Hundreds Of Dominicans Arrive In Saint Lucia For Shopping Spree

Over 400 Dominicans arrived here by ferry Monday for a one-day shopping trip organised by Saint Lucia authorities, the office of the Mayor of Castries has announced.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), Wilfred Pierre, told reporters that the initiative is in keeping with the CCC’s vision of making Castries one of the best places to shop in the Caribbean.

Pierre explained that the visitors would be directed to various shopping areas in the Saint Lucia capital, including the Vendors Arcade.

“We don’t really realise that, but Castries has a lot of areas that that are better to shop than any part of the Caribbean,” the CCC official asserted.

He told reporters that the initiative was born out of discussions between Saint Lucia and Dominican officials.

“We are hoping that it will be a continuous process,” Pierre stated.

The President of the Vendors Association, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac however told St Lucia Times that he was unaware of the  CCC initiative to have hundreds of Dominicans come here to shop.

Isaac also said that up to shortly before noon Monday, vendors in the arcade had not set sight on the Dominican visitors.

The Vendors Association official observed that the CCC  habitually undertakes initiatives without consulting vendors.



  1. No sight of them clearly shows that Hobbie,Access and Mango are the ones benefitting from this initiative..

    • because we know better than to buy a top for 200 in a boutique. and trust me, we rock the 30 dollar ones with envious stares.

  2. Ipa shut up right now!
    Don’t you expect the shoppers to be purchasing crafts. That’s not why they came. You shod have been at Hobbie, Access, Valmont, etc then you would have said otherwise. Stop turning every opportunity into a story.

    • Didn’t the article clearly state that one of the places the visitors would be directed to is the vendors’ arcade? Come on FACTS, to thine own self be true.

  3. Why consult you, and about what?? You are a stumbling block to the progress of vendors.

  4. well before u all jump for joy. just make sure that every single one of them go back. thats a way of quick migration here. you people not thinking. there was a time bajans were big shoppers here. thats more than a decade ago or more. its best we aim for than market . at least bajans go back home.

    • dont fool yourself my dear. we are using here as transit. no one wants to stay in crime city, and among small uncivilized minds.

      • Tell her again Silma…wtf she think? Besides tell me what she gan do if we decide to stay. There are Lucians living in Dominica. So huh ur ***!

      • shut up; we have to run many of you out of here! your place uncivilised with barely a road; the most backward island. take yourself out of this board. dont stay for one extra minute here. we dont want you all here.

      • I am disgusted at how we are speaking to and about each other. There are Dominicans in St Lucia and there are Lucians in Dominica. Each island has its own flavour, just like each individual has their own personality. We need to stop this infighting and accept our sisterhood. Just because hurricane Maria hit Dominica and not St Lucia, doesn’t mean that St Lucians won’t have to run to Dominica same way, on the boat, if something of that magnitude, including earthquake or volcano causes a disaster. We are family.

    • Trop ..I don’t think we would settle for st.lucia .. You should be happy we come to spend and strenghten your economy.. so many st.lucians work here and we not complaining ..Small minds

  5. Dominicans are not going to the vendor’s arcade to buy the same goods that their own vendors back home are selling. It was however a good initiative for the shops and food outlets in Rodney Bay who all seemed much busier than normal on a Monday.

  6. They must have money ! The ridiculous prices for goods and service here the average Lucian can hardly cope plus all the knock off are from where ??????…. that’s right. I will bet my last cent they were directed to those “political connected stores” The S&S Peter Peter Pumkin Eater and “others” that have engraved their names in the pockets of St Lucians for generations paying little or no taxes while building their empire on the backs of the poor and working poor St Lucians.

    • i know right? lucians like story. they need to go mind why there is so much crime, why all women and men horning, why ghetto and street population rising everyday and why people calling the name of god for show so much, show me instead god in yall. and for those who will comment on the storm, every island getting theirs another year. may god be merciful

  7. dum-in-can,senti-lichien,meme bete meme pwell!!! The state of mind of you people tells alot based on your uncivilized comments! Wonder why the islands can never be unified!? Too many simple minded people on these islands, simpletons! All you all seem to be good at is walking half naked and wining waist!?

  8. I really don’t understand some human beings, the people came to st.lucia to shop with their money why it should be a problem so what if some of them decided not to go back home because they fall in love with st.lucia. we have to stop this nonsense it don’t make no sense to talk like this. U all want to act like Donald Trump want everyone to live but sorry it will never happen . stop been stupid and stop been so uncivilized

  9. Boi look it ee… Bajen’s migrated to st Lucia. Was that before or after the cow jumped over the moon. You guys just sit in-front your tv screens and conjure up all the facts you all see fit. St Lucian been going to bum for years their money kinda better ppl. And Incase you never heard it before men lie, women lie numbers don’t. It’s always about the KOIN.

  10. These comments make me wonder why I love St. Lucia if it’s people talk so much trash about their own country…why can’t small islands unite? I’m Dominican and I love St. Lucia! It’s about time we start positively promoting our islands because just from reading the posts on here, I would swear St. Lucia is an uncivilized country with uneducated individuals…but I know better! So please people, STOP THAT NONSENSE.

    • You reading correctly. There are many savages in St. Lucia. The sad reality they tend to be the loudest.

    • If u noticed ur people had sum to say as well BOTH NATIONALITIES SOUND LIKE FOOLS, n I’m a Lucian who doesn’t really give a shiznit who cums n goes once my loved ones r not interfered with smh Y’all need to stop pree ppl n pree hw to mk an honest dollar chpz. This reminds me of the dogs n Canada situation YALL SO EXTRAAAA

  11. Smh, politics has rendered us dumb. It is shameful, that, instead of welcoming our guests and patrons, we are openly scandalising them. That’s really backward, miopic and and worst, uncharitable thinking. Wow, we are really losing our souls. God forgive our Island.

  12. Reading some of these comments making me wonder, what’s going on with some people from st.lucia and their brains.we have to help our neighbors,so many st.lucians that is leaving all parts of the world.

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