Metro.UK:-An immigrant who save a child who was about to fall from a French council block has just started his new job as a fireman. Mamoudou Gassama, 22, from Mali, was rewarded with residency and a role with the fire service after saving the four-year-old child on May 28. He gained the nickname ‘Spider Man’ after a video showed him scaling the building in Paris’s 18th district and pulling the youngster back on to the balcony after his father had left him alone to ‘go buy groceries’.

Mr Gassama was widely praised for his bravery and was invited to meet president Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée Palace, in Paris, where he was given a bravery medal. Things got even better for the immigrant after he was given legal residency and made a firefighter. The hero admitted he was scared once he grabbed the boy but said he didn’t think twice about risking his life to save him. ‘When I started to climb, it gave me courage to keep climbing,’ he said.

Pictures showed Mr Gassama standing among other firefighter recruits. They have all been training for the last month in preparation for their first day, according to Meanwhile a prosecutor confirmed the child’s father would be sentenced in September after being found to have abandoned his parental responsibilities.