‘I Heard Some Gunshots Bursting – Like A Machine Gun!’

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The sound of rapid gunfire awakened Babonneau resident Bartholomew Joseph in the early hours of Monday morning, only to discover later that his son, Jelanie Joseph, also known as Joe had become Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim.

“About a quarter to three I heard some gunshots bursting – like a machine gun and it wake me up,” the father told St Lucia Times.

He recalled asking his wife for his son and other members of his household, but realised that his son was not at home.

Bartholomew said Jelanie was working late and was due to leave his job at 2:00 am.

Jelanie Joseph
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He told St Lucia Times that the family stayed put amid the sound of the gunshots.

The father said after about five minutes he received a call from a female who inquired whether  his son had reached home since she had dropped him near his home and had heard the gunfire.

“Then right away I hearing my niece screaming,” he told St Lucia Times.

According to the father, the niece was screaming that ‘Joe’ had been shot.

He said when he went to investigate, his son was on the ground.

The deceased would have turned 26 on November 14 this year.

The father said the young man never mentioned having any problems with anyone.

And he asserted that everyone’s hand is needed on deck to stop the current violent crime wave that is sweeping the country.

Headline photo: Bartholomew Joseph

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  1. To those of you casting judgements on the deceased, the friend who dropped off the individual and also the police force, why don’t you join RSLPF to bring in your ideas and crime fighting strategies etc?!
    ATLEAST THE OFFICERS ARE TRYING, what are you doing apart from being ridiculously judgmental ?!

  2. There nothing them Fellers now a days cannot do’.somewhere ‘some place WE don’t know but there a Factory part where they put together to make gun .watching télévision and Google does tell you how and what to do .thé same way some of them Moving part from one phone to make one New IS so thé gun .smh
    Them young Feller when it Come to not good that what they learn faster

  3. Expect the trend to continue unless drastic measures are taken . The state has failed the masses, so every man is now for himself . Even the law abiding citizens are looking for guns to defend themselves, because lawlessness is so rampant. Until then remain vigilant and do not double cross anyone. Do good and good will come back to you.

  4. The Police have been Branded as Corrupt .I am not saying there’s no Corrupt police .Everyone have Closed their eyes on Brookers and Custom officers who have allowed All these illegal guns and Ammunition to be in the Hands of Thugs in St.Lucia .Custom officers have ghe Biggest Houses and Most expensive cars

  5. St Lucia police do not need to get the gyms off the streets.The authorities need to PREVENT them from coming into the country. It makes no sense to prevent a boat from sinking by bailing out water when the hole in the boat is not fixed first.There is no manufacturing of guns in st Lucia neither are there any gun shops.
    I believe that there are people in high places allowing gins to come in.

  6. The police are doing such a great job in taking guns off the street.

    The recently passed legislation has been working miracles for them.

    Instead of instituting stop and search they are busy issuing parking tickets in remote places around the island.

    The point I am trying to make is that the guns are being moved by vehicles around the island unless they are being transported by the clouds or the shooters leave next door.

    NB stop and search will not stop all shooting but it will most definitely make a difference.

  7. you drop him near his house and about 5mins after gunshots was heard you calling to find out if he arrived. hmmm. my investigating mind says you are the first to be investigated

  8. At this hour of the morning someone is lurking in the dark to take someone out. I just hope it was a state of mistaken identity since the deceased was coming from work. I’m only worried about innocent people getting caught up in this, otherwise these thugs can kill each other. It is gang against each other.

  9. What strategy does the police have for the crime?
    Are they planning random searches? The police must harass the criminals, search them.

  10. you heard like a machine gun well thats that modified adapter switch they put on the hand guns now a days to fire several rounds at one pull of the trigger.

  11. All these Homicides have a Story leading to it .The Police cannot Depend on Eye witnesses Leave the police Station and go on the Ground to gather Information .A Car Drop him off .Start from there and Continue .Stop Depending on Eye witnesses .Then after a Few Minutes the Eye witnesses life and Family in Danger

  12. The only way some of these crimes can be taken serious by our courts & Politicians is if it hits home…If this happens to one of these judges,lawyers,lawmakers kids/family then you’ll start to see some real legislation.Apart from that everything is free gain,customs fellars still up to their old games & making side money to make certain stuff pass through with no regard for life.Politicians just there making their money to make generational wealth for their families.Nothing is going to change,I’m sure on the ports right now have some illegal items waiting to be cleared by some shady customs officer.

  13. Maybe a paranoid neighbor thought he was a would be criminal and sprayed him with their illegal high powered AR-15 or this is just another “he was a good boy” story.


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