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Homicide Suspected After Body Found In Burning Vehicle Near Pigeon Island Gap

A homicide is suspected after firefighters responding to a report of an early morning vehicle fire near Pigeon Island Sunday, found a body in the burning SUV, it has been reported.

The body is believed to be that of a female.

The incident is being treated as a possible homicide, St Lucia Times has been informed.

The vehicle fire was reported to the Saint Lucia Fire Service about 2.00 am, according to reports.

The SUV was located off the main road before the gap leading to Pigeon Island, first responders said.

The body was found in the driver’s seat.

There are no further details at this time.

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  1. So nobody notice a family member missing this morning? Im sure yall can see tht number plate. Im sure it looks familiar to someone. Call the police!

  2. It’s just too soon for anyone to notice that someone is missing, however this news can cause concern to families if their loved one is not home as yet.

  3. It is just so sad in St Lucia now. The belt removed from the school before securing some form of discipline that works by everyone knows who. These same indiscipline persons who have passed through the school system during that time of no discipline are the same one committing those crimes. Not older folks.
    Of course the cops are the same one who came from the indiscipline schools. It will take years but you have to start at the school level. Garbage in garbage out.
    It is also unfair to take children who can’t even spell or read and put them among children who are ready to learn causing negative influence to the good ones. Those children are off task and bring in all negative energies to the school, even making threats to teachers and students. They introduce your children those crimes which they are already involve in outside of school.
    There was Tech Voc. It is a thing of the past. Children who are not ready to learn should in no way be placed with those who want and try hard to learn. That isn’t right.
    You can place them in other schools which will operate at their pace. There are quite a number of children who went to Tecvoc and who did well since the teaching pace is slower. They will now realise that it is an opportunity to catch up and they may be able to catch up.
    If u put them at a normal fast pace school they will never catch up and will pull a whole lot of people back



    • You have hit the nail on the head. I do not need to say more. Moral decay of society. This is the result of the positive discipline they are talking about. The belt did not kill us.

    • “It is also unfair to take children who can’t even spell or read and put them among children who are ready to learn causing negative influence to the good ones. Those children are off task and bring in all negative energies to the school, even making threats to teachers and students. They introduce your children those crimes which they are already involve in outside of school.”

      Wow! I am not a criminal and this will have grammatical and punctuation marks errors! It is unfair for you to make such a statement, I am certain that not all criminals are not illiterates, nor do they have problems with spelling and reading. I am also sure that there are children who are ‘A’ students who are troublemakers, rebellious, disrespectful and carriers of negative energies for one reason or another. I sincerely hope that you are not a teacher because herein lies part of the problem, so called adults like you who are in it just for the money. Gone are the days when teachers were respectful and their presence made students feel wanted.

      Rest in Peace, young lady. I dare not write anything to the person who did this to you because apparently he may not be able to read it.

      • You aren’t to smart eh!..this is exactly what’s been going on in schools,segregating the dumbest from the dumbs then have them sit comman entrance and still segregate high schools with different grades and choices….to bad for those who didn’t get enough home training and brought-upsy

  4. We always blame governments for your children’s dirty behaviors. It starts I’m the home ,clean your garbage in your home and there will be no garbage in our school. Stop blaming governments for your’ll lack of good parenting, teach your girls to keep their legs closed and your boys to work hard for what they want. Many of your parents don’t care one bit. Your kids come home at all times, you don’t know where they were or where did they get all these expensive items they come home with . You allow them the have it . In my days I came home with something my parents didn’t buy me, I was given one hour to take it back and when I get back home my backside would be red and on fire.

  5. You very true and Correct Most of the Crimes Committed are the Parents to be Blamed especially the Mothers.They Condone their kids Criminal activity.They appear on Telivision he was a good boy but just a Little Troublesome .Some Mothers Relationship with their Spouce get into Shambles because they allow their kids to do what they want to do .

    • B, perhaps they were good to the mothers and bad to everyone else! Perhaps they were doing whatever they were doing to feed or assist their mothers. There is no justification for criminals doing what they are doing, however we should not judge the mothers. Nor should we make them feel bad that their sons/daughters loved them and that they themselves have unconditional love for their children. What about the absentee fathers do they not have a part to play? Even when they live in the same household as the children they are emotionally and financially ‘absent’. There may be a percentage of mothers who will condone the criminal activities of the children, especially if they themselves are criminals or hopeless, but majority of those I have heard of and seen do not condone the actions of the children but attest to the children’s dedication to them as a parent.

  6. Truth b told is correct. The parents must accept majority of the blame, but the Gov’t also has to accept its share of responsibility. The laws which were passed by removing discipline from schools lay at the feet of Gov’t and in turn handicap the teachers. What is it to do when students are being disruptive, not listening and threatening teachers? You can’t do anything, except put them out of class or school. The older generation, who were disciplined in school AND at home aren’t the one’s committing these crimes. And that discipline didn’t kill us. It’s the undisciplined who are committing majority of thecrimes and killings.

  7. Another hit. Burn the evidence sounds familiar. Some may blame parents and lack of the belt in school but I know a hit when I see one. We all know this is not the first time this sort of thing had happen it that neck of the woods.

  8. If they can prove it was a murder,this would be the second,kill and burn,in the same area.To early to say anything let the police do their investigation

  9. OK OK enough already; I still cry out – If you kill – damn it, you hang, anything wrong with that?
    But but if you wont hang, here is one deterrent; i.e. ass whipping. Introduce whipping irrespective
    of the crime. The whipping you missed as a child, will now come to haunt you by the ass whipper.
    Women should not be exempt. For fear of retaliation, just fly in an Official whipper once a month
    from some unknown place for 8 hour, do his stuff then fly him out, no one knows who or where.
    This is bound to work; if after a year it didn’t, then let me now apologize, But give it a try.

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