Friday, February 22, 2019
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House, car suggested as gifts for Levern Spencer

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The leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement, Therold Prudent, has suggested that the government consider giving Saint Lucian athlete, Levern Spencer,  a house and car.

Hours before Prudent made the suggestion Monday, the government had announced plans to celebrate Spencer’s contribution to sports.

Senior Communications Officer for the government of Saint Lucia, Nicole Mc Donald said that there are plans to ensure that the athlete is ‘rewarded sufficiently’ for her what she has achieved.

Levern Spencer recently won a gold medal at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games held in Barranquilla, Colombia, on the heels of a previous gold medal win at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Prudent told St Lucia Times that over the years, Spencer has made this country proud.

“I am not in a position at this time to offer more than congratulations,” Prudent observed.

He noted that Prime Minister Chastanet had heaped praise on the Saint Lucian athlete and recalled that other politicians have done the same when young people have done well.

However, Prudent asserted that the environment has not been created for those young people to reap the rewards of the recognition they have continued to give to this country.

“Naming a street in her honour, naming something in her name is not all,” the LPM leader declared.

He observed that government ministers get many perks and live “large’ not only at home but when they journey overseas to represent this country.

According to Prudent, it is time for Saint Lucia to ‘lift’ its sports people and persons who have brought recognition to the country.

“In Levern’s case I would say to the government ‘Give her some more.’ ”

He raised the possibility of an academic scholarship for the Saint Lucian high jumper.

“How about giving her a car? The Prime Minister can afford to buy such an expensive Lexus for his official capacity, yet still we have to ask ourselves : ‘What is Levern driving?'”

According to the LPM leader, so many ministers since coming into office have bought very expensive vehicles.

“What have they given Levern?” He asked, “How about giving here a home?”

Prudent told St Lucia Times that the time has come for young sportsmen and women and others who have done well to be given more than praise.



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  1. I think you’ll people crazy, all she doing is high jump nothing else, government can even afford to run st Lucia financial and you’ll talking about giving house and car, for what, you’ll stupid people tax money that will pay for her to live free in the country. Stupid people

  2. It appears to me that being a high jumper does not pay like lawn tennis golf cricket basketball and soccer

  3. How is that even news. A suggestion by an opposition leader can never influence what the government will decide. The government might name a sporting facility after her. That’s what they do with one time champions

  4. Yes Good HOUSE -, CAR and MONEY
    Should not have to struggle for anything. It would also encourage others and make some others jealous and angry -so what ! She deserves dah Best

  5. We will be watching very keenly no maji house if you are giving this dautger if the soil something make sure is something good it must be a good house and not in no ghetto slums rodneybay or somewhere where she can have peace of mind nice car not to papoyshow car beachcober motors you give carnival three million box and nothing to show but our dauther has made the entire nation proud she’s wearing out flag do make sure her bank account has at least $1000,000.00 not asking for three million Belrose please make us proud Lovern Spencer is making us proud please please treat her she’s royal