Homicide at Bagatelle

Police are investigating the shooting death of a young man, said to be a teenager, at Bagatelle during the early hours of Saturday morning.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, incident occurred some time between 1.am and 3.am.

The deceased is reported to have been shot in the chest.



  1. When will it end..or will it ever end..now i am sure the young man knows it is rough out there.what is he doing out there in the wee hour’s. St lucia is not what it use to be.poor guy chupz

  2. Chastanet Politicised Crime to win the last general elections. And now this is the new reality. You, Chastanet, stated Dr. KENNY, cannot stop the crime, but you would. And look now you have tallied the highest murder rate in this island’s history. Your evils will continue to follow you and your supporters until eternity. May you rot before getting to hell, Chastanet.

  3. Chastenet asked has Kenny made us safe? His answer was “we will”. Well, there you have it . . . number 40. We are going at breakneck speed towards breaking record and yet, there is no visible (or audible) plan to to deal with crime. I find no pleasure in the increase in homicides and other crime, so, Hurricane Chastenet make St Lucia safe. Enunciate how your government is dealing or will deal with crime. We do not want to hear the surfacy “we will have to do something” or “we will deploy more police”. We need to know that you are strategic in your approach. You said you will make us safe and we do hold you and your minister accountable!

    • Sure thing that you say.Its not anyone that could make us safe but ourselves and our attitudes with our children from kids up to growth.

    • I also approve the OP’s comment. Time for Chas and his cronies take the blame for the high level of crime in St Lucia. And I think it’s 41 now.

  4. It will end when police stop selling guns on the streets and stop protecting the men in higher society that sells the drugs and guns for the less fortunate

  5. Marchard police station is a bomb house and a guest house it’s about time the government do away with it dirty cops

  6. true that it need to stop with the higher authorities and then it will end unless we don’t start there it will continue

  7. People refuse to take responsibility for their own actions but blame everything else. Kenny couldn’t stop crime and they expect Chastenet to stop it!!! What have any politicians stop? They only thing politicians can do is divide us while we sit down and glorify them. We have serious issues with crime in St Lucia and people take about politics. Train up your children in the way of peace.

    • People didn’t say that the Hurricane Chastenet could stop crime . . . He said it himself! Don’t brush that aside.

  8. Why is a teen out at this time? Where are his parents or guardians. At 16, even 17 i had completed secondary school, even working and still had a curfew. Can you imagine? Teenagers now adays have too much leverage. Find out who your children friends are..although there’s a saying “You can’t choose your friends “….but I strongly believe you can decide what type of friend you are to someone…set limitations etc.

  9. SAD Will say one thing on this children at the age of 4 to 16 years control their parents big time and it is so sad how these parents belive the lies that they kidz come home with. And let me tel you these parents will look you in the eye and defend those kidz in front of the people who are trying to correct their kidz let me tel eh this is so sick and the kidz would smile in your face. Like really smh

  10. The spin offs.
    While we have police in Dominica (the Minister said maybe for a month) and then extra police at Bordelais beefing up security there for imported prisoners the streets of Castries become naked. But the PM assured us we can deal with an influx of prisoners not realizing that when you have already meagre resource now stretched thinner you obviously have not thought things out properly and must expect certain consequences.

  11. I am very sorry for the family of this young man. I do agree that ST Lucia has corruption going on big time in the government and in the police. We need to ask how the guns and drugs getting in the country if the police and those in authority not turning a blind eye. Only children are police in ST Lucia no training no experience so how are they to solve any crimes or do proper work. ST Lucia is becoming a murder capital and we need to speak up not just here but out there to those who can make a change.

