Sunday, September 22, 2019

“I Am Not A Politician!”

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Outspoken Saint Lucia religious leader, Seth Ampadu, has defended his comments about a recent incident in parliament, declaring that he is not a politician.

Ampadu, who is the Superintendent Minister of Saint Lucia’s Methodist Church, had described as ‘distasteful’, reports that former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, did not shake the hand of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet when offered.

Chastanet had earlier walked across to the opposition side and shook hands with two opposition MPs.

In an interview with DBS Television, Ampadu said anyone has a right to criticise his comments.

“We will never have the same opinion,” the religious leader explained.

But he asserted that he is a religious leader and as such, he needs to seek peace for the nation.

“As ministers of the gospel we are there to make sure there is peace in the nation,” Ampadu observed.

He recalled that during his Easter message he called for reconciliation.

According to the Methodist Clergyman, it is obvious that the nation is being divided by the two existing main political parties.

“We may have our differences as politicians, but we are not enemies,” Ampadu told DBS television.

“We are trained as Christian churches for unity in our nation. So that if this thing happens at the heart of the nation- the parliament, it is something that all of us we need to be worried about,” he told the television channel.

Ampadu noted that before the handshake incident, a photo was taken of the PM and other MPs, including those in opposition.

“If this can happen, then there is cause to be worried,” he stated.

“I am not into politics.My role as a religious leader is to make sure that here is peace in the nation. In the absence of peace in the nation the church is irrelevant. So I am not involved in politics. I am not a politician at all,” Ampadu declared.

He said everyone is looking up to national leaders.

Ampadu’s comments in relation to the handshake incident in parliament has received both support and criticism on social media.

The media themselves have been criticised for carrying the story, with some asserting that there were more important issues on which to focus.


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  1. First, Mr. minister you gave a statement supporting Senate Ubaldus Raymond with his scandal which is a major moral issue affecting the reputation of Saint Lucia. Next a former PM refused a handshake from his political adversary a minor moral issue of little consequence. Yet you penned an article condemning the act of a non- handshake. See the issue here, it seems like you favor a certain political party because the Ubaldus scandal is a much greater issue than a non-handshake yet it is the opposite for you

  2. What is he saying on the issue of the minister and the trini chick? He should come out and be heard on this issue

  3. I really wants to see mr ampadu seriously
    I want to ask him which part africa his from
    Please mr ampadu i beg
    Hav a bless one

  4. why do u people have this african on news all the time? what tricks did he perform on you all? what hold does he have over some of you in there? this african will have to go. they are never to be trusted that bunch. a group who is still selling their own people left right and center. you lucians too damn daft!

  5. Well said lop. This African needs to be deported. Ampadoo if u want to preach peace come to bruceville, wiltons yard, grass street, tou rougue etc… and preach your “peace” to the misguided young men and women with their semi automatic and automatic lr5s and Ak47s. Thats where u shud preach peace. Peace and love my African immigrant negro.

  6. Mr Ampadu you are a politician. You behave like one and it I’d time that your superior review your performance on the island.

  7. Mr. AMPADU, so you’re still braging your political sentiment on the media; go out there and preach peace to those who brake the law with their criminal activités, i beg! you are a hypocrite Ampadu!


    Thanks SNO

    If this supposedly ‘…Man of Cloth,’ is ‘…Not A Politician,’ then to dabble in what might be considered ‘…immature political behavior,’ then he must be ‘…A Wolf in Sheep Clothing.’

    He more than anyone else knows what the scriptural teaching urges ‘…Shun the very appearance or presence of evil.’

    Now that he has incurred the wrath of the people;
    (i) …He shall go to the pulpit;
    (ii) …Kneel in reverence at the altar;
    (iii) …Pray to the ‘…Good Lord;’ and
    (iv) …Ask for His forgiveness of what might reasonably be interpreted as ‘…utterances imbue with secularism.’

    Since the Lord’s Spirit , do not always strive with man, the Bishop may also say, ‘…When I am not at the Churh Pulpit; when I am at Parliament, I am a’…Man of the World.’

    He mustl also know that ‘…he cannot serve God in Church and the devil in Parliament.’

  9. People let’s be objective. Rev Ampadu is very outspoken. Why all this criticism. Stop being jealous. If you don’t want him to talk go and speak out. This man of God only has good intentions bringing peace, reconciliation and speaking the truth. Good he made it clear. He is a religious leader. God’s blessings be upon him and please gave him a break.

  10. Well said St Michael the Archangel. This is one good religious leader i have ever come across. A people person. Rev Ampadu just keep away from the media and politics…stay in your boundary. If you were not a religious leader you would make an excellent politician. African man with brains and a gentle spirit…one love

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