Hippolyte Praises Response Of Soufriere Residents After Attack On Visitors

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Soufriere MP Emma Hippolyte has praised the response of Soufriere residents to an attack in their community on four British visitors on March 7.

“I want to take this moment to thank the community of Soufriere for responding and cooperating with the police and providing the information they have provided and have actually caused the police to apprehend the perpetrators,” Hippolyte told reporters on Monday.

The MP acknowledged the need for continuous work with residents.

And in this regard, she disclosed that she had a meeting with the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) and planned to meet with the police to “map out a plan for inclusion” to minimise or eliminate the current challenges.

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Hippolyte said she was aware of reports that a teenager was among the suspects the police held for the attack.

She expressed that it was a wake-up call for all parents to focus on what was happening in their homes and with their children.

“I want to take this opportunity to call on parents to be real parents to their children and to manage,” the Soufriere MP told reporters.

In addition, she urged parents to summon help from either the authorities, teachers, or senior people in the community when they feel they cannot manage.

“They ought not to close their eyes to what they are seeing in their homes that they know their children are going on the wrong path. They need to be the first persons taking action to bring them back,” Hippolyte asserted.

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  1. Crime, crime and more crime. Perhaps national security is too big a portfolio to be handled by a pm with an already heavy load which he is incapable of handling. Maybe the focus should be in a national security task force and not looking to create a special prosecutor position to put money into the pocket of a turncoat.

  2. We cannot always blame the parents. Some parents are doing their best but the kids just go the wrong way. A deep dive needs to be taken into the crime situation. Let’s examine the current laws and the enforcement piece. Our schools, churches and social agencies need to play a greater role in supporting our youth and providing guidance. The youth need to see and understand their choices will determine their quality of life in the future

  3. These Nigjer’s have to be paraded out to the town square, publicly humiliated and then have their bare-a$$es whipped 50 lashes. Til they bleed. Maybe then they will learn not to mess with honest St. Lucians source of livelyhood.

    • Nice Capital Punishment model…(see Slave owner mentality). All crime in the caribbean stems from inequality of locals VS. tourists. When the ‘honest economy’ is based on All-Inclusive Resorts owned and operated by Off-shore money, and continuing the Slavery of locals with 1950’s wages and NO TIPPING (see gratuities). Ask yourself how much Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts ACTUALLY contribute to crime by continuing to keep the entire caribbean in the “3rd World”, while “Disney Tourists” rape the Oceans and Beaches and Forests!

  4. Nice talk by an M.P. but that’s not enough. If a proper arrest have been made, a strong and a very strong message must be sent.(it is not, not because the victims are white or British, but because we should not tolerate such base and criminal behavior on anyone, especially visitors to our beautiful shores) I expect a very strong and lengthy time in Prison, as a deterrent to other miscreants, that St. Lucian Laws must be held to its utmost.(may the Good Lord have mercy on St. Lucia)

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