Monday, December 9, 2019

‘Huge’ Fire At Voyager In Castries

Firefighters have responded to what they describe as a ‘huge’ fire at  the building housing Voyager variety store in the William Peter Boulevard,  Castries, the Saint Lucia Fire Service says.

A big column of smoke could be seen from across the City rising from the area.

The cause of the blaze which was reported shortly before 2.00 pm Thursday is unknown.

There are not further details at this time.


  1. That’s like have to be with wiring ” because the ⚖•`•° Y de Lima “! Building some years a back was on blaze the same way.°Am positively sure it’s connected” the fire fighter should treat this as an electrical fire 🔥 🚒📛 ” .

  2. This fire would seem to me to be an electrical fire ” presumptive ” of the “⚖°Y de Lima building fire some years aback”! Am almost certain that these two fires are connected somehow “! Even so far back”!.

  3. Now I do hope that the worthless gambling machine addicts can use this situation to re assess their lives and take better care of their loved ones financially. Sorry for the workers who now have no jobs…I do hope that the business community helps out (jobs)here in this joyful season.

  4. It really must break Sir John Compton’s heart to be standing there on the Constitution Park watching the Adjodha Building and Gaiety Cinema burn and being unable to assist. After all the Boulevard was his old stomping ground for work and for politics.


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