Hilaire Urges Amicable Disputes Settlement, Laments Senseless Killings

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Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has appealed to all Saint Lucians to settle disputes amicably and not by violence and hatred.

His appeal in a Christmas message came against the backdrop of an unprecedented violent crime wave that has resulted in a record number of homicides this year.

“Our nation is built on a system of camaraderie, cooperation and koudmain so it is very sad and heart wrenching when we hear of our people being killed senselessly in acts of violence. I want to make a special appeal to all Saint Lucians to settle disputes amicably and not by violence and hatred. Let us love, cherish and value thy neighbour,” the Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information advised.

“We have been tasked by the people of Saint Lucia to rebuild the moral fabric of our nation that was put under immense pressure over the last five years. We are our brothers and sisters keeper. The way forward will be challenging but we need to work together as one nation, one people to continue to develop this beautiful Island that we call our home,” Hilaire stated.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. He lies should just stop talking. You have PM aspirations but you are too tainted, toxic and dangerous. You as PM will be the end of us. Anyway St. Lucians are smart and it will never happen. If any thing you are the downfall of this party. Keep quiet!

  2. Notwithstanding that all the comments in this section may be true, let’s focus on the message and not the messenger. For our own good.

  3. The man who cheats people out of earning a living by only pushing for his red boys. The man who is part of a government that sidelines hardworkers for lazy people who just sit around waiting for their party to win to live large. In case you’re not aware when people feel used, rejected and uncared for they can’t trust anything people like you have to say.

  4. U said u gonna use your office as a minister to go after the people who did you wrong is that being amicable

  5. Looks like SLP conned many of the disgruntled commentors on here…have we not learn our lesson yet that the politicians are just plain wordsmiths seeking to win your vote….give it ten years and all would be forgotten how we were conned… enjoy the 4 and odd years left with SLP…in the meantime, these politicians talk and talk about crime yet doing jack nothing about it. When society has no plan to educate it’s citizens in civility, when basic education is not achieved by a vast many, when basic citizenship skills are not taught in schools , this is your result….but keep praying…keep praying to the sky god to rescue you from this dire situation….keep doing the same thing over and over and hoping to achieve a different result is the definition of madness….

  6. It is funny how the youths in parliament are very silent especially when it comes to crime when the young men are the ones committing crime. I have not heard their strategy neither their plea to the youth involving in criminal activities, yet before election they made some believe that their intention is to assist the youth. Where are the MP for Micoud North, Gros-Islet and Anse La Raye Canaries. I guess people will not take hem seriously. I’m only hearing from RF and this stupid man He-lair who are not role models and many will not listen to their advise on crime. I’m not sure why He-liare wants to give advice and continue to let his voice to be heard.

  7. Man shut your face..go put your self in a bag you have no advice for people sad why some lucians vote for you I’m sorry for the malayway

  8. @ Ant – for a small being, you’ve got quite a bite;

    I am somewhat surprised how so many are surprised, but be reminded that a Leopard never changes its spots. There is fear in every community that something nasty is waiting to happen, and its not going to be nice. When that ‘unholy trinity was created’ it was not for good intentions. Jufalli showed from way back his full colours; the queen sold out for the highest bidder, needless to talk about the the Jab in the red suit;
    St. Lucia is in trouble, with criminal gangs fighting each other for territory, travelling inter-Island for illegal gains, murder rate surpassing anything historically, now we are holding our breath for what is to come. Godlessness breads lawlessness, that is why the evil one is gaining, not only here but all over since humans have turned their backs on the ‘Almighty’ – you reap what you Sow – God will not be mocked.

  9. Well said Doc well said. You got these little hot heads all they want to do is run for a lass, gun or knife to settle the simplest thing. You have these Yellow jackasses who posting all kind of crap…my question to them and I am sure you will agree when will Allen Chastanet condemn crime in St Lucia his silence is deafening

  10. Meesiay sa sans honte wiii.

    “tasked to rebuild the moral fabric …” 不不不 A bunch of liars, thieves and criminals. The real “cabal”. This is like learning morals from Satan. 不

  11. When will you all start enforcing the long hand of the law? Velon John a former member of your party propose a solution. Get up off your asses and ENFORCE THE LAW. You sit up in there and pleading with criminals about settling dispute… IT’S NOT WORKING !! You think criminals sitting down at home or on their phone reading that BS !! Man enforce the law and enact new laws and STOP TALKING AND GIVING SPEACHES AND PRESS RELEASES !!

    Matter of fact, go see Velon John he will tell you all what to do. Weak Politicians can’t govern 238 square miles instead they plead with criminals to be upright citizens. NONSENSE!!

  12. Yeah the people of St Lucia have given y’all a task and have trusted y’all with the island affairs and now many have regretted doing so.

  13. Today Helaire preaching settle difference amicably. What is the world coming to. Isn’t that same Helaire who would use his position in government to go after people. My word. Who he thinks he is fooling.

  14. What utter nonsense flying in the face of reality.

    Yours was the party that put criminality laziness weed smoking on a pedestal when for votes you glorified the ‘boyz on the block’ and defended any kin d of vulgar behaviour classified as support for the ‘malaway’.
    We are paying the price now with drug gangs and violence embedded in every community in the island.
    Instead of supporting moral Christian behaviour you focused on the underbelly without doing the right things to help the poor and deprived.
    You are reaping what you sowed and when citizens see who you all have in Cabinet they know your party supports drugs and bad behaviour.

    Your party have 2 decades of mismanagement incompetence cluelessness and ‘talk travel and take’ as your record so I do not expect you to change.

  15. You mean Sir, we should use the mediation process to solve our disputes or crimes? Please remember that this process works just for a few. Other persons take jail time. So some persons rather go the other way where the outcome is quick. Personally, I think the Justice system (Court system) is the best way to settle our issues but your recent example has taught us that this system works best for the lower class citizens – not for people like you. Oh how I wish the lower class citizens would be sent to mediation for all their alleged infringements of the law. I the real world people like you would be forced to stay far far from politics. Until such time when our politicians will be men and women of integrity, I have long decided to refrain from voting.

  16. The Minister Should warn the Criminals that the police would arrest and Charge persons involved in Criminal activity .And Criminals wouldn’t be Entertained in St.Lucia at all

  17. Tired of you….tired of SLP. Yall betray us when you’ll put corrupt UPWs before the real fighters. Ashamed that I voted for this

  18. The kind of things people to others now the only thing to do is send them to their faith and that’s how it is out here no matter what any.body says the people now a days will show what time it is they have seen how the system is unjust and all it does is kill you slowly nobody cares what you think .

  19. When high profile government officials can commit crime and get away with it…when we vote for change and a government betrays us by leaving die hard supporters to starve whilst tbe corrupt UWPs get to stay in their jobs and laugh at us people realise that crime pays. Look in the mirror hypocrite. Shameless man. Go to hell SLP. I regret my vote.

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