should be leading your Ministry and making the benefits of your potfolio accessible to all involved in the sector. You are an intelligent man, it is time for that to reflect in your words and your deeds.

  19. After every release of this guy, I am getting more convinced that a degree does not make you smart. This a pile of bullshit. We all know that the economy will be getting worse this year. The budget will not state what you guys will be doing to tax payers but it will happen. You have a doctorate and I don’t. I am much smarter than you. You degree can’t make you a millionaire because you are not smart. So you went into politics.

  20. Minister please right the wrongs on your range rover case by providing the documents…if u have them and by saying that the budget will be exciting means there will be lots of developments and job opportunities let’s see I’m all fired up

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