Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hilaire: ‘The Old Boys Club Cannot Continue’

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Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, has described as ‘an exciting search’, the putting together of boards for various agencies and corporations which fall under his portfolio and has declared that the old boys club cannot continue.

He made the comments  Sunday while reporting on another week settling down with his new designation as a government minister.

“Of course responding to COVID-19 has been top of the agenda. I can’t wait for the meeting of the House of Assembly on Tuesday,” Hilaire disclosed.

But he also explained his thinking and approach used and which he had to present to his cabinet colleagues for approval, in respect of board appointments under his ministry.

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Hilaire said that he first needed to respect what the statute said.

Writing on his official Facebook page, the Castries South MP noted that  the last administration often appointed persons without regard for the law.

“I need to avoid this practice,” he asserted,

“Then I wanted as much as possible to have freshness in the faces and newness in the thinking of Board members. Some experienced persons must be included but it can’t be the same people over and over. Then I wanted to have a good geographic spread, from north to south to east to west. Then I must strive for gender balance, that is important. The old boys club cannot continue. Then we must have youth representation,” Hilaire said in regard to appointments.

He described youth representation as being critical for him as he wants to see young professionals given a chance to serve.

“I got my chance and I will always fight for our youth. Finally, I wanted leadership that I knew will always be there whenever I call upon them, day and night, weekday and weekend,” the Minister stated.

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