Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hilaire: ‘The UWPEES Have To Be Really Desperate Or Afraid To Stoop So Low’

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Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire says he is staying focused on his role as part of the Government build back Saint Lucia.

Hilaire commented on his Facebook page while calling attention to an edited recording.

“Someone shared with me an edited recording of myself stating that I had been through so much with this vehicle saga, and I had every motivation to go out after the persons who are putting me through this turmoil. Moreso, I am in Government and have the means where I can push this through. Obviously they cut off the ending abruptly. The UWPEES have to be really desperate or afraid to stoop so low,” he asserted.

“Truth be told, after all that I have been through, it is not difficult to find motivation to pursue Allen Chastanet and his cabal. And it is true that I have more means to do so. But I have always believed in the Court system because I know my innocence. I will continue to pursue them in the Courts. They are obviously afraid of me,” the Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information declared.

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” However, I am staying focused on my role as part of the Government to build Saint Lucia back better and not stoop to their vindictive low life. We will succeed. As to their fears, they will pay for whatever wrongs they committed, and it will be done in a civilised and legal way as guaranteed under our constitution,” the Castries South MP stated.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. This man is despicable!
    If he had a modicum of decency, he would resign. People the world over are listening and talking and what they are saying is not good. This is putting us to shame. He needs to disappear.

  2. Mate can really lie weee. You were caught spewing hate and malice
    Guess what is uwpeeeees doing. Those words came from your lying mouth. Scandal everywhere you go. You sound like a nagging woman. San honte.

  3. Wow.i am shocked to learn that so many people are surprised with the actions of SLP and his ministers.
    Are you kidding me.Are you people forgetting their actions in the pass years
    Did anyone of you really think that things would be different.
    Well I suggest that you all start a journal on the things that are happening now so in future the same mistake will not be repeated.
    Just saying..

  4. He liar this is a simple situation. You defied the rules (broke to law) to gain a benefit that you were no longer entitled to. If any ordinary St. Lucian had done the same thing they would be facing prison time. What makes it worse is that you are trying to justify your actions instead of trying to make amends for your indiscretion.

  5. Hilaire had to be really desperate to stoop so low as to register the vehicle in the High Commission’s name then to change the registration back to him to save a mere three thousand pounds. Desperation for so.

  6. @ES your statement makes nosense y did uwp ppl swing if they are now saying chastanet was doing a good job gros islet is a perfect example if you watch the results uwp maintained their fan base compare each candidate result now and 2016. Alot of slp people didn’t come out to vote for Kenny in 2016 including me and my family so go back with that uwp swing thing. I just feel ppl are bitter and should stop this nonsense. Election is over let the guys work.

  7. Don’t dance with the devil, he will trip you; you played the game now you owe him. That ‘unholy trinity’ was conceived with bad intentions; it was an evil Cabal in the first place, and you haven’t seen anything yet. When one said he went for the highest bidder – that’s a bribe – switching ownership on what, man, a lousy vehicle? how low can one get? childhood pranks just to save a Buck? common man, what kind of diplomat are you? that poor little Island has gotten an even bigger black eye for future ‘Investors’ thanks to you.
    The PM drank the cool-aid deal so he has to shut up and go with the flow – nom san gwen – this Island needs a lot of Prayer, I mean genuine pure Christian Prayer in the name of His dear son Jesus.

  8. I’m planning my retirement soon..I’m in New York reading the carribbean life here comes Ernest Hilliare in a politician that will never happen..Resigned please sir it’s dangerous for the country especially you are minster of affairs..why the pm not asking you to step aside tell the matter settled

  9. Mr. Hilaire, Sir, I want to believe you but please tell me – (1) Why did you register the vehicle in the name of the High Commission? (2) Was there a gain in doing that? If there was no gain, then why did you do something so stupid? Could you not have just registered “your” vehicle in your name and avoid the need to transfer it back to you? Just asking for Q Mr. Hilaire .

  10. This is what happens when a government uses people to get into power and then turn their backs on them. If you walk through the various constituencies all you find are disgruntled, disappointed and frustrated people who feel let down by a party they fought so hard for. There are many in positions now who had a different agenda and plan spearheaded by this same he liar person to become PM. They were never loyal to the cause but rather to their pockets yet here they are enjoying the sweat of others. The loyalists and genuine people who put in the work, because they wanted better for their country have been rejected, forgotten and cast aside for friends and family of a particular clique. The universe does not like ugly and he liar has done bad by too many who worked hard and that is why things won’t work out for him. He will never be prime minister. Never. Do good and good will follow you. Also to the so called PM. Grow a pair!

  11. He lair I endorse the call for your resignation.

    Again I reiterate,if it was in any other country that follows the rule of law and constitution, you’d be asked to resign immediately. You cannot use the state to buy a vehicle only to later change it to your name. You lied and tricked the system and for that reason,Rovergate should never go away. If we allow this man to get away with this our country will go down in history as a clownish country run by clownish over educated title holders.

    I can give you a list but here’s another in your face bold lie. Pip promised 1500$ and later claimed he never said it. The DPM and the PM are two liars. Who will hold them accountable? Lord Karma will.

    He lied to escape duties of 13,000+ EC(Β£3500) which he could have paid to avoid all this drama but instead he went ahead to show us how broken the system really is. A Diplomat is never viewed as a normal citizen. Ernest Heliare aka He-liar abused the office of the British High Commission.

    If your child cheated on a test to get ahead,do you accept the results and move on? Or do you hold that child accountable for their actions?

    St Lucians think before you speak. Stop allowing politicians regardless of what side they’re on to get away with corruption. Wrong is wrong.

