Homicide At Bois Patat, Five People Shot At Marigot In Separate Incidents

Police are investigating a homicide at Bois Patat, Castries.

According to reports, the lifeless body of a male was discovered in the community Wednesday morning with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

Just hours earlier, five people had been shot in an incident at Marigot shortly before midnight on Tuesday.

A short video clip of some of the injured on the floor of a house was posted on social media.

Screen grab from video

Law enforcement officials said the three men and two women appeared not to have sustained life-threatening injuries.

They were all transported to the Owen King European Union Hospital.

It was not clear whether the discovery of the body at Bois Patat and the Marigot shooting were related.

More details later.



  1. Go after these criminals and bring nothing back. The state can take care of the cost of putting them in the ground. heck! start a go-fund me page, law abiding citizens will donate the little that we have. make it quick. finish this off.

  2. The government has done little or nothing to reduce crime to an acceptable level. The funeral homes are having a field’s day. It is the most profitable business adventure right now.

    The Minister of National Security is one big joke. No one respects him. He’s uniquely unqualified for the job. I, personally, would not hire him to even be a dog catcher. Chastanet promised the country peace, tranquility and safety. Instead, the people are left cowering in their homes as brimstone and fire reins down on them

  3. This administration has failed on crime big time which was one of their main campaign promises in 2016

  4. The Homicide at Bois patat I am positive the Decease Friends and Relatives know Who Ahot him .Bois patat is infested with Criminals .If was police that was involved in the Shooting at Marigot there would be persons Complaining over the media .I hope their Friends give the police inform to effect an arrest

    • It became political the day Chas Neigh boasted he could stop crime when KDA couldnt!! That line was believed by the masses!! So he failed and suddenly we must forget his promise??

    • Black people here and around must get up and get. Stop looking for salvation in politicians black, white. orange or pink who don’t care about us…Pip or King won’t do any difference.

  5. Those frequent shootings are taking a toll on the resources of the medical system. Whatever happened to the much vaunted, crime symposium that took place 3 years ago? I can’t describe it as a smashing success deserving of praises. Still no serious penalties for unlawful weapons. It’s all done on a lark. This guy needs to stop playing security or what he calls it. He is still using training wheels.

  6. Our people should seriously start asking themseleves about black on black crime. How can some vieux negre sal go into a house and shoot at 5 people? Well the 5 know exactly who shoot them. its up to the police to arrest that thing. and place bail at 2 million for mass murder.

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