Homicide At Bisee, Castries

A twenty two year old resident of Bisee, Castries was fatally shot Saturday morning at his residence, law enforcement officials say.

The deceased was identified as Jimmy Ellis.

According to reports, Ellis was at his home in bed sleeping when unknown individuals came through the door and shot him multiple times.

The incident occurred about 5 am.

The homicide toll so far for this year is 49.




  1. When will it end? Kenny didn’t make it safe, but I will. Perfect example that politicians shouldn’t use crime as a campaign tool.

    • Fully agree with you, Senor. Crime is everybody’s busy as it does not discriminate. All political parties should stop using crime to score political points to win elections as this can come back to haunt you. Citizens, though, have the right to criticize any party in power for lack of practical initiatives to reduce these murders to ‘acceptable’ levels. The current Minister of National Security should be sacked for gross incompetence. The current government has failed to provide adequate security for the citizens and residents. They too must go if they continuation of this unprecedented slaughter of the citizens goes on unabated. No more empty rhetoric, the people need solutions.

  2. Kenny could not do it, now Chastanet is doing it. Well done Chas. By the way is Hermangild still the minister of crime? I think he should resign with immediate effect.

  3. Thanks St Lucia Times for revealing the number of Homicides so far for this year. I thought that was only published when a certain party was in power. Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date. Thank u soo much. Thanks again. Thank you.

    • Well,you know how it is on the island…Philip J Pierre will come in & there still won’t be any significant change in the island.You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

      This country needs a serious purge when it comes to the ones governing the island.Neither of these 2 clown parties that have been going back n forth for years have nothing to prove in terms of innovation & growth.It’s all a joke & I’m here just watching from the sidelines.

      • Amen to that. Even recycled garbage has a useful shelf life. But the sad reality is, we put them in and would never consider a third group. What you’re seeing there is the formative steps of a country on its way to collapse.

      • So with that mindset why didn’t we just leave Kenny in power then cause crime has only gotten worse right?

    • While that is true, the Ministers are responsible for setting policy and law and hiring the police so the ultimate responsibility goes back to them.

    • The ministers get the blame because they tout their ability to reduce crime when they where on the Opposition bench, but things are easier said than done. Image 49 people who said Happy New Year at the start of this year will not be saying it again. I hope the murder number does not get to 50. What happen to peace on earth, good will to men and women?

    • The ministers control the purse strings and also who’s in charge. So I’m not sure where you are coming from. Can’t find it in you to give the ministers part ownership for what should rightfully be their responsibility. Blame should always reside at the top since 3 years should be enough time to see some progress. Instead we are digressing. Six months ago the superintendent stated that they were aiming for 29 murders. Now we are close to 50. We all knew then he was stretching the truth and they still are.

    • Andrew, the Ministers are responsible for directing the police, providing the resources, having the right policies in place, ensuring the laws are updated. National security is ultimately the responsibility of the cabinet of Ministers. It is so much they responsibility that you have divisions (called Ministries) headed by Ministers of National Security and Justice. It is so much they responsibility that PM Chastanet boasted that the former PM could not control crime but that he will. You don’t want to admit the fact that this current government has failed miserably.

  4. Prime Minister and ministers refuse to change laws to give stiffer penalties for drugs and fire arms . they should take the lead , not cops . so many fire arms being recovered and no one going jail . the constitution says about hanging for murder , is that being done ? So Andrew Marjorie go back with your shyt.

    • And that’s the thing…Nothing will change as long as you see these politicians that we’ve heard about since the 80’s & 90’s are in power.These guys on both sides have absolutely NO VISION when it comes to the future of this island.

      They have vision for themselves & their friends & family though.Live large & pass the buck to the next loser politician that enters with no vision as well.And another thing is they need to stop naming places after these politicians,they’re paid to do a job that they clearly can’t do & yet they get rewarded by current politicians who expect the same in the future.lol

    • Parents have their own kids but they can’t control them, stopped blaming government because their kids don’t steal and shot the idiots do, that’s why they are dying young.

  5. So what the ministers. Chasenet, j Pierre have to do with a man that owe me my cocaine or weed money.

    We lucians are too ignorant and small minded. We can never move forward as a country.
    After 40 years of independence we still think like we have tons or garbage in our head.

    Some of yal need to travel to understand the world we live in.

    Stop blaming the ministers and start blaming ourselves. Cause someone out there knows what happened and refuses to talk

    • Nawrik your points are so stupid that it makes one want to vomit. You are asking what the Ministers have to do with a man that owe you your cocaine and weed money but claim we should all blame ourselves. So forget the responsibility of the leaders and blame everyone else. How smart from someone who would make us believe that we are so small minded and ignorant and need to travel to understand the world. Well from reading your post, you are so much in need of being less ignorant and small minded and definitely need to travel a lot more.

  6. Allyuh dat commenting on crime and politics is real half idiots…this situation is a worldwide epidemic all over social media on every platform…it has become the way of the world and u foolish folks are too blind to see that this is a measure that the evil elites has taken to destroy the world…easy access to internet and technology everyone wants to copycat whats happening on social media…big question why do all the beautiful intelligent young ladies enjoy and glamourize songs like “gunmen in their smelling holes”..its a trend dat the devil has used to destroy mother earth…the guns wasn’t enuff so they invented more stuffs like the internet…look at it carefully the beast just wants human lives to extinct on the face of the earth…they now strongly advocating for gays and lesbians,everywhere u go now these parasites are flooding our communities…so if all man bulling and all girls sucking how the eff babies gonna be born to prolong life on earth…notice the devils plans…shooting up all the young men,legalizing gays and lesbo,s..they want life on earth to end sooner than later….so you stupid retarded people need to stop blaming the ministers for these earthly atrocities.

      • So because of the s*** you have written here we should all keep quiet and don’t comment. Then you must be a full idiot, very foolish folk, very blind, and very stupid retarded person that need to understand that people here and everywhere must hold their leaders responsible.
        And I am not surprised that it is a BRAT that agreed with you.

  7. Nothing have Changed towards the posession of Ammunition and Unlicensed Firearm .This is just over the Border with Crime in St.Lucia

  8. When the doc was in power it was ok to blame him , but now uwp in charge all the hypocrites saying its not the pm to blame or we are just ashamed the choice we made .

    • Facts…. unbiased observers see this hypocrisy clearly.. 2011-2015- kenny and la corbinere fault for all these murders. 2016-2019 ministers and their kids not committing the crime it is society’s fault, the police force is in charge of fighting crime not ministers.

      So what has transpired for this transformation in allocation of responsibility in crime prevention?

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