Homicide Reported In Micoud

Saint Lucia police are investigating a homicide at Anse Ger,  Micoud .

The victim has been identified by law enforcement authorities as Lance Camille aka “Pestro’.

He is alleged to have sustained stab wounds during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Sources tell St Lucia Times that an individual is assisting the police with their investigations into the death.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Is that in the constituency of Chastanet? Well, remember he had promised safety something Kenny could not do and the 43% of Micoud ppl bought it. Well that is safety.

      • black police, Martin has a right to hos comment. You may not like it but it is his view. You are so angry at the comment that you insult him by saying that he add his mother’s man in the comment. Now tell me since he name Chastanet and Kenny, which one is his mother’s man and is the other your mother’s man? Your comment so angry that one of them must be your mother’s man. I hope not both.

    • “Everything is politics” now. When Chastanet was blaming Kenny you agreed. So all of a sudden the level of crime have nothing to do with politics, you all HYPOCRITES.

  2. So homicide cant happen in the prime ministers constituency? People like ull does give black people a bad name. If u have nun important to say jus shut ur @#$% martin

  3. martin sampson I had to put your name in small letters because you think very small. Why is everything about politics ? You are a real politics a****** full of ****. What *** **** does a killing have to do with politics?…… Back to reality ,I would like to sympathize with the family who lost their love one may the Lord give you’ll strength in this hurting time.

    • Bold face, you damn bold face. Why did you not tell Chastanet three years ago that he should not make crime a political issue? He said that the level of crime had everything to do with the then government and you accepted it then. This makes you ” a real politics a******full of****”. Why in 2015-2016 you did not ask Chastanet “What *** **** does a killing have to do with politics?” …… I like the fact that you realize that you were far from reality with the first part of your comment and had to come “back to reality”. So I hope it is the reality that escaped you and that your full name is not Bold Hypocritical Face.

  4. When will the nonsensical political thinking stop in this country? Wake up people stop allowing political rhetoric to cloud our minds

  5. I have to agree with Martin and police officer, sometimes we have to remind our leaders of the promises they made. The PM has neglected micoud n u have refuse to call it out. The east side has been neglected while the west gets all the love

    • Chups, they have a right to express and they have done so. You should shut you @$&. Damn rude, idiot.

  6. First of all we don’t need to add politics in those things we cannot tell when or where the next death is gonna be nor who but some of us quick to jus comment **** if we have nun to say keep shut……

  7. Three years ago would some of you have the same tune? Anything negative was credited to “Kenny” when the same treatment is applied to chastanet don’t be surprised

  8. Politics hv ntn to do with that, honestly no one can stop crime. But that’s a sad situation, my sympathy goes out to the families

  9. 16, COMMENTS.MINE will be 17 only 3 of those comments actually sympathize with the family.
    RIP, may God give your family the strength in this difficult time.

    Another topic….

    St.lucia news online I need a job,I will be sending my application soon,giving you guys the heads up.
    (*Part time.) Just to read through the comments everyday,the ones that relate to the topic will be kept,the ones that has nothing NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE topic will be deleted.

  10. Gay back you up 100 those ppl oh Lord r.i.p lance your name sound so familiar hope is not who I thinking sorry for the family lost

  11. What has to be done is Deal with the Matter within the Ambits of the Criminal code of St.Lucia .And Deliver the file to the Dpp to Decide thats all

  12. Politicans will always take us lucian for a ride here we are making everything about politics.rip pestro.

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