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ICAR Hails Bunny Wailer’s Contribution To Global ‘Consciousness’

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The Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR)says the death of Bunny Wailer, was a sad day for Rastafarians here and elsewhere.

ICAR President Aaaron Alexander described Wailer as ‘one of our Elders’.

He said Wailer was the last survivor of ‘three great spirits’.

Alexander named the other two as the late Bob Marley and the late Peter Tosh.

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“It is a sad day for us in the Rastafarian community,” the ICAR official stated.

The ICAR official hailed Wailer’s contribution to ‘consciousness the world over.’

But Alexander asserted that the reggae legend’s death was also a joyous occasion.

The President of ICAR stated that Wailer is in a better place on Mount Zion.

Alexander said that there, Wailer will dwell with the Most High and be at the right hand of the Almighty.

“We are joyful in that he has done his work also on this plane,” he declared.

Aaron Alexander said Rastafarians give thanks for Wailer’s life and example.

And he also expressed gratitude for all the support Wailer has given to the Rastafarian community, albeit not here in Saint Lucia but in his native Jamaica.

“We thank the Almighty for having sent such a spirit to educate the nations in the spirit of consciousness and also to point to the nations the right way we should go in the spirit of Africa and  following the footsteps of our ancestors,” the ICAR official said.

“So it is up to us now to cause his example to live on and to carry on the works which he has stropped,” he stated.

 Wailer died this week at the age of 73.

The musician hailed  from Kingston, Jamaica.

The reggae legend was a founding member of The Wailers alongside his childhood friend, Bob Marley.

Together, they achieved international fame.

Their reggae classics included Simmer Down and Stir It Up.

However, Wailer left to go solo in 1974.

He went on to win three Grammys.

In addition, he received Jamaica’s Order Of Merit in 2017.

According to the BBC, Wailer had been in hospital since having a stroke in July 2020.

But the BBC indicated that officials had not announced the cause of his death.



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