‘I Tell Him To Go Home Straight’

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The grandmother of a missing 11-year-old recalled that on Friday morning the boy met her in Castries where she gave him some groceries and a bus fare and urged him to head home.

“I gave him a dollar and I tell him go home straight – take transport and go home,” Celina Anthony recalled telling her grandson Levi Darcie.

But she recalled that sometime later she heard from her granddaughter that Levi had fallen into the Castries River which swept him away.

And the grandmother disclosed that the missing child’s father and uncle had died by drowning.

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“I think that’s really sad. Your father get drowned, your uncle get drowned – same thing. Two brothers” Anthony toldĀ St Lucia Times.

She said Levi liked friends and playing football.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS), the police, and concerned citizens have been searching for the missing 11-year-old.

SLFS spokeswoman Annia Mitchel said at 11:44 am officers from the Castries Headquarters were dispatched on the search and rescue mission after reports that an 11-year-old boy fell into the Marchand river near Black Mallet.

“An extended search along various points along the Marchand River with the combined assistance from the Marchand police and the Marine Police Unit was unsuccessful,” Mitchel said.


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  1. Might not be a generational curse, but someone seems to have left the door open to the enemy on the father’s side. Close that door in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures say , “The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.”

  2. We in the Caribbean too laid back u tell a child to go home, u tell a grown up person to do something it never gets done. farless a kid I Blame u sorry .

  3. I pray that the body is found so that the family can give the young boy a descent burial… May you all find strength during this tragic time .. Gid bless you all

      • lol Ron you know is a typo…smh….@hmmm…I so agree with you….But the sad thing is we preach Jesus Christ and many people look at us as if we are mad…I will say keep on preaching anyway until our God of heaven and earth comes….There will be those that said “but you didnt tell me..” Then, too late shall be the cry

  4. Our Almighty Father awaits our prayers daily; on awakening just say a simple prayer for ourselves, adding our loved ones to Him. Each one lift each other up, it makes for a peaceful and loving world. This Generation needs the Almighty more than any time0; too many sad homes with sad mothers – not too late to find Christ and a good Church.

  5. The child fell into the river and both his father and uncle have drowned… That’s very traumatic. I hope nobody makes a dark humor out of this… How did the child managed to fall into the river?


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