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Hilary Herman Back As Director Of Corrections

Former Director of Corrections Hilary Herman is back at his old job.

It’s Herman’s third stint at the helm of Saint Lucia’s Correctional Services, having served in that capacity from 2002 to 2008, from 2009 to 2014 and currently.

Herman was also Director of Corrections in the US Virgin Islands, a position he resigned after he was recalled to serve here from 2009.

Confirmation of his reappointment here has come from Minister of Home Affairs, Hermangild Francis, who also has responsibility for National Security and Justice.

“I promised the public that we would move very speedily to have a new director,” Francis recalled in an interview with St Lucia Times.

He thanked former director Vern Guard whom he asserted had done a ‘fantastic job’.

Vern Guard

Guard is currently Superintendent of Prisons in the British Virgin Islands.

Francis expressed the view that the BVI recognised Guard because of his proficiency on the job as Director of Corrections in Saint Lucia.

He also thanked Leonard Terrance who ‘held on’ as director for almost a year and did ‘a very good job’.

Leonard Terrance

The minister disclosed that there were about five applicants for the post of Director of Corrections.

“Mr. Hilary Herman topped the interview session,” Francis explained.

“His name was recommended to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister has agreed, with my concurrence, to make him the  director,” the Minister told St Lucia Times.

Francis spoke ahead of a meeting Wednesday with the newly appointed director and senior officials of Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

He told St Lucia Times that the purpose of the gathering was to give the BCF officials a ‘synopsis’ of what he as minister required of them and request that they give the new director the help needed to bring the facility ‘back to what it should be.’

In response to suggestions that there has been animosity towards Herman, Francis said he did not know of any such feelings.

“I know for a fact that he is a very good individual. When you look at the prison – when you look at the uniforms; he was the first person to have come here and introduced that sort of uniforms for the facility.”

Francis described Hilary Herman as being a very experienced individual.

“Hopefully, with the assistance of the senior officers things will go on well,” the minister stated.

He said he had spoken with some officers who have indicated that they are very happy that Herman is back on the job.

The new Director of Corrections officially took up duties on October 2, the minister disclosed, adding that the length of his contract has to be discussed.

Francis said officers within the system had applied for the job but he declared that there is a process which was adhered to in that the the Public Service Commission (PSC) dealt with the matter.

“I am sure if it was left to the Minister or the Prime Minister to decide on their own to choose an individual, then you would hear political bias and everything like that. So the procedure was adhered to and this is the person who was recommended to the prime minister. The prime minister informed me and asked whether I was comfortable or not – I said ‘Yes, I am very comfortable’ and we appointed him,” the minister told St Lucia Times.

“We have to work with what we have and at the end of the day there are some very young officers there – this is one of the things I want to discuss with him; that the succession planning has to take place within the organisation.”

According to Francis, it is not a good thing to be recalling people to head an organisation like the prison.

“There is a defect and again, we are only here for three years and that didn’t start with us,” he explained, referencing the current tenure of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) administration in office.

Francis said he was not blaming anyone.

“We want to go forward and in going forward, I am going to ensure that we have the succession planning in place,” he revealed.

Well informed sources told St Lucia Times that Leonard Terrance, who is ‘technically on leave’ will likely serve as Hilary Herman’s deputy.





















  1. “Mr. Guard did a fantastic job. Mr. Terrance did a very good job.” Am try to figure out how come Mr. Herman has to “bring the facility back to what it should be.”

  2. You bringing back the man that set the record ,the only escape registered in Bordelair happened when he was in charge of the facility .The jail was atacked from outside the compound,and they cut the fence What short memory we have

  3. I find this tabloid to be very informative considering daily new
    and general occurrences I believe considerable attention should
    be given to the misguided youth, unfortunately the Goverment
    dose not have spot on servailence of goings on primarily in the
    Villages, having police officers or reps go in and give talks of encouragement towards crime, the nagativity it can lead to plus negative painful consequences. The Government in turn can offer
    Fasileties such as Boxing, Martial arts Hip Hop. also Compedetive
    Chess and Bacgamon games, there are many facilities in St Lucia
    Which can be turned into youth Centers, it’s deficult to say the youth are out of hand, when there faculties, youth is a period
    In ones life where by exploration of life is at its peak, so if there are no facilies to do this in positive manner, what next is to become active in acts of crime, This brings notoriety, special titles, as there is nothing to combat, every one follows the leader
    Crime becomes the leader, The youth are beautiful people. Let’s
    Give them a chance offer them something else positivity make a major effort. Please give this serious thought I sure posativaty
    Wii prevail over negativity
    Thanks for listening

  4. That Minister full of s***, both he and I know of the ********** Hilary Herman did at the Prisons but Herman is his Friend. Since when the Prime Minister get involve in hireing Prison Staff! Hilary Herman the Prison pit bull is bad news for officers. But let’s see what will come out of this appointment. And the government will pay a heavy price for that appointment and other appointments that was not base on merits. The PM should send both Herman and That stupid Minister packing! But nonetheless St. Lucians especially officers will have their say at the ballot box. Remember Hermangild is not elected so don’t make him do papaishow with your government Allan! I said what I said!

  5. This country is nowhere forward always the same old s*** . The youth is fighting a losing battle with those brainless men and women running this country. Hermangil Francis is as dumb as a door knob stuck in an old fashioned way of policing and fighting crime. Young people can never move up the public service ladder when we keep taking people out of retirement to stifle youth progress. This is all political pay.

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