‘I Am Leaning Towards The Saint Lucia Labour Party!’

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Former Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick, who filed his nomination papers Friday as an independent candidate for the constituency in the July 26 general elections, has declared that his participation in the upcoming poll has a twofold objective.

“One is to get rid of Allen Chastanet, Guy Joseph and the rest of their cabal and to install Philip J. Pierre as the next prime minister of this lovely country of ours,” he told reporters.

And he explained that the question of whether he would serve as an Independent or as part of a labour administration will be answered after the elections or probably on the night of the elections.

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“I am leaning towards the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” he asserted, adding that what currently exists is not even a semblance of the United Workers Party (UWP) which is in government.

According to Frederick, he can no way associate with Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

“I am sure if some of you media personnel would remember that from 2013 I wrote an article in the Star newspaper ‘Richard Is For King’, that was dated 27th July 2013, and it is because I had seen the track record of this man,” he said with reference to Chastanet.

“He is a spendthrift, he does not care, he does not like people of our colour – and I make no bones about that, through a lot of things he has said and done one can deduce that this is his leaning,” the former MP asserted.

“He takes everything from us and gives it away to those foreigners and leaves us deprived”, Frederick told reporters.

In this regard, he made reference to the Distress Fund.

“The Distress Fund was established by Sir John (Compton) to basically assist persons whose houses are uninsurable,” Frederick explained.

But he observed that Prime Minister Chastanet removed it.

Frederick recalled the recent passage of Hurricane Elsa, declaring that the storm epitomised the need for continuity of the Distress Fund.

“But there’s no Distress Fund so people have to go and look for money all over the place, whereas government could have tapped into those resources easily and quite quickly address the problems of those people who were affected,” the Attorney at Law stated.

Frederick will be seeking to unseat the incumbent Sarah Flood-Beaubrun in Castries Central and has expressed confidence that he will emerge the winner when the votes are tallied.


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