Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hilaire Says: ‘We Need To Heal!’

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Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, believes what Saint Lucia needs now is to press the ‘reset button.’

“We need to heal, we need to bring people together – reduce all the bitterness, the division. Let all of us just chill and go back to basics as to how to relate to each other better and let’s together transform the problems,” Hilaire asserted.

He made the comments Monday night during the MBC Television programme ‘Chill & Chat‘.

“We can’t solve the problems if we don’t press the reset button,” the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) MP told host Maundy Lewis.

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On the question of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Hilaire said people need to learn to follow the protocols.

“Forget whether this government lies to you, forget whether they’re telling us the truth, forget whether we expect better from them,” Hilaire stated.

“Your first responsibility is to safeguard your life and the lives of the people around you,” he explained.

According to the MP, the protocols will help in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

He said beyond that, people must recognise that these are exceptional, difficult times.

“We need to be stronger than we normally are,” Hilaire declared.

He noted that this is a time when people are getting depressed and frustrated.

“I deal with it every day,” Hilaire disclosed.

He told the programme host that people are psychologically dislocated.

“We need to be stronger – every single one of us,” Hilaire said.

He revealed that he is getting many requests and demands and has to be strong in managing that and not get annoyed with people who are persistent because they too are going through their challenges.

The MP urged his constituents and all Saint Lucians to find ‘that inner strength’ and faith that they will get out of the current crisis, make it and rise again.

He called on business people to find extra sensitivity to ensure that they treat people right and fairly.

“Because it’s demanding and difficult doesn’t mean we must take advantage of workers and other people in need, we need as employers to find that empathy and sensitivity to make sure we are still fair and just,” Hilaire observed.

He said at the wider level,  Saint Lucia needs a government that genuinely cares about people first and foremost.

The Castries South MP declared that people matter more than anything else.

“Some people believe the best way you can care for people is if you make businesses thrive and certain people¬† make more money, it will trickle down,” he observed.

“Yes, those things are needed,” he acknowledged.

But Hilaire said he would love to see more resources put into the people of this country and their welfare.

“Too many people are making demands for food, for supplies, for comfort and they’re just not getting it and I think it’s upside down in terms of priorities and I really would say to the government to show more empathy, treat people with more decency and ensure people have civilised standards of living and make them feel that they are human beings first and foremost.”

He said it is a fight the SLP has taken on at the political level.

“Once elections are called we will be making a case to the people of Saint Lucia to say to them that really – we care about you and we’re putting you first,” Hilaire said.

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