Friday, February 21, 2020

ICU overflowing from violent crime

Health Minister Mary Isaac has said that her ministry is confronted with the serious issue of the impact of violent crime on Victoria Hospital (VH).

‘Right now our ICU unit is overflowing – we need to get some space in our operating room,”  Isaac told reporters Thursday.

She explained that every time there is a shooting the victim ends up at the state-run Victoria Hospital where they have to be operated on.

Isaac observed that thereafter the victim usually remains in the Intensive Care Unit for a period of time.

“That is backing up our ICU unit and we really need to be cognizant of that as a people,” Isaac stated.

“If one of these days we have an emergency – God forbid, such as we experienced just a few months ago, there is not going to be room in our operating room at Victoria Hospital to handle that kind of emergency right now,” Isaac asserted.

She said there were ‘so many’ gunshot and stabbing victims  in the hospital.

The minister expressed the view that society should do its best to try and help curb the violence that has spilled onto the streets.

“We cannot continue like that,” Isaac lamented.

She explained that the violence spills into the hospital

“When these people have these fights the fight does not end with one  person dying or the person being injured – they still continue to come after each other,” the Health Minister observed.

She spoke of the need to beef up security at Victoria Hospital.

The minister said that would constitute an added cost at the health care institution


  1. The minister is talking like she use in the opppsition. That should be pillow talk with her Minister of national security and her Minister of Social services. That’s the answers the nation needs, instead on the PM wrapping up the budget debate. What is the govt doing about the problems identified. Instead of complaining.

    • Such ignorance. Can government stop crime. Anyone who wants to kill or stab someone else just do it. Its the people who are against each other. Even if u ask them to bring guns in, they dont. Even if u search their homes u dont get them. Its us as a people that have to help. It us people killing, not the government. FYI she was not complaining. Its a statement she made and its true that ICU is overloaded. If someone gets shot in castries will u drive them to St. Jude in Vieux Fort?? I didn’t think so. Some people just hv no understanding.

      • Why don’t you be quiet! One year ago people like you used to say “Kenny, Kenny must go”. “La Corbiniere must go.” Back then government could have stopped crime but today they can’t? Go back with that.

  2. Mary didn’t u say u would have gone in all ghettos and ask the guys for their guns. Now ur government in power it’s a different story. U idiot and sluggish woman. All how I see u are not a clean person with ur old clothes . Get some nice outfit and pairs of shoes.

  3. This lady (with her bab and moustache) is clueless! Isn’t it an emergency when persons are badly wounded and therefore would (or may) require surgery and then placed in the intensive care unit?
    Instead of complaining, get to doing some real work and get the health institutions upgraded as you promised on the campaign trail.

    • It is overwhelmed so, what do persons with emergencies (gun or knife violence) do? Just stay home and die? Is that what the minister expect them to do? She should stop her complaining and get to work!!! Otherwise, she should just shut the hell up!

  4. @Skyy
    Don’t make yourself another pathetic apologist for the government’s ‘do nothing’ policy on crime. Governments can’t completely stop crime as they would always be criminal elements among us. Governments though can provide the requisite leadership, resources, policies, laws and efforts to reduce criminal activities to a negligible level. For every government, its FIRST duty is the protection of its people. This government has failed miserably on crime. This is NOT a political statement, it’s the TRUTH. Whether it is UWP or SLP, citizens and residents should demand superlative representation. UWP, you promised to do much better than your predecessors. A promise made is a debt unpaid.

  5. Mary you should be in ICU because you’re a useless Minister of health. And as a matter of fact all your government ministers are the same as you. USELESS

  6. I think Mary’s intended message was “stop the violence”. I applaud her for that, the violence needs to stop. Oh and by the way Mary can you please open The Owen King Hospital with all the state of the art equipment. There just might be more space there.

    • If this is what she intended to say, then she should have said so. I am not an interpreter to interpret what she intended to say. Additionally, the Owen King hospital cannot be opened yet, as the previous administration was saying. There are too many things that MUST be in place before this happens. And this administration is learning this the hard way. In fact, I do not see this hospital opening anytime soon.

  7. What you say back then SLP could have stop crime? So why didn’t they stop it? So they let it get worse.sometimes I feel that alot of the comments that are on face book are done by patients at the wellness centre

  8. I see we still trying run a hospital without doctors , stop trying to undermine the need professional , VH still trying to replace 1 doctor with 3 nurses . Then pay staff peanuts . The dumbasses never learn , I have was 4 previous government and this one get the health sector wrong . Square pegs in round holes ……. and they wonder why is criminals investors we have been attracting for past 6 years . (Words deleted)

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