Hilaire Thankful After Deputy PM Appointment, Accuses Chastanet Of ‘Lack Of Shame’

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Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, has expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and his colleagues in the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) following his formal appointment as Deputy Prime Minister.

But he has accused opposition leader, Allen Chastanet of lacking shame in accusing others of wrongdoing.

“Thank you to the Prime Minister and my party colleagues,” Hilaire wrote on his official Facebook page.

But he also noted Chastanet’s response to the appointment.

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“Of course, the Oppositon has had its say. The Leader claims that the Constitution does not provide for a post called Deputy Prime Minister! But does it provide for any Minister other than Prime Minister and Minister of Finance? Should no other posts be appointed? In any case, we have had Deputy Prime Ministers throughout our history except when the LOO was Prime Minister. The question is why did he not appoint one. But let us move on,” Hilaire stated.

In this regard, he disclosed that he received his vehicle from customs after the servicing and cleaning.

“This has been a long fight, and it seems based on the actions of the LOO, he won’t let it rest. I am lost as to what his real issue is but I guess I must remain his main target so let the river flow. I am constantly advised not to take him on and stay focussed. For someone who has done so much damage to our country, it is a remarkable lack of shame and contrition that he continues to accuse everyone of wrongdoing. Time will tell,” Hilaire, also Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, stated.

The Castries South MP said he is motivated daily by the knowledge that Saint Lucians are counting on the government to continue the rescue effort since assuming office on July 26th, 2021.

He asserted that the SLP administration has prioritised continuing the fight against COVID-19, making life more affordable, and ensuring the economic recovery effort lives up to its mantra of putting people first.

“To this end, all my efforts will be targeted at achieving these objectives, whist also providing the best representation for the people of Castries South,” Hilaire declared.

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  1. @Fair to party:- this is what happens when one put man before God. Formula # 1, put God first, don’t be blinded by political parties, Pray for wisdom and guidance in everything, business, health and family affairs. I have read of so many people who have been turned off by this man. From the beginning I knew it was the unholy trinity. It it is unholy, it is unholy. Just wait, God is not asleep.

  2. @ God is love and Melisha. You said it right. Many good people put their hard work and efforts behind Pierre only to be disappointed. I never thought I would see a party turn against people who fought so hard for so long for this victory so quickly. One minute we were on a high from getting UWP out and almost right away the arrogance and selfishness which saw them lose in 2016 was back. Every time SLP is in power they get swell headed and arrogance takes over. They tend to forget some but come calling when election is near. This man he lies is the one behind everything happening. Pierre is not in charge it is he lies calling the shots……..that is why we see such nepotism and preference towards one set. God does not like ugly, there will always be bickering and war in the SLP camp because this victory was fought by those who genuinely wanted better for their country and these people have been treated very badly by their own party. Karma is already paying SLP a visit.

  3. First of all minister we did not put you in office to fight..now u got your vehicle serviced and cleaned can you please start doing the same for the country..what are y’all plans I didn’t vote for this #my country needs help

  4. Oh please lh, you’re such a retard!!!
    If you can’t understand what coal calling snow black said. I understand why we’re in this hell of a mess. It’s because of people like you

  5. PjP don’ think I don’t like you, but I hate to see that you are being played, You are a good guy, but as the saying goes, good guys come last. (Be Blessed PjP)

  6. The narcissist loves staying in the News – from London U.K. to number two in St. Lucia government – he wont stop till someone is made to step down and he becomes #1 – numero uno. Pride comes before big let down. Again The Queen who was once P.M. is passed over for the multi million $ man. Queen you sold out, the chief boss will make somebody an offer he can’t refuse. EXTRA EXTRA read all about it, your future Prime Minister has a Phd. Dr. Jufalli P.M. of St. Lucia – suck it in fools.

  7. @ The St. Lucia Times, as a reputable news agency please try to define any abbrviation in your reporting. You used the acronym LOO without explaining its meaning. An experienced writer would suggest, leader of the opposition (LOO)… It may appear redundant but is helps clearify the narrative. A good writer always assumes the reader is new to the topic and writes with clarity and precision. I had to research the meaning of LOO.

