Horse injured in collision near Bisee entrance

At  about  7:00 pm  on  Sunday, 29th July 2018,  a  vehicle  collided  with  a  horse on  the southbound lane of the   dual  carriageway  near  its  intersection with  the  entrance  to  the  Bisee community.

According to an eyewitness, the accident  occurred when  a  few  young  men  from  Bisee  attempted  to  lead  a  horse (the mare),  and  its  offspring (the foal),  across  the  dual  carriageway from the  Beachcomber  gap  through the  emergency  access on  the  median  barrier  into  the Bisee  junction.

“ The  mare, which  was  tethered  and  had  a  bridle,  was led through the emergency access  by  the  young  guys  who  expected  the  foal  to  automatically  follow  its  mother  through the  emergency  access,” the eyewitness told St Lucia Times.

“The  foal  became  confused  and did an  about  turn  before  making  its  way  through  a  gap  in  the  emergency  access.  Unfortunately  because it  was  dark,  an  SUV  collided  with  the  foal  as  it  unexpectedly  entered the  southbound  lane  of  the  dual  carriageway  into  the  path of  the SUV.  The bonnet of the SUV was  damaged,” the eyewitness recalled.

It was reported that the  foal  was  injured  and  came  to  rest  on  its  side  on  one  lane  of  the  dual  carriageway.

“The  young  guys  tried  to  remove  the  mare  from  the  accident  scene as they fled  and an  argument  and  scuffle  occurred  between the  SUV  driver and  the young guys, near  the  Bisee  junction,  during  which  time the  mare  became  untethered and  lost  its  bridle, when  it  bolted  into  the  southbound lane leaving  the  SUV  driver  with  the  bridle!  The  driver, now on foot,  followed the  mare  around  for  a while  in a  futile  attempt  to  capture  it  but  the  mare  eventually  returned, due  to  the  maternal  instinct,  to  be  at  the  side  of  its  injured  foal ,a  scene  which  some  may  find  distressing.”

The eyewitness said that the accident  was  avoidable  in  so  many  ways  and  expressed the view that several questions  should  be  asked  as the  Traffic  Police  investigate this  matter:

  1. Were  the  young guys   oblivious  to the traffic  hazard  created when they   crossed   the busy  dual  carriageway  under  the  cover  of  darkness  with  the  mare  and its  foal?
  2. The  emergency  access  through  the  median  barrier  is  meant  for  use  by  emergency  vehicles  and  personnel so  is  it  illegal to  use  this  access  for  other  purposes?
  3. It  became  obvious  that  the  unbridled  mare  would  not  abandon  its  injured  foal  so  how  would  the  Police  humanely  separate the  foal  from its  mother  without  further  stressing  the  mare?
  4. Do  local  vets  and  the  St. Lucia  Animal  Protection Society  (SLAPS)  provide free   emergency  veterinary  services  for  incidents  like  this?


  1. This is becoming a disturbing trend. Young men riding or leading horses along the busy highway. What are the laws governing horses and their use of the nation’s roads? Who is responsible for damages to the SUV?

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