    The land Rover belongs to the state. How come? Go do your homework.

    Now back to bed I go… yawnnnnning

  12. Lucians dont believe that people are taking Hilaire saga lightly. This news place just not showing the comments on Hilaire as per usual.

  13. I hope stlucia wake up fast. I am so disappointed in the Slp I voted in. A bunch of gossipers too. Let someone come to them and say something that is not true about someone they are quick to believe and spread. Give a name that the leader have believe a gossip over and you are done. All of them are users. I cannot wait for the the years to go by quickly. I agree that this Land Rover saga keeps going back and forth. As for hillaire I expected him to be the bigger person. It is not everything that is fished out deserve such a response. Slp politician live by example. Mrs poyotte. Ms Emma I respect you ladies and I have always thought of you highly please don’t disappoint me in being like the others. You are there to do a job in helping stlucia move forward do it with pride and dignity. Keep to your words as much As you can and concentrate on your goals. It’s high time that we put that rover saga behond us and move one. I already see this government having a hell of a time next 5 years because they have started on the wrong footing. Bless Lucian’s and stay safe

  14. Whenever a crime happens some blame the parents but the parents are influenced by the government and the parties they support and this SLP administration promotes arrogance and deceitfulness. The He liar is angry he is not the official PM yet and I wanna see how He liar would go against kingpin RF in that debate…

  15. He liar pants on fire you said this πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

    “my role as part of the Government to build Saint Lucia back better and not stoop to their vindictive low life”
    Just so you know if this was in another country that takes their laws seriously especially their constitution you’d be asked to resign immediately but you know how it goes down in St Lucia. You’re a dangerous politician Ernest Heliare aka He-liar .

    No really, did you just call Stlucians/uwpees low life? Hilaire, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Smh bruh. He-liar you’re out to destroy Philip J Pierre at every cost,you racist POS. If someone is afraid, I think it’s you.

    Chastanet wants you to go to the courts so he can state his case. So you just called the uwpees that helped you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin low life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    He-liar build back better is the agenda slogan of the global elites to bring in the one world government. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” I hope St Lucians awaken from their deep slumber before it’s too late.

  16. The man Hilaire is attacking the citizens of the country and some so called Lucians are supporting his behaviour. That is how a politician came to power to govern the people of his country and you are dividing rather than you uniting the people of the land. I personally don’t support no politicians but when it comes to the people in St. Lucia, I will stand for my brothers and sisters. The same UWP cross and voted for SLP, and if SLP do not deliver they will do likewise.

  17. I wanted to see the back of Chastanet and the UWP. I excoriated them when they were in power. They deserved every bit of the tongue lashing they got.

    Now the new SLP regime holds the reigns of power, they are preoccupied with vengeance and not creating the enabling environment so that the majority of desperately impoverished St. Luciana can lift themselves out of abject poverty. The SLP is comprised of congenital liars who are soulless, vindictive, narrow minded, arrogant and moronic.

    More corrupt practices to come. They have already begin to expose themselves creatures of darkness and evil. Village’s public pronouncements and actions impressed me as a man with an eggshell ego that is easily bruised with an estrogen based attitude.

  18. And here he goes again! Destroyer of the SLP. This man he liar can do bad all my himself. Sadly he is the downfall of the SLP. Who created this monster? Who gave him leeway to be disrespectful to his boss and do as he pleased when he was HC? The fact is he liar is power hungry and was hoping to be prime minister by now. He messed himself up by his corruption, greed, deception and by thinking he could do as he pleases with no regard for his fellow colleagues. But then again, has he ever successfully managed any organization. Controversy follows this man in every post he has ever held. This is the end result of him thinking he was better than everyone else. Poor leadership sees him surround himself with his boys so they don’t question his decisions. Even now he is still the one calling the shots ahead of pere and he is the one making the decisions and deciding who gets what. See how he puts his friends in positions and totally disregard the persons who worked and toiled to get him where he is? Pere is a weak leader and can’t even put his foot down and say enough is enough, this man is destroying us… weak he can’t even challenge he liars decisions or appointments. But 2026… not too far away. Enjoy your one term SLP.

  19. Hilaire behaving like there are two st.lucia the uwps and the slp man you’re a big man grow up and stop that foolishness stop behaving like a sissy and get to the matter at hand i.e building back the country.

  20. You must think that the people of St. Lucia are idiots.. You clearly said that you intend to use your position in government to “go after” citizens of this country. Nothing else you said in the interview negates that.

  21. That is what they fail to realize. Good point @ Straight. They don’t realize it is the UWPs that swing to SLP and make them win. They forgot it is the swing voters and It will be the same ones that will swing back to UWP if you do start putting ypur arse proper and stop with this attitude of calling voters name. You are in government and this is how you continue to act Helaire.

  22. Uwpeees??????!! The same ones that voted for you to put UWP out of power??!! Your arrogant and lawless behavior will stop. Resign!!!!! Resign!!! A bunch of criminals in the SLP!

  23. Hahaha He Liar you are not ashame! Pot calling kettle black. He Liar for a man who has reached a high level of qualification to be uttering such words is unbelievable. I heard the tape and was like ‘ did he really just said these words? He Liar you do not know how to speak and you were the one of those that was and still desperate. These politicians I wonder why dem ah go away according to the Joseph Hills — Cultire group.

  24. Please man what court system u believe in well prove that to us take chas to court and I regret voting for slp

  25. Hilaire seems to have that type of girl tendency,the roro type…Just from observation he sometimes acts feminine,even his voice…I’m telling y’all that this man behind closed doors does Malpalay the PM,just his mannerisms you can tell. Like the man just like a roro & drama.

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