  12. Crime in St. Lucia will continue unabated until there are well conceived plans put in place to curb it. Mr. Chastanet focuses exclusively on Tourism development while his Minister of National Security is uniquely unqualified for that post. Abdication of leadership on this most important matter is one of the biggest problems. Questions:
    1. The public is mostly hostile towards the police. Is there any concerted effort to kick start Community Policing?
    2. Is there any ongoing training of the Police Force in Investigation Techniques, Intelligence Gathering, Evidence Collection, Forensics?
    3. Is there any increase in Mobile and Foot Patrols especially in hotspot areas?
    4. Does the Police Force have the requisite resources they need ?
    5. Does the PM use the bully pulpit he has to articulate forcefully and unambiguously the government’s plans against criminal activities ?
    6. Has the government ever attempted to convene a forum with the Opposition, Private Sector, and other stakeholders to draw up a feasible crime fighting plan?
    7. Are there any plans afoot to assist the disaffected youth population to address their many grievances?
    To the powers that be, don’t willfully let these questions remain outside the circumference of your awareness!!


  13. Continue to blame police…. ridiculous! Fathers run from their responsibility as source, upholder and director of households, mothers talk at children and not to children…a child cries or throws a temper tantrum they get what they want even when it’s not good for them. Women dress their children like little women and the list goes on. If we have bad police it still leads back to the values the parents instill in their children. No one is perfect but we have given up mostly. Those who think themselves educated try to solve problems from the branches and not the roots. We must see that we are in a sad state spiritually, socially and emotionally ( and maybe more ) how do we target the homes , the early childhood centers, the Sunday School and Sabbath schools? Can we build more afford more social workers that are ready and willing to do a good job? How can we utilize social media and the internet to educate and help our self. Can we train enough to create empowerment groups to help each other? Can we sacrifice some time before God on behalf of our children. We need to begin asking ourselves some very daring questions. Each one try to affect one positively and let’s see what happens. I know it’s easier to talk about problems than to seek solutions but let’s not choose easy. Let’s show the courage it takes to rebuild family alters and instill the core values we need to change our nation’s destiny one child at a time.

    • @Hope
      Yes, the home is the most important institution in any community. If the home is dysfunctional, society becomes dysfunctional. But relying solely on the home to make a prodigious reduction in crime is unrealistic and ludicrous. There are many people, for whatever reasons, have a penchant for wrongdoings. If there are no strategic plans in place to curb or eradicate these tendencies at the earliest possible hour, then society will pay a monumental price. The government’s first duty is to protect its people from all harm and danger. Anyone who advocates that government is not responsible for crime maybe right. But it is the government’s #1 priority to have adequate plans and programs in place to curb criminal activities and protect its citizens from harm. Not to do this is a colossal failure of leadership. The Chastanet’s administration has drop the ball.

      • I can’t disagree with you on all counts…this problem we face is rather complex. Many of our youth seem to have their minds made up about how they will solve problems…who will reign supreme. So I’m suggesting when we do go to the drawing board it’s vital that we look at our younger ones. We just can’t afford to do things the same way and expect a different result. Only crazy people do that.

  14. Here is a plan the only reason people go to killing and stealing is because of hard life no home no food no money so a man come steal from you you have a gun you kill that man im Not saying that that was the case but that what it does to people’s minds I know what the government should give everyone one a home and some money for at least 2 months of living and also the devil gives work to idle handso to counter that all we need to do is make jobs by construction means like say we give every one who can work like Laboures contractors and designers to destroy the dilapidated buildings and build a new modern one in place see 500 jobs right there we can extend the airport make it bigger to catch up with the world’s designs we can build one skyscraper for the people who live in the city the problem with the flooding in Castries build a wall or a dam to block out excess water from storm proper irrigation systems these here are a lot of jobs thank you please read my comment properly and don’t make any bad comments

  15. What we need is a revolution to drive the chastanet administration out of power and create a socialist system of government

  16. I fully agree with what we need is to repent and accept Christ as our Lord and saviour. What is blinding the eyes of most people is POLITICS. Let them stand before the Lord Jesus and blame Kenny or Chastanet for their being cast away. If them people were to open their Bible instead and read 1 Timothy 1: 1-2 perhaps, I stress PERHAPS they would come to their senses and don’t blame the politicians.

  17. Shame on his grandfather for not spanking him for being out at 2am,if he was spanked on regular basis he would be alive today.

  18. Crime is destroying not only us as citizens but also our main economic earner tourism the very industry that sustains our nation and its citizenry…..

  19. We have to raise our children n stop letting friends, bad company n social media raise our children.. government cant do nuttin to help in this matter.. pray to God for strength

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