Saturday, October 19, 2019

April Dagana, top performer in Common Entrance says ‘I feel so excited!’

Camille Henry Memorial School student, April Dagana, emerged as the top performer in this year’s Common Entrance Examination with a score of 95.33.

She said she was in tears when she received the news.

“I feel so excited. I  really didn’t even believe if I could have done it myself,” an elated Dagana told reporters.

“My sister who wrote the exam, she told me it is just like any normal test and I should not fill my head with fear, just do it, and I did and I got what I wanted,” the youngster explained.

She disclosed that she studied every night and the night before she wrote the examination, she was watching television after not having done so ‘for quite a while.’

Dagana will be attending St Joseph’s Convent.

She advised other students to study hard, refuse to distracted by anyone and pray.

Over 2,000 students sat the Common Entrance Examination.

The student who came in second was Jeannique A. William of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School.

Three students tied for third place – Alannah Bousquet of the Montessori Centre, Chloe Francis of Belle Vie Combined and Ericka Moonie of Plain View Combined.

Despite producing the top performer, Camille Henry Memorial School trailed behind three other schools in the top performing school category.

The top school was Fond St Jacques Primary with a mean of 74.17, followed by Balata Combined at 72.48, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School with a mean of 71.48.

Camille Henry Memorial School was next in line with a mean of 71.42.

The Ministry of Education which released the Common Entrance Examination results on Monday, said while there was a decline in performance in the general paper, there were improvements in English and Mathematics.





  1. Congratulations and best wishes April. Continue to study and like you stated do not be distracted. Remain focused who knows you could be the next St. Lucian Noble Prize Winner, God bless you in all that you aspire to do.

  2. Congratulations April, your hard work paid off, keep striving for your best, keep focused and you will do great things, God bless you and your family.

  3. Congratulations April! Your efforts paid off. I have no doubt that you will succeed at St. Joseph’s Convent. Continue to study deligently and keep on praying. May God bless and keep you.

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