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Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 3:25 am

Hilaire Vows ‘I Shall Not Be Moved!’

Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire, asserting that he was elected by “my good people of Castries South”, has declared that like the root of a tree, he will not be moved.

Hilaire made the statement to a news conference last week.

It came in response to reports of an investigation into the registration of a vehicle he bought in England and ‘defamatory’ Facebook posts claiming that he was the subject of a money laundering and tax evasion probe by the UK and the United States.

The MP’s statement to the press conference on June 27, 2019 on the issue is reproduced below:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press and thank you for being here.

Prior to the last Sitting of Parliament during an interview, I stated, among other things, that based on what has transpired thus far, the next General Elections was likely to be the nastiest on record. I supported my fear and concern by listing several tactics which have since 6 June 2016, been employed by the government and ruling party operatives. I have given clear examples, both in Parliament at Press Conferences and on talk shows, indicating I was a target of the government and UWP. So intense has been their focus on me, I see myself as a “marked man”.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press when I entered politics I did so fully cognizant of the reality that it would be a lifechanging decision as even prior to me becoming a candidate, the UWP had set about attempting to ruin my reputation.

These attacks did not deter me for not only was truth on my side but equally importantly, it had always been my dream to serve my country. I would not, therefore, be deterred by a group which only intent was to abuse and benefit from political power.

Both prior to and during the election campaign, I was the target of the most insidious and defamatory attacks by Allen Chastanet’s UWP and its social media arms. In all of that time I have remained undaunted and unflinching. If anything, their attacks have served only to strengthen my resolve and it is obvious that my representation of my people is something which the ruling party cannot deal with. I say today, that they cannot break me and I solemnly pledge to my people of Castries South and the people of the country, in the end we will prevail.

Mid last week reports reached me that three (3) investigators from the DPP’s office had presented themselves at the Ministry of Transport seeking documents related to the registration of my motor vehicle which I had purchased in England. I was also informed that they wanted to question any staff member who may have assisted in the registration process.

The following day, I was also advised that police officers, armed with a search warrant, had visited the office of the shipper who had cleared the vehicle and my personal effects from England into Saint Lucia, after I had demitted office as High Commissioner.

Mere hours later, one of the UWP’s social media attack proxies, posted on Facebook a defamatory article claiming that I was the subject of an investigation by the United Kingdom and the United States of America for money laundering and tax evasion. They further claimed that I had already been “hauled in for questioning on numerous occasions” during which time I was accompanied by my solicitor, Thaddeus Antoine.

I wish to vehemently state that I have never been interviewed or questioned by any US or UK authorities or that of any foreign state. I have worked in many countries and have never had any issues with any authorities. I have paid my taxes and collected my refunds when owed to me. My last employment engagement was as High Commissioner in London where I was conferred with diplomatic privileges and immunity and was not required to pay taxes.

Last year, I was invited by the Customs Department, which had been directed to investigate an alleged stolen state asset which was claimed to be my vehicle. That allegation was made by Guy Mayers, former Chairman of the UWP and now High Commissioner in the UK. Customs indicated their only issue was with the payment of VAT on the vehicle. The payment of VAT is the responsibility of the Department of Foreign Affairs as I was a returning diplomat.

You may recall, that in April 2018, I presented a detailed statement to you, the media on this matter. I also provided copies of documents including my bank statements.

Among those documents, was a memo from the Director of Finance which stated that the Department of Finance has NO record of this asset having been purchased by the state. Clearly acknowledging the vehicle does not belong to the Government of Saint Lucia.

Further, there were documents provided by the same Guy Mayers which showed that the ORIGINAL supplier’s quotation was not in the name of the High Commission, and he also provided documents which showed that the payment was not made by the High Commission. In the very circumstances presented by Mayers alone, how can it be said by any sane human being, except for mischief and embarrassment, that the vehicle belongs to the State?

To clear this issue, the officer in the High Commission who handled all the transactions on my behalf wrote to the Comptroller of Customs to explain that he undertook all the transactions on my behalf. Further, I have the ultimate proof, my bank statements that I provided the money to purchase the vehicle.

Some of these documents have been filed with the Courts in relation to the defamation case which I have filed against the PM. Incidentally, his Appeal against the decision of the High Court Judge will be heard over the next few days.

I am told that one Acting Comptroller of Customs has been removed for not acting on a directive to seize my vehicle. Obviously, the present is also not co-operating.

So someone has decided to step up the political persecution and victimization by abusing the power of their office. It now involves police investigators in the Office of the DPP. I am not sure what was said to the Senior Magistrate, but a search warrant was obtained and executed by the police on the premises of the Broker for documents which Customs already had in their possession.

Contrary to the garbage being spewed by United Pac, the document clearly shows the so-called investigation is local in nature and scope. It clearly states the police are investigating what they say is “obtaining property by deception”, It would seem to me that the state is trying to obtain my property by deception and even before inviting me for further clarification, has once again informed their propaganda machines that I am being investigated.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, even in war, there are boundaries but the Allen Chastanet United Workers Party know no such limits. As a government they have continuously shown scant regard for our Constitution, our laws and our customs. They have shown that they are prepared to do anything to keep office. In that regard they are willing to destroy anyone who they believe stands in their way. We have seen and heard of the Allen Chastanet UWP Government abusing authority by directing the police to persecute the people of Saint Lucia. Only Last year the police was used to arrest a school girl who a Minister took advantage of while she was an intern at his office during summer vacation, now it is me, next time it may just be you.

