‘I Don’t Want To Start Blowing Any Trumpet’ – Albert-Poyotte On Violent Crime Lull

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Amid a recent lull in reports of violent crimes, Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte says she believes the police have ‘taken charge’ of security measures.

“I don’t want to start blowing any trumpet,” the minister asserted when invited to speak on the issue.

In addition, the Babonneau MP expressed that citizens are cooperating with the police especially following the slaying of off-duty police officer Nathan Timaitre whose funeral was this week.

Photo courtesy Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Facebook page

Shooters ambushed Timaitre and his colleague Special Police Constable Isaac Calvin, alias King, as they engaged in a cash escort earlier this month.

Photo courtesy Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Facebook page
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Calvin sustained severe injuries.

“That was very traumatic,” the Home Affairs Minister told St Lucia Times regarding the March 6 incident.

She observed that the attack on the off-duty officers had moved the people of Saint Lucia, whom she had always indicated have a critical role in crime-fighting.

“They know exactly what happens and if they cooperate with the police we are going to resolve a lot of the crime issues we have,” Albert-Poyotte explained.

On the issue of police morale, she disclosed that officers with whom she had spoken had expressed resoluteness and determination to continue doing their work professionally.

In the aftermath of the slaying of officer Timaitre, threats against the police appeared on social media.

Albert-Poyotte acknowledged that there are people with harmful intentions who will use any available avenue to articulate their views.

“We are concerned about that, and with the advent of social media information can circulate very quickly,” she said.

Nevertheless, the Home Affairs Minister expressed that the police know how to track some of that information, locate the source and take the necessary action.

Headline photo: Officer takes part in police operation (Stock image)

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  1. Where SLP get that woman from? She sounds terrible, a real disappointment. She can barely articulate.

    Awa wee

  2. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, don’t be a fool the police have not taken over any security measure. Plus your administration have not done anything different to stop the spate of crime.

    Phillip J Pierre promised to put laws and draconian measures in place what’s taking so long?

    Before that he promised to use drones to fight crime. It was a joke the first time I heard it!!

    People need to see results in the form of statistics and action not press conference and talk every time.

    Saint Lucia politics is so weak and low. Ask when any of these politicians passed a law or change some policy to better the country. None, same old, same old, same old.

    It’s time you all stop talking and get to work. The crime situation will be determined at the end of the year when the statistics are compared with last year’s. Until then don’t talk.

  3. Now tell us, how did the murderer escape from prison in Barbonneau, ended up in Jamaica bribed his way out – yeah tell us, then and only then you can be respected.

  4. Sigh! Why are we condemned to be exposed to abject stupidity?

    In a place washed with guns, how many have been seized? Duh! This is just a regular lull.

  5. Ddi someone actually lv their home and cast a vote for this woman. Like Seriously. I never we had adults so lost with reality in this country. IS this a tactic. BLAME THE POLICE FOR CRIME.

  6. How dumb are these politicians or how dumb do they think we are? There have been so many shootings after the last homicide because they didn’t die, you are talking about lull? So are you implying that if there are 3 homicides tomorrow, you will blame the police? Ridiculous! This is how stupid you guys are.

  7. Its not even one month yet.
    Talk about success when your term is done.
    Talk about success when the conviction rates go up and justice for the victims.
    Talk about success when you implement social and educational programs to get the current crop of students through at least secondary school levels with decent grades and job opportunities for them when they graduate.
    Talk about success when the crime lab is fully functional.
    Talk about success when people are protected for cooperating with the police.
    Talk about success when the police are out there enforcing all the laws and not some of them.

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