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Hundreds Fall Sick On Royal Caribbean Ship

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise ship cut short its journey short after 475 passengers and crew members were infected with a norovirus, Royal Caribbean Cruises announced Thursday.

The cruise line initially reported on Thursday that more than 250 passengers had fallen ill, according to ABC News.

According to ABC, Guest and crew members began getting sick when the ship departed the Port Canaveral in Florida on Jan. 6.

The ship, originally scheduled for a seven night cruise, made its first stop in Haiti Tuesday where the ship hosted a lunch buffet on land, said Abby Perrin, a passenger on the ship told ABC News.

That night, Perrin said she and her mother began experiencing symptoms associated with food poisoning.

The next day, the ship arrived to Jamaica, but passengers said they weren’t allowed to leave the vessel.

Thursday morning, the ship headed for its next scheduled destination in Cozumel, Mexico, but officials canceled the cruise while it was still en route.

Passengers were told that they would get a full refund, it was reported.


  1. You stop in Haiti to have a meal ? you have to be mad,please.Sorry to say this,but the place has issues around every corner.If you care for your life and health,you can not eat anything,or drink any water in Haiti,unless you know were it is coming from,and that is complicated.Its sad to have to talk like this,but its the reality.I presume that the cruise liner took all the precausions necesary,but it wasent enough,the food was contaminated.

  2. Hi, i were on this cruise earlier in the year, they actually take all food off the ship and use it for a buffet on a part of the island that royal caribbean own, they do the same with drinks, so i doubt tgat the foid consumed was contaminated.

  3. I thought cruise ship is not lack of food safety and cleanliness overboard especially when it sail to u.s too strict..beside those foods only one day use…maybe there is one guest who bring it onboard or maybe they had contaminated on shore and they bring onboard

  4. The Contamination in the USA not Haiti as on comment suggests. I suppose this individual did not read the article. Can we all try an fully understand the information being reported and challenge our inevitable prejudices before making comments.

  5. Some crew and passengers reported sick when the ship left port. This suggests that the infection took place before getting to Haiti. Norovirus infections are frequently associated with infections ordinating from cruise ships. Hence beware and be prepared when on cruises. I was on a recent cruise in the Mediterranean and cruise ship hygiene was very good. There were handsanistisers located outside every restaurant. Passengers and crew were reminded to wash their hands regularly.

  6. Yes you guys are right the contamination started in the USA.What I said about Haiti,is the reality of the place,not to nice to talk about it.There are times of the year due to the climate,that things are kind of better,but dont take nothing for granted.

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