Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hilaire: ‘There’s A Different Vibe In My Country’

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Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has lauded the tone established in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, declaring that it has brought civility to this country during labour’s first hundred days in office.

“So when I celebrate one hundred days what gives me the greatest joy is that there’s a different vibe in my country,” he told parliament on Tuesday.

“The leadership of the Saint Lucia Labour Party has brought decency to government in the last hundred days. People are no longer barking dogs. They’re no longer jackasses. They are people that are citizens of a country, people that are striving to participate in the national development process and that is what the member for Castries East has brought to this country,” Hilaire told the House.
“So there has been hope to our citizens,” he expressed, adding that ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) MPs had already outlined several achievements in the party’s first hundred days in office.

However, the Tourism Minister said there has also been civility in government.

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“Within a hundred days in government there were persons in this very august chamber boasting of having fired over a thousand Saint Lucians from their jobs and boasting that they fired them because they were labour party supporters. This is what existed,” Hilaire asserted.

But he said those individuals were no longer there, and he was not anxious to mention their names.

And Hilaire declared that things were different now.

“We are not perfect. We will make mistakes and I trust that we will always have the humility when we make a mistake to say ‘We’ve made a mistake’ and our leader has set that tone for us – if you make a mistake, account for it.”

“And we are reminded – whether you are labour or UWP, you are a Saint Lucian and we must try to make sure that we govern for all,” he stated.


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