Sunday, October 20, 2019

Human Fetus Discovered In Soufriere

Police have launched an investigation into the discovery of a human fetus at Palmiste, Soufriere, Monday morning, it has been reported.

Law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times that the fetus was estimated to be about 8 weeks old.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. There are ppl out there praying for kids when they can’t make yall their killing babies that’s why there is condom if u not ready

    • Because someone may have done something doesn’t mean they can’t caution another. It’s this type of attitude that’s keeping us as ignorant as we are.

  2. Damn,we have yet to hear from the mother and we are already offensive.saint lucians please wait for reasons before we fire rounds.

  3. More DNA testing on the way,how many of us have submited DNA material? some day we will have a data bank to make investigations easier

  4. Why are we so quick to express our views and disperse judgement before any evidence. Why are we so righteous and demand others accept our socall riighteousness? I grew up in an era i was taught when your neighbour beard is on fire reach out for water and water yours.
    May the mighty God have mercy on the mother and pray she gets the help she definitely needs.

  5. The right thing to do is go to your doctor,hospital,police,and just say what happened to you.To stop all the legal problems ,you just cant go and throw your baby in the trash matter what.and hide like if nothing happened,you crazy girl.

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