Homicide on Waterworks Road

Police are investigating a homicide on Waterworks Road, Castries, Monday night.

The victim was identified by law enforcement officials as Hendi Calderon, 20.

He is reported to have been shot about 9.00 pm.

It is the second homicide recorded for the year so far.

On Sunday, police launched an investigation after British national, Robert Hathaway, 66, was found  dead at his home by a neighbour around midday.

The body was covered in blood, a senior law enforcement official said.




  1. Too much disturbing news about the loss of lives. I will repeat, the Minister of National Security needs to go. He’s being paid for doing absolutely nothing. There is a need for more effort and a new direction in fighting crime. Profound condolences to the family of the victims.

    • I agree. He needs to go. He wanted this position under SLP I’m assuming he waiting for them to come back in to do something. Make the party look nice. Didn’t mean to politicize.

  2. How could one man solve crime in a country made up on thousands of people. Crime has to be solved of stopped by the people, for the people.

    Put on your thinking caps.

    • @Arise Oh Lord
      Every time I see someone using the Lord’s name in vain, I automatically become suspicious. Most use the Lord’s name as a shield to hide their sinful and evil conduct. When put in a position of leadership one should provide effective guidance to his workforce who looks to him/her for just that. Having said that, the National Security Minister is a complete failure. He provides no meaningful leadership to his departments or ministries. He cannot lead do he needs to go. There are others who can and would do much better. Stop making excuses for mediocrity and ineptness. Herman-Guilt Francis must be dismiss now for the police force to work effectively and efficiently. The man is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

  3. Hermine, PM. Police chief; what’s going on in this our country? Is this country turning to be an out law country, where people can bribe, steal, kill, rape in fact, comite all sorts of crime, and get away with it? 2 gone in 2 weeks! Talk, promise, talk, promise. Like a broken disc. people wake up to shake them up!
    Where is the task force? What dose it takes to bring back the (operation restore confidence?)

  4. The PM, The Minister for Home Affairs, The Police Commissioner they all need to get out,because yawll are not doing anything about the gun related crimes in this country. Yawl are a total waste of time.

    • Stop ✋ talking **** is it the government or the ministers that is sending those criminals to do what they’re doing stop blaming people the generation of today don’t give a dam about what will happen to them they just don’t care what ever they will put in place will still not prevent them from doing what they are doing.so stop talking****.idiot.

  5. Mr Jue …you got it wrong.
    Govt. Campaign on solving and dealing tough with crime. Where is the toughness and the effective policing ?

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