Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Deceased in Vieux Fort accident identified

The deceased in Sunday morning’s accident in Vieux Fort has been identified as 18 year old Rena Eugene.

According to police, on Sunday July 8, 2018 about 8.00 AM, motor car registration number PG 7090 in which Eugene was a passenger, ran off the Bean Field High Road near the George Odlum stadium.

The teenager sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical doctor, police said.

According to reports, the driver of the vehicle was proceeding to his residence in Pierrot, Vieux Fort.

The driver and the deceased were said to have been the only occupants of the vehicle.


    • Anything cab go wrong when driving, here u are tryna talk **** in a smart way mean while her father’s on here begging ppl not to post videos of his daughter u think that man wanted to see his own flesh n blood go like that? U never Kno how bad it is till it knocks on ur door so before u try n judge **** n try to help others give that man the support he needs in a time like this

  1. When the Police issue Tickets for not wearing Seatbelts Some persons Complain thats the end Result when not Wearing Seatbelts

    • Seatbelts can be a 50/50 chance….i remember some yrs ago a lady vehicle capsize and caught ablaze,her default was they cud’n get her seatbelt detached….she burned to death while anticipating passerby rescuerers just had to watch it happen….SADD!…..glory be unto the lord for he giveth and taketh life whenever he desire……RIP young angel.

  2. I suspect it was a classic case of speed coupled with the seatbelt not being worn. It is so sad when these things happen. And a comment was made that it was the father driving? Can you just imagine how much more tragic this is? Further to this I think it is time the law becomes more rigid when it comes to babies and toddlers riding in the front of vehicles. Especially the ones with airbags. My condolences to the family. Find comfort in your Creator Lord Jesus and each other.

  3. I’m heartbroken. Rena and I went to school together and when I heard the news I couldn’t believe it. We were really good friends and it hurts me so bad to know that she’s gone. She ALWAYS said that she hates her father’s driving, because he drives too fast, and all I could’ve adviced her to do was wear seatbelts all the time and tell him not to drive fast when she’s on board the vehicle. And now, she’s gone. The last time we saw each other was last week. I will miss you Rena, Rest In Peace.

  4. I blame the father.how can u go to jouvert with your 18 year old girl and you how drunk,sleep taking you and killing the innocent child.if I was the law I taking his licence for life and sentence him

    • Wow ! Just WOW.

      you must have fallen from the jackass tree and hit your head on every branch on the way down . One person cannot be so idiotic.

      The man just lost his child, whom he evidently had a great bond with , and you want to cast judgement ? Y’all Lucians never cease to amaze me.

    • Not because ur life boring duznt mean Every body life boring. It was an accident. And accidents happen weda yu drunk or not. It was her time to go. Very sad.. but i bet she had a wonderful time at jooveh. Rip to the decease. And to the father, stay strong buddy.. jah will guide! Be a strong dad stillll…

    • Your ASS wasn’t at the scene, you don’t know if the man was drunk or not so shut your bloody mouth!

    • They Should Sentence You For That Comment ! #IGNORANT
      Some of y’all don’t think at all !

  5. it’s disgusting how u find the most ridiculous implications on here ! my condolences to the family .. R.I.P Rena

  6. Why are u blaming the father saying he drunk n stuff it coulda happen to anyone….. Also it could’ve been a case where the vehicle malfunctioned
    …R.I.P RENA

  7. No parent should suffer the death of a child, this is the most terrible thing that can happen. My brother lost his 17 year old son, he was never the same after. What a pain. My deepest condolences to the parents. The damage to the car does not show a very hard hit. In Saint Lucia I have seen many car occupants not wearing their seat belts, it’s not a matter of ” his time has come” or “God will take care of me” it’s a question of common sense and self preservation. In my car everyone has to put their seatbelt on, my children have been educated in this practise from a very young age. Fines should be increased and enforced.

  8. So quick to say he was drunk hmm ? guest u was in the vehicle as well… she’s 18 and that s of age I rather bring my child out knowing they safe and we going back together rather she on her own with friends and my head hot
    RIP love ?

  9. sorry for your lost may this is not any easy situation to deal with we have you in our prayer be strong u know what you are going through

  10. We no noithin about what happened in this incident, let’s not be too quick to judge anyone, it can happen to anyone of us, a father has lost his child right before his eye, he might never be the same again, have some sympathy for him his been crying from the time it happened, a mother an aunt a sister a brother an uncle has lost this this child as a family member, please just have sympathy for them. They never new they would have end up in this accident that day. If she had seatbelt maybe she would of still be alive or maybe not only God knows, to the family please accept my deepest sympathy. To the father I know u hurting and this pain will never go away u are in my prayers be strong.

  11. This is really sad!!My condolences to the family
    Find peace and comfort in his salvation

  12. I saw the video of the father after It happen he was distorted . Crying my daughter hands on his head. The man would want his daughter died. Such. At some of the comments

  13. i wouldn’t blame the father howerver safety is always first ESPECIALLY at the speed limit u were going next time assure that your daughter has on seatbelts man! anddddd if u have your child on board whyyy are u even driving so fast to begin with. …sooo sad especially if it could have been avoided

  14. It is fault but no one knew it would happen they just need to pray to Jehovah and take it easy we all will miss her dearly

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