Hilaire: UWP Signed A $40,000 A Month Contract For Use Of Two Dogs By RSLPF

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Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire says the former United Workers Party (UWP) government signed a $40,000 a month contract with a private interest for the use of two dogs by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

The Castries South MP’s disclosure to reporters on Monday came against the backdrop of recent remarks by former National Security Minister Hermangild Francis.

During an appearance on the DBS Television programme ‘Newsmaker Live,’ Francis, a former Deputy Police Commissioner, called for the use of police dogs in the fight against crime.

Dr. Hilaire told reporters he heard Francis talk about the dogs and the police K9 Unit.

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“The reality is they signed a contract for the use of two dogs at a contract of $40,000 a month with a private interest,” Hilaire noted.

“The police force has had dogs over the years at considerably less cost,” the Castries South MP recalled.

And he told the reporters that the former administration left office without paying the bills.

“We now had to pay the bills and the whole question of sustainability and what is the best use of money has to be taken into account,” Hilaire said.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Milton Desir has explained that the police K9 Unit was in use.

“However now I believe there are some developments I would mention later,” he told reporters on Monday.

The comments on Monday about police dogs came amid concern over a spike in gun violence.

A day earlier, two men were gunned down within hours of each other at Faux A Chaud, Castries, raising the homicide toll to 33.

Dr. Ernest Hilaire, in whose constituency the killings occurred, said it was painful to learn of the gun violence.

He noted the need for a broader approach to fighting crime in this society, declaring that the problem was deeper than the availability of firearms.

And Hilaire also explained that the solution was not limited to stiffer penalties like the recent measure tabled in parliament to discourage the use of illegal guns.

According to the Castries South MP, effective policing, profound behaviour change, and conflict resolution are among the required measures.

Hilaire indicated to reporters that there must be a relentless, sustained, and holistic response to crime that has festered over the years.

“We need to have a national effort,” he told reporters.


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  1. In an attempt to address the steadily increase in gun violence I’m not saying the police dogs are not a good idea but how about focusing on the main contributor to the increase. The ” GUNS”. To my knowledge there isn’t a single entity that manufactures guns on island. That means the guns are coming into the island either through plane or boat. We should be focused on reworking the boarder patrol on our surrounding waters and also the customs/port/entry points for the island.

  2. In reaction to the spike in “gun” crimes not saying police dogs aren’t a good idea but how about you guys work on the main issue here; THE GUNS. To my knowledge there isn’t a single place on island that manufactures guns. They are coming into the island either through plane or boat. Reworking the boarder patrol on our surrounding waters and customs at ports and check in points is vital to the increasing gun crimes we are seeing.

  3. This is ridiculous they can’t help fund shelters for the children. The ona CAs EN Bas in a state they children need help. Send 10,000 for assistance uh. Children need school book for those single parents who has not been able to cope with all this rise in food n transport.Why feel so comfortable to pay such a bill, other contracts ended because u didn’t see it fit to continue but 20 000 per dog sounds good eh. Why not $1000 a child who is in need each month choose a school ,choose 40 children and donate.But nooo what about the dogs they need the training so they can be more efficient and breed another set of dogs with the mindset like their trained parents .😂😂😂The man left to start his own business so wht y’all doing with that contract foolish. So let’s say the dogs die wht then . I’m so tired of this nonsense. Dogs v people which one will win.God train your police officers to make them more efficient.
    But I guess now the dog need to go Cuba to get it’s eyes checked. Avaitey

    God will punish y’all .. wait . Wait for it . It’s coming

  4. The monthly cost for utilizing the services of the dogs was indeed exorbitant, but that is the price you pay when you can’t and don’t have your own dogs. I am aware that the RSLPF invested in dogs a few years ago but that was a failure. I am told that the dogs were not given the attention they deserved and the trained handlers showed very little interest in the animals. In fact, I learnt that after spending a hefty sum to train a handler / trainer in the US a few years ago, the officer left the organization to open his private business. So what next? I guess pay $40,000 a month to foreigners with trained dogs who are willing to assist in the island’s fight against crime.

  5. @Wag The Dog talk you know you don’t have a leg to stand or bark on so just move along with your Bad Mind Ways. Anything you UNITED WORTHLESS PARTY did to hurt poor of the country you have a “rationale” for it. It’s month end collect your stipend and just keep quiet .

  6. I suspect this is only half the truth. Maybe we should also be told how much money is being pd to friends to rent their bldgs for office space a month. These dogs were being rented to help find, guns and drugs. How can we have a problem with that. Am sure if we buy our own dogs, pay to train them, feed them, house them, transport them etc it will be more than 40,000 a month. Ppl think before allowing Politicians to take us for a ride. Rent the dogs and get guns and drugs off the straights instead of gvn the money to PJP and co, to travel aimlessly .

      • You are not being sarcastic for sure. Don’t know why this mongrel is making an issue when PJP had the opportunity not to renew the contract and he did. Helaire I guess this is your way of biting off your nose to spite your face.

  7. These clowns see nothing wrong with renting two dogs at $20 000 a piece where as we could own the dogs for less. Who ever saw any dogs used by the police while on duty ?

  8. The guy left out critical information that would enable one to make a fair assessment about the agreement. Is there any logistical support from the owner if any? That would be useful information. This only adds to my low opinion of this character. This guy is rearward looking. What have YOU done lately? Chastenet is long gone. He was fired.

  9. aa aa all that price for 2 dogs??? aa aa yet still st judes cant fix and the list goes on??? the people voted for them take what yourll get……when will my salary raise???? smh the things this guvedmuh make a priority…smh

  10. When you hear Earnest talk you think everything comes from his mouth is the true my people read do your research..EH is the most partheological liar in St. Lucia the man is bringing down St. Lucia reparation what a shame

  11. $40, 000 monthly is way too much, but a k9 unit can help. My dog can locate and dig up hidden items. He can also alert you by his reaction if a seemingly nice person is really a crook. They can have him for a year. Only $5000 a month.

  12. What Mr. Hilaire did not explain is, what were the conditions on the contract? Who fed, trained and cared for the dogs on a daily basis? How effective were the dogs? These are not puddles or mongrels.

  13. Helairy stfu not even a year in office but lucians fed up already why didn’t the officers complain how many drug bust have those dog’s made how much dirty money they got off the streets who has the contract…transparency you fool.

  14. Thats all the current government is good for. Distracting the people with what the former administration did. Forget about the past and move on. FIX the damn problems.
    Why not say, that you are going to put a mobile police station in every hot spot – equipped with running water and bathroom facilities for the policemen.
    Also you can have a “reward with no questions asked” campaign. Have persons turn in their illegal firearms for a monetary reward of lets say $2000 no questions asked.

  15. But Mr Hilaire the Labour Administration renewed the contract when yourll came into office so what you’re saying there doesnt make sense. Its not because Hermangild spoke about it for you to come and make it look like yourll did nothing about it.

  16. @john snow thank you for that comment “they are all the same”

    Lucians these politicians are taking advantage of all the uneducated people on this island.

    Why don’t this guy come out to the public and tell us how they will address the crime problem on the island???

  17. Helaire like you so care about the use of the country’s money. You abuse it with your land rover saga. You intent to sue the government. These money could be use for something else as well. So what you are saying when SLP use the country’s money it is for a good purpose and when UWP use it, it is for a bad purpose. Who are you to say where the money should be best use when you are so tainted. Your administration left a huge bill too on it’s way out in 2016. Just stop whining. You intent to sue the government and collect a huge sum. Isn’t that money can be use elsewhere other than making your loser arse richer.

  18. Mr. Minister you are making it difficult for anyone to see you in a different light. Mr. Hilaire, I would like you and any of the Ministers today to realize that we in St. Lucia are not at all happy with whats going on with the senseless violence. You’re talking about the K9 police dogs, and contracts for X$. will you stop the Election campain and get along with the job; all of you on either side make stupid mistakes; the police need the K9 dogs so what? why did you guys budgeted $1M (one million tax payers money) to check into UWP corruption, if any? you of all people should refrain from such talk – think again. Your constituency is in the grips of trouble.( Father God in the name of Jesus open Spiritual eyes for your truth )

  19. I bet he didnt find out about this today. Bunch of liers. Tell us who the private interest is. This just looks like a threat.

  20. Everything jacking up you expect the cost of the dogs to remain the same. Back then is back then. Back then fuel was extremely less too as well as importing a vehicle. Long before I didn’t had to pay VAT. Your administration will always find a fault in everything. That is the game of politics. No party is going to admit they were wrong. Always that their intentions were for the better at the time. Politriks.

  21. Why doesn’t Hilaire just tell just who the private interest is since this is government public business and public funds being used.

  22. I am sick and tired of hearing the previous administration or the present administration. You all are the F**KING SAME!!!

    Mr Helaire, what you did not mention was the length of time the bills were not paid for.

    After paying said bills, that $40,000.00 a month can be used for Witness Protection sense the COP made it clear that they are “Experiencing Funding Challenges” or it could be used to boost personnel within the RSLPF, they are UNDERMANNED, or for something of substantial worth for the people of this country who needs it.


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