How to shop for the right foundation (by contributor Louvisca Alcide)

By contributor Louvisca Alcide: I really feel the need to use this platform to educate the youth and women on the whole on how to get the perfect foundation. First of all, the youth especially are ignorant and don’ t know much when it comes to the products.

Most young adults go to the drugstores and beauty stores and just pick up what they think suits or matches them,  or take whatever the attendant gives to them. I need all ladies to know that the attendants at the drugstores and beauty stores are not professionals and that they just work there.

First off, when you go shopping for a foundation you must know your skin type and by that I mean, you need to know if your skin is oily, dry or whether u have combination skin. You also need to know your skin tone and skin undertone. By skin tone I mean you being fair, light, medium or dark skinned. Your  undertone on the other hand is a bit more tricky and a vast number of women don’t even know theirs.

In simpler terms your skin tone is your complexion but your undertone is the colour that’s revealed from under your skin. Undertones are either cool, warm or neutral.  The inside of your wrist can help you determine your undertone. If your veins look blue/purple that would mean you are cool toned, green veins would be warm undertone and if you cant tell, then most likely you would fall under neutral. An oily girl must stay away from dewy foundations, whilst a dry skin girl must stay away from a mattifying foundation.

On the other hand women with combination skin usually have oily t-zones and are sometimes really dry around the perimeter of the face. If you fall under this category you need to be careful choosing a foundation. Stay away from dewy foundations as your skin produces oil on its own and you also don’t want a matte foundation as you also have dry skin. A neutral foundation is best. When shopping, swatch them to blend with your neck. Swatch at least 3 shades and get out of the store to go in natural light to see which matches your neck the best.

I hope you ladies find this article helpful. Now go out there and shop like you know what you are doing. Best of luck.


  1. Thanks for this the foundation I’m using now it’s maybleline and it’s dewy,I have very oily skin and after an hour I’m all oily ?. I’ll surely follow you’re advice.

    • Angel Goaldigger, first of all you need to invest in a mattifying primer. You can use the white milk of magnesia. Apply and allow to dry then apply foundation. Maybelline has FIT ME Matte plus poreless foundation which is not bad but u can also try Loreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation. Only problem is their shade range is limited and they don’t have many shades for WOC. Hope this helps. Get a matte setting spray to lock it in eg, NYX matte setting Spray.

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