Friday, February 28, 2020

Husband ‘heartbroken’ at tragic death of wife in accident

Kenneth Deterville, the husband of deceased accident victim Leysel Charlery Deterville,  has said that he is heartbroken at her tragic death Thursday morning, trapped beneath a  motor vehicle which is reported to have run off the road, overturned and burst into flames.

Deterville said he and his 28 year old wife have been separated for about a year and he does not know about her personal life.

But he asserted that she was still his wife.

He told reporters that they interacted when it came to matters involving the couple’s four year old son.

“I don’t have the words to tell him how his mother departed,” the employee of a local security company explained.

Deterville recalled that the last time he saw his estranged wife was last Saturday when he took their son to a birthday party she threw for the boy.

He described his wife as a young, vibrant person who was full of life.

(Leysel Charlery Deterville)

The deceased, a resident of Bishop’s Gap, Castries,  was the front seat passenger in a Nissan X-Trail which was being driven by 32 year old Richie Richelieu when tragedy struck near the Courts branch at Marisule at around Thursday.

One of Richelieu’s family members told St Lucia Times that the two were en route from Rodney Bay.

The mother of the deceased woman, Catherine Charlery, known as ‘Ancella’, described her daughter as a very loving  and kindhearted child.

(Catherine Charlery)

“She makes it her duty to try and assist you and if there is any way in which she could help, she would help,” the mother said.

She recalled that she last spoke to her daughter last Saturday.

According to the mother, at that time the deceased spoke of plans for a birthday party for her four year old son before he returned to school.

Charlery said Thursday morning when she heard on the radio about an accident, she remembered that two of her children used the Castries to Gros Islet route to go to work every day and expressed the hope that they were not involved.

However the mother said her hopes were dashed when she received a telephone call with the tragic news.




  1. No bad talking please.thats her life story.just pray that yours will be better
    .let us thank God for the life she lived. The people she helped a beautiful son and all the good she did in her life.see about your life no ro ro and bad talking please.let god alone be the judge

  2. My condolences to you young man and the rest of the family. I pray some how at least in time the family find comfort. Rip young lady. Sad so so sad

  3. Wow why does all the good beautiful people have to die and leave all the ugly dirty nasty mean good for nothing people alive why why why my heart and love goes out to the love ones be strong God is good and good is God its just hurting knowing that this world has so much that need to be gone but yet still they’re there and those who need to be here are gone smh with tears in my eyes

  4. What a beautiful soul u were my friend… nothing was never to much for u to give… u were loving and kind…gone but will live on in our hearts

  5. Dat couple wah smh making up stuff. liers.any ways God bless all her family really sorry for her strong my boi.God is with u.

    • Her family wasnt abandoned we travelled every weekend to spend time with our mom vf plz stop the negativity.

  6. Knew Lysel as her teacher, friend and defender when people tried to bully her. A wonderful young woman. All of us who knew her will miss her. Good bye Lyssel.

  7. Thanks everyone for the condolences of my sister she is surely missed cant stop crying.Nothing cant explain my feelings my sister i miss u we were the only two living together and u left without saying”cassie later”.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????⚘⚘may your soul rest in peace i love you.

  8. Why so people so heartless , I human lost her life but you’ll more interested in her personal life , what business of it is yours let god judge choops !! Think of the little boy who lost his mom

  9. So sad. May her soul resr in perfect peace. As a mom i feel 4 her son. Makes me cherish wvery m9menr spenr wit my daughter

  10. He who is without sin cast the first stone. A child is left without a mother. A family is grieving and yet some people take pleasure in making negative comments. Heartless people who have no
    consideration for others. Becareful of the pebbles that you throw because life has a way of throwing pebbles back at us. Let my niece rest in peace and remember Judgement belongs to the Lord

  11. Let my leysel R.I.P, judge not,,,,,, if you only knew that sweet heart you would shut up and do
    not say anything negative about God’s angel……. leysel love you sweetie , ,,,, to me you still alive.

  12. Life is so short that’s why we should live good with everyone and before we start judging a situation we should put ourselves in the position of that individual
    Stay blessed God is good all the time

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