  8. @Coal calling Snow Black Why that teefing Coolie man could not go to our biggest tourism market (The US or The United Kindom) ?? Why was he placed with such a portfolio when he could not do nothing for St Lucia inernationally or diplomatically because of his dutty repuetation ??

  9. Supporters of this guy have to be the biggest idiots in town. To gave a billionaire a government position so that the billionaire can get diplomatic immunity, not a government to government agreement but government to a personal domestic issues. And the country benefit zero. Please don’t tell me is because juffali is dead. We all know business does not go down that way. Now, SLT did you benefit from that deal? Cause once I mention this guy jackpot you not posting my comment.

  10. I am waiting for Part 2 of this release, where you should identify what Chastanet should be shameful of. Also you have had over 100 days to show St Lucians and the world what you and the SLP accused Chastanet of, whiles you were in opposition. We are still waiting. Your tarnished reputation is known world wide. Why haven’t you visited your biggest tourism market? The USA? Please tell St Lucia.

  11. I second you Melissa. We all who supported this party to put them in government made a mistake and regrets it. God knows why he allow Bradly to win in choiseul and not that fake lady. Only time will tell and we just need to be patient because the time will be there sooner than they think so they can come begging us and have us make false promises to all the old people when they do not intend to keep their promises. We will get the opportunity again one day soon to vote all those fake people out. They always need us when an election is approaching and soon after cast us out. Next election we either vote them out or all Slp supporters stay home and let them go to the polls themselves. They can hide from men but can never hide from god. Peace and love

  12. I like the fact that it is like “straight pins under the fingernails” to these loser UWP Hacks. Y’all can harp as much as you want, it will not change the price of coffee. The honourable minister is now “Deputy” and there is nothing y’all can do about that.

  13. Is this man serious. This man is the definition of a narcissist, time will tell how popular he gets. Thief!!!

  14. I’m so tired of hearing about the childish affairs of these men. Can we get to the business of the people please. When will the side walks on the Castries Grosislet highway be completed?

  15. Allen Chastanet had five long years to use his despotic powers to arrest, charge and a I dear say convict Hilaire, now that he is out of office he is using his temerity leading a band of cacophonous. Allen your cabinet of rascality personnel will soon have to answer. Allen please save your temerity for your defense!!!!!

  16. BOY, by the very headline of this article you show you do not have what it takes to be a deputy whatever that is. your are shameless, cantankerous, corrupt and the list goes on. stop the gutter boy politics what we need are statesmen. I am so tired of you. every time something is published about you in the news it is just another nail in your coffin. stay way from the media. you do not have what it takes. You really don’t sound like someone with higher education. PATHETIC!

  17. Helaire ou par ka honte! You’re the one that should be ashamed. Should I also say pot calling kettle black.


  19. If anyone is shameless it’s you he liar. I’m so disgusted by you and your lies and fake morals. Everyone, including your boys, know that your are a liar, corrupt and dishonest but still the SLP cabal supports you in your unscrupulous activities. Shame on our PM the man peh. The people believed in you and trusted you to be different. We trusted you to be the one to stamp out any semblance of corruption in your camp. We trusted you to be honest, transparent and have morals. There is no difference between this administration and the past administration. But, what can we expect from a man who made for strange bedfellows aligning himself with people who endorsed and supported corruption in the last government? Power at any cost! That is why you peh continue to surround yourself with people who are equally corrupt, lazy, conniving back benchers who let others work hard, fight hard so they can come out of the woodwork and enjoy big payouts. That is why you surround yourself with undesirables because honest, straight laced and no nonsense realists won’t support the dirtiness that this regime is engaged in. Those who fought hard for what they thought was good governance are thankful for you rejecting them because they don’t want to be aligned with this corrupt regime. Trust me when I say, the disgruntled who you call UWP hacks or those who you claim are uhrara are your very supporters who want nothing to do with you now and are just waiting to see the backs of all of you.

  20. Will the Marigot Road be fixed during this month? It has never been as that before except under Robert Lewis.

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