Let it be clear that in my quest to assist the SLP in returning Saint Lucia to proper governance and zero tolerance of corruption, I will not be moved. I will not be intimidated by groups like United Pac, or by the UWP or the Government of Saint Lucia led by Allen Chastanet. I will continue to stand up for what is just and right and I know, by God’s grace, I will prevail. They will bring out the best in me.

But this has gone on for too long. It is time for the Government to understand that they cannot proceed with wanton disregard for laws, the reputation of citizens, more so elected officials they do not like. That they cannot abuse the power which their office bestowed upon them. That they cannot use the Police and Customs as a political arm of the UWP. They will have to face the Courts and account for their behavior. I have asked my lawyers to take all necessary legal action against persons, groups and authorities who seek to abuse authority to simply attempt to tarnish and embarrass me. Because today is me, tomorrow is you.

I was elected by my good people of Castries South and like the root of a tree, I shall not be moved.


  1. My good sir, stand like “the rock” as he was a thorn in McMahon’s butt! UWP will not have a hole big enough to SH*7. And by the way, you should definitely be SLP’s leader.

    • So you want King Jufali to be leader. Kenny tried to keep pip down to sneak in Jufalli and you still talking about mate as leader.

  2. I guess it’s ok to go afta someone else’s wife to get them or spend over 3 million of our tax payers money but u have a problem with the government investigating u. Lol remember Richard frederick and guy Joseph jus sayin

  3. “I was also informed that they wanted to question any staff member who may have assisted in the registration process.”

    I thought during the statement on Thursday you admitted that the vehicle was not properly registered. Was that because Customs did not give the approval for the Ministry of Transportation to register it. Why didn’t Customs give approval? Is it because you did not submit the transaction invoice. That is the actual invoice given to you when you purchased the vehicle. Remembering that it was the SLP in government, did any Minister then pull some strings to get this vehicle registered? The approval given by Customs for vehicle registration, would have been given to you or your broker. Why haven’t you make this document public?

    And you are so wrong about the removal of the Comptroller. His contract ended. To be honest, if this comptroller will not do her job according to the Customs Act and Regulation she too should be removed when her contract ends. In defense you are quick to shout victimization.

  4. Why the hell they after the man?Why can’t they mind their own dirty business that’s going on in St Lucia?What goes around, comes around.You all think every politician is dirty and corrupt like this present government?Never mind, questions will have to be answered one day…..ZORT TROP VOLAIR.I have nothing to do with them.

    • ask him wgat year that investigation started it wasn’t late started in 2015 when slp was in power

  5. Investigations. Investigations and no one is being held to account. No politician here has ever been arrested for anything. So it’s either we have has the most stellar representatives, the system has failed the citizenry or these politicians are deep down covering for each other. If nothing is going to be done then stop wasting our already limited resources.

  6. Bob are you a jackass. Y would the government who appointed the man embarass him by investigating him. Politics have u acting like a looser

  7. When a politician speaks, he say more lies than truth! yet some supporters will still applaudi!

  8. The real truth is why you used our diplomatic status to shield a man from paying millions to his wife in the divorce? If you didn’t shield him then why did we only find out about his appointment after the divorce was taking place which her lawyers said was used as a tool to prevent her from getting what was due? How much is a millionaire willing to pay to a man who could protect him from such a case? How comes you selling diplomatic immunity like that and the country never got a cent but you questioning the Government about C.I.P monies? How comes we as a people are so dumb, blind, have memory loss so that we can only believe what is told to us but not see what the silent trail of evidence leads too? How comes your campaign was the most expensive of all the candidates both on S.L.P or U.W.P put together? What your campaign sponsored or paid for out of the Juffali Trust Fund? And what would you do if the woman scorned “Mrs Juffali” had to uncover all your dirty deeds and use it against you for the underhanded tricks you tried to use on her to keep her millions away from her pockets?

  9. Mate is such a dumb -ahse! he has already been shelved long time. the man who is the biggest bobolis in SLP play every game and all tricks in the book to be on top. but Jah knows he cant and wont succeed. he gone for a labour stronghold seat to make sure he aint gonna lose a seat. but isaac she nearly push him out. every position he get is controversy one after another. this guy should not even be anywhere talking big. the slp should have gotten rid of him a long time ago. the dream of being PM from his UWI days are making him more delusional each passing day. was never careful of those he crossed inside and outside that party and who he bobol to get anywhere. this man is done like burnt barbecue. not accepting that is likely to land him at golden hope … shall not be moved my rass!

  10. The Ruling party using the police force and DPP office to attack political rivals has set a very low precedent for St.Lucian politics. All those that support this now i hope you don’t change your mind when it’s your party officials are targeted. All the things the ruling party are doing now can be done to them when they are out of office. Then you all are the same who will be crying political victimization. The independent voters are quiet but they are watching very closely

  11. Anything Hilaire says must be taken with a grain of salt. Keep covering Trump you Hilaire will be exposed. Time is the factor